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Alcohol News - 10/2012

Baltic Times (Lithuania) - Lithuanian breweries chug on despite harships
If you can’t imagine your life without slurping a heady brew from a thick-glassed mug, enjoying every drop of it down to the very end, there might be some bad news for you ahead: beer prices will unavoidably go up, packaging will become smaller, and some dark kinds of beer are likely to be brought to extinction because of pending state regulations.
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YLE News (Finland) - Study: Unemployment and alcohol deadly combination
Men of working age are twice as likely to die as their female counterparts. Perhaps unsurprisingly, people without jobs have a higher mortality rate than the employed, but the disparity of mortality rates between those with jobs and those without is significant.
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The (Norway) - Beer makers barred from showing beer in Norway
Norwegian beer makers have reacted with fury to "surreal" rulings by two state agencies forbidding brewers from reviewing beer or showing pictures of beer on their own websites.
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Addiction (Sweden) - Changes in sobriety in the Swedish population over three decades: age, period or cohort effects?
Decreasing proportions of total alcohol abstainers in Sweden from 1968 to 2000 appear to be attributable primarily to decreases in successive cohorts rather than drinkers becoming abstainers.
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Washington Post (Australia) - Official war history says alcohol abuse posed problems for Australians fighting in Vietnam
Alcohol abuse during the Vietnam War was a significant problem for Australian troops who were supplied with the equivalent of more than five cans of beer per soldier per day during the latter years of the conflict, an official record says.
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Reuters - On-screen boozing tied to kids' binge drinking
How much drinking kids and teens had seen in recent movies was linked to the chances they overdid it on alcohol themselves in a new study from six European countries.
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Brisbane Times (Australia) - No impact from safe alcohol use campaign
A major overhaul of guidelines for the safe consumption of alcohol seems to have had no impact on Australians.
Read more (Brazil) - Brazil Congress divided over alcohol sales at WCup
A congressional commission partially approved a bill regulating the 2014 World Cup in Brazil on Tuesday, but congressmen remained divided on whether to allow the sale of alcohol at games during the monthlong tournament, dealing a setback to FIFA and local organizers.
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Daily Mail (UK) - Cameron facing Cabinet backlash over plans to introduce minimum alcohol unit pricing
David Cameron is facing a Cabinet backlash after overruling colleagues to introduce a minimum pricing for alcohol.
Read more (UK) - Adverts for cheap alcohol could be banned
The ban, which would form part of the Coalition’s alcohol strategy, would see an end to retailers such as Tesco and Asda advertising money-off deals on beer, wine and spirits.
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Bloomberg - Lundbeck Anti-Binge Drinking Drug Helps Cut Intake by 66%
H. Lundbeck A/S (LUN), the Nordic region’s second-largest drugmaker, said its anti-alcoholism treatment nalmefene helped patients cut consumption by an average of 66 percent in three clinical trials.
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Irish Times (Ireland) - Setting minimum prices for alcohol will not break EU rules, says official
DEPARTMENT OF Health proposals to introduce a minimum price for alcohol are compatible with EU law, a spokesman for the EU commissioner for health and consumer policy has said.
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Science Daily - A Healthy Teenager Is a Happy Teenager
Teenagers who turn their backs on a healthy lifestyle and turn to drink, cigarettes and junk food are significantly unhappier than their healthier peers. New research also shows that 12-13 is a catalyst age when young people turn away from the healthy habits of their younger years and start to get involved in risky behaviours.
Read more (UK) - Comment: The Blair government created an alcohol monster
It is probably right to 'call time' on 'Binge Britain' and time to take up policies like Scotland's, which are based on a more nuanced understanding of the problems and benefits of drink.
Read more (South Africa) - Motsoaledi resolute on banning alcohol ads
Health Minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi is forging ahead with his campaign to ban alcohol advertisements.
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Motor Authority (France) – France Decrees Mandatory Breathalyzers In All Cars by July 1
It's hard to believe that a nation of amateur oenologists would take such a drastic measure, but France has instituted a new rule requiring breathalyzers in all motor vehicles (except mopeds) as of July 1, 2012.
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European Public Health Alliance (EU) - "Brewers’ Pledge is nothing but a Public Affairs exercise" says EPHA
PHA has released the following comments today (28 February 2012) on the occasion of an event organised by the Brewers’ of Europe launching what they have called the ’Brewers’ Pledge’. The Brewers claim that the Pledge represents a proactive stance on their part to tackle what they themselves recognise is a ’serious issue’. Their promise to address this with ’informational campaigns’, however, does not go far enough.
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Krakow Post (Poland) - Drink and Drugs and Krakow's Kids
A survey of almost 4,000 children and young people in Krakow – some as young as nine – has revealed that alcohol and illegal drugs such as cannabis are growing in popularity among the city’s youth.
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Independent Online (South Africa) - De Lille relaxes curbs on drinking
Tipplers may be tempted to raise a glass to mayor Patricia de Lille on Wednesday after her announcement that parts of Cape Town’s liquor by-law will be relaxed.
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The (Germany) - Company issued false 'idiot tests'
A German company has been accused of running fake “idiot tests” – special examinations drivers accused of driving under the influence have to take before being allowed back behind the wheel.
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