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Alcohol News - 50/2012

The Baltic Course (Estonia) - 87% Estonian adults consume alcohol, 34% smoke
The Estonian social ministry presented on Tuesday the Green Book of alcohol and tobacco policy which indicates that 87% of Estonian adults consume alcohol and 34.2% smoke, LETA/Delfi reports.
The Baltic Course (Estonia) - Estonian government mulls stricter rules on alcohol
The Social Affairs Ministry of Estonia proposed more rigid rules related to alcohol use – including raising the official drinking age, stricter rules on advertising, and "dry days“, the Estonian national broadcasting corporation ERR reports.
Alcohol and Alcoholism (Finland) - Socioeconomic Disadvantage and Indicators of Risky Alcohol-drinking Patterns
These results highlight the need to take into account the multidimensionality of risky alcohol-drinking patterns as a contributing factor in the socioeconomic gradient in alcohol use.
Addiction (Sweden) - Swedish alcohol consumption on the threshold of modernity: legislation, attitudes and national economy c. 1775–1855
In Sweden in the late 18th and early 19th centuries the social elite appears to have used alcohol as a tool in their negotiations with the working population but later, as the spread of wage labour and cheap vodka coincided with Sweden's largest ever population growth, the view that popular drinking must be checked gained support in leading circles.
SIRUS (Norway) - Alcohol use and drunk driving: the modifying effect of impulsivity
The association between drinking and drunk driving is significantly stronger among those with a high score on impulsivity compared with those who have a low score.
Iceland Review (Iceland) - Home Brewing Increases in Iceland
Home brewing and the smuggling of alcohol to Iceland has reportedly increased. According to a new survey carried out by MMR for the Icelandic Federation of Trade (FA), almost 50 percent of respondents 18 to 29 years old said there had been an increase in home brewing and smuggling of alcohol since before the crash in 2008.
The Independent (UK) - Parents 'should drink alcohol less in front of their children' says report
Parents should drink less in front of their children if they want to prevent their offspring becoming binge drinkers, a new report suggests today.
Medical Xpress - Pre-drinking alcohol before hitting the nightclubs likely to lead to violence, study finds
The increasingly common practice of drinking at home before hitting the nightclubs is the major predictor of people experiencing harm or violence, Australia's largest study into alcohol-related nightlife crime has found.
Occupational Health and Safety (WHO) - WHO Joins Four Countries in Opening Alcohol Internet Portals
The portals include self-screening tools for hazardous and harmful use of alcohol, as well as self-help programs. The countries are Brazil, India, Mexico, and Belarus.
7thSpace Interactive (South Africa) - South Africa: S Africans urged to refrain from alcohol, substance abuse
As South Africans prepare for a well-deserved festive season break, the Department of Social Development has called upon all South Africans to refrain from alcohol and drug abuse during holiday festivities.
Afrique en Ligue (Botswana) - Campaign against alcohol abuse in Botswana
Botswana to step up campaign against alcohol abuse - Botswana’s fight against alcohol abuse is set to intensify during the forthcoming festive season, as the government has reminded liquor traders and the public to strictly observe liquor trading hours.
Herald Scotland (Ireland/Scotland) - Irish back alcohol plan
SCOTTISH ministers have received strong support from the Irish Government in their battle with Brussels to avoid having minimum unit pricing of alcohol declared in breach of EU rules.
Radio New Zealand (new Zealand) - Alcohol outlet numbers linked with more crime
A new study links higher numbers of alcohol shops in South Auckland with more incidents of violent crime and vehicle crashes.
Bikya Masr (Egypt) - Egypt announces tax hikes, hits alcohol and tobacco hardest
As part of Egypt’s agreement for a $4.8 billion loan with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) the country was forced to implement a series of tax hikes.
Emory University News and Events - Alcohol abuse in young adults may affect brain development
The face of alcoholism has changed drastically. What was once viewed as a middle aged, blue collar, white, male disease now reflects a diverse group of young adults both male and female.
680 News (Canada) - Canadian alcohol sales likely to set new record this year: report
Sales of wine, beer and spirits will likely hit a record high this year, according to a new report from BMO Capital Markets.
Science Daily - Parents Key to Preventing Alcohol, Marijuana Use by Kids
New research from North Carolina State University, Brigham Young University and the Pennsylvania State University finds that parental involvement is more important than the school environment when it comes to preventing or limiting alcohol and marijuana use by children.
Alaska Dispatch (USA) - Study: Alcohol is number-one health concern to Alaskans
Alcohol abuse is the number-one health issue of concern to Alaskans, a new study has found.
The Independent - The binge-drinking gene: Scientists identify key risk factor in alcohol abuse
Scientists could soon be able to predict whether teenage boys are likely to become heavy drinkers by looking at whether they carry a particular variant of a gene linked to thrill-seeking behaviour, a study suggests.
Daily Mail (UK) - Drivers can’t tot up their drinks: 80% exceed the limit by miscalculating amount of alcohol in pub measures
Up to four in five motorists risk exceeding the drink-drive limit by miscalculating the alcoholic content of pub measures, says a study today.
The Consumerist (USA) - As Economy Recovers, Americans Are Drinking More Alcohol
It looks like Americans’ spirits are up — or at least the sales of spirits to Americans are up, as a new survey shows that people are buying more beer, wine and liquor when they go out to eat.
Andean Airmail & PERUVIAN TIMES (Peru) - Alcohol Responsible for Some 9,000 Peru Traffic Accidents in 2011 – Govt
Alcohol consumption was responsible for almost 9,000 traffic accidents in 2011, according to data released this week by the Health Ministry.

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