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Alcohol News - 10/2013

Science Nordic (Sweden) - Swedish teens now toe the line
The behaviour of Swedish 15-year-olds has improved since the mid-1990s – they're less likely now to skip school, steal or drink than they were in the past.
Expatindenmark (Denmark) - Alcohol and unhealthy food brings Denmark at the bottom of the life expectancy list
A large number of smokers, lots of alcohol, unhealthy and high calorie diet are some of the causes for the Dane's poor health.
The Research Council of Norway (Norway) - Women who over-imbibe pose greatest risk to marriage
A high level of alcohol consumption increases the risk of divorce. However, research shows that if both partners are heavy drinkers it may actually protect the marriage.
Postimees (Estonia) - Survey: 1/3 of Estonian residents say illegal goods gained market share in 2012
Nearly one-third of residents in Estonia find that consumption of illegal goods increased in the country in 2012, it appears from a survey carried out in the three Baltic countries at the initiative of the Lithuanian Free Market Institute (LFMI). (Latvia) - Alcohol availability for young people to be reduced
Latvia may be a good example for the Baltic Sea Area to establish rules that will reduce alcohol availability and consumption rates among young people. The Latvian Parliamentary Judicial Commission has decided to submit to the Saeima (Parliament) amendments to the Latvian administrative rules to that purpose.
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Call for zero blood alcohol for under 25s
All drivers aged under 25 should be restricted to a zero blood alcohol limit, a public health group says.
New York Times (Mexico) - New Mexico Confronts Drunken Driving
For years, New Mexico has had one of the highest rates of alcohol-related traffic deaths in the nation. And during each legislative session, it seems, lawmakers wrestle with how to make the state’s highways and rural roads safer, usually spurred by the latest horrific accident.
TopNews United States (Canada) - Alcohol Consumption among Women on Rise, Says Study
According to experts, alcohol consumption among women has sought a rise compared to their male peers. A group of researchers discussed the rising problem of alcohol consumption among women in Toronto on Friday.
IBTimes Canada (Canada) - Canadians Drink 50 Percent More Than Global Average: Study
Canadians drink 50 percent more than the global average, a recent study by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) has stated.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Irish alcohol consumption drops
Alcohol consumption in Ireland is down 19 per cent since 2001, new figures show. Analysis of figures from the Revenue Commissioners and the CSO show that Irish people are drinking 2.7 litres of alcohol less than they did 11 years ago.
Otago Daily Times (New Zealand) - Alcohol policy subject to residents' influence
Dunedin residents will have their chance later this year to influence when and where licensed premises can operate in the city in the future.
Times of India (India) - Nagpurians to fight the war against alcohol
Showing their commitment for the benefit of the society at large were young Nagpurians of a city-based NGO, who had gathered to fight the war against alcohol.
New Vision (Uganda) - 45% of Ugandan youth take drugs and alcohol
Forty-five percent of the youths have confessed that they have taken drugs and alcohol, according to the data collected by Uganda Youth Development Link (UYDEL).
The Age (Australia) - Call to ban alcohol ads in TV sports
A Greens senator pushing for gambling advertising to be banned in the AFL, also wants the promotion of alcohol tbe outlawed in sports broadcasts.
BBC News (Isle of Man) - Changes to Isle of Man alcohol measurements scrapped
Plans to change the way alcohol is sold on the Isle of Man have been scrapped. Current regulations mean draught beer must be sold in pints (equivalent to 568ml), halves (284ml) or the little-known one-third measurement.
RedOrbit - A Look At Worldwide Alcohol Consumption
When examining the history of alcohol, we find it runs parallel to much of recorded human history. Throughout time, the use of alcohol has played an important role in religion and worship. Additionally, its use has provided nutrients and provided medicinal, antiseptic and analgesic properties. - Alcohol now third-leading cause of illness worldwide
Canada’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) reports alcohol is now the third out of 67 leading causes of disease and injury worldwide. These findings were reached despite the fact most adults, 46 percent, actually were lifetime abstainers. The report appeared in a March 4 “early view” of an article for the journal Addiction. (Canada) - Halifax approves alcohol sponsorship with conditions
A debate on whether alcohol corporations should be able to sponsor city events has motivated Halifax Regional Council to consider implementing a municipal alcohol policy.
Herald Sun (Australia) - More women are getting drunk on Sydney streets than ever before
More than 80 per cent of all sexual offences, including rape and indecent assault, involve either the victim or the offender being affected by alcohol, an analysis of police data for Sydney shows.
Hurriyet Daily News (UN) - Let’s make alcohol-free budget talks, US tells UN diplomats
The United States has called for drunk diplomats to be barred from budget negotiations at the United Nations and warned of taking all appropriate steps to maintain more discipline in the wake of past, unpleasant incidents.
Irish Examiner (Ireland) - NEWS FEATURE: Teens and alcohol and how we compare
The Irish relationship with drink has come in for a lot of criticism, not least in Des Bishop’s recent TV series. But how do young people treat alcohol in other countries? We sent reporters out with teenagers in six different cities to talk about alcohol, clothes and the opposite sex.
The (France) - Alcohol report lays bare France's drink problem
The reputation of the French for drinking in moderation appears slightly misleading after a worrying report released on Monday revealed alcohol is responsible for around 49,000 deaths in France each year - around 134 each day.
The Local (France) - France introduces car breathalyser law – again
The confusion appears to be over. The French government confirmed on Friday that it will be compulsory for motorists to carry breathalyser kits in their cars. The move comes after the Interior Ministry has suspended legislation earlier this year.

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