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FASD News - 49/2011


Net Newsledger (Canada) - “Ontario needs to step up and get serious with the prevention of FASD”
Anishinabek Nation Deputy Grand Council Chief Glen Hare says that Ontario needs to step up and get serious with the prevention of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.
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Reno Gazette-Journal (USA) - John Packham: Prevention plays powerful role in fight against Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Prenatal exposure to alcohol and other drugs is the leading cause of preventable birth defects and intellectual disabilities in Nevada. Children born to women who use alcohol during pregnancy have an elevated risk for a number of lifelong negative health and developmental outcomes.
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PR Web - Film about Preventable Birth Defects Subject of Christmas Release
Award-winning film maker, Tom Monson announced the world-wide release of Last Call, the Sobering Truth about Drinking During Pregnancy. Amazingly, 20% women drink alcohol while they are pregnant. One of the most comprehensive documentaries on the subject, the producer believes a timely release will save babies from a life of pain and unfulfilled dreams.
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The Daily Telegraph (Australia) - Alcohol labels to warn mums-to-be
THE country's leading health experts will today call on the federal government to impose mandatory warning labels for pregnant women on all alcoholic drinks.
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Twin Cities Planet (USA) - Fetal alcohol program takes unique cultural approach
A parenting program developed in Minnesota and aimed at helping Indian families affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder goes national early next year.
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Asian Scientist Magazine (Australia) - Study: Some Pregnant Women Still Smoke And Drink
A recent study by the Australian Institute of Family Studies has found a minority of Australian women still report drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes during pregnancy.
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ERR News (Estonia) - Temperance Activists Seek Warning Labels for Pregnant Women on Booze Bottles
The Temperance Union is participating in a Pan-European initiative which aims to introduce labels on liquor bottles, warning women of the hazards of consuming alcohol during pregnancy.
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Nunatsiaq News (Canada) - KRG wants health board to adopt a “zero-tolerance” for drinking by pregnant women
Women in Nunavik should not drink when they are pregnant. That’s the clear position of counsellors at the Kativik Regional Government.
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The Nation (Nigeria) - ‘First three months of pregnancy are critical’
There are actually many things that can cause heart defects. When we say Hole in the heart, it comprises of a whole bunch of problems. It is just a layman’s terminology to describe congenital heart diseases.
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Detroit Free Press -Risk of disease partially established in womb, scientists say
Pregnant women sacrifice many of life's simple pleasures -- caffeine, sushi, a glass of wine -- in the hope that their babies will be born healthy.
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iPolitics (Canada) - Feds fund study to determine cost of fetal alcohol disorders
The Conservative government is tasking a study to determine the financial toll of various disabilities in children and adults whose mothers drank alcohol during pregnancy.
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The Star (Canada) - Better testing needed to diagnose fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, Canadian expert Sterling Clarren says
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, the leading cause of developmental disability in Canada, is an umbrella term used to describe a range of disabilities that result from prenatal exposure to alcohol.
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Healthy Child Manitoba - InSight Mentoring Program
InSight is an outreach program where mentors provide intensive support to women who are pregnant or have recently had a baby and are struggling with alcohol or drug use. This is a voluntary program for women who aren’t well connected to community support services.
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CanFASD Northwest - Evaluation of FASD Mentoring Programs
This team is focused on the research and evaluation of Parent Child Assistance Programs (PCAP), or other mentoring support programs, that provide intensive mentorship support services to women considered most at risk to have a child with FASD.
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SAFE Babies program – Caring for Babies with Prenatal Substance Exposure
Check out the 3rd edition of Baby Steps: caring for babies with prenatal substance exposure. The 92-page handbook is for parents and caregivers of babies who have been prenatally exposed to alcohol or other drugs.
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Eurocare - 2ND International SAFFrance Colloquium, 15- 16 December 2011, Strasbourg, France
The second international conference of SAFFrance to be organised on the 15th and 16th of December in Strasbourg is linked to the first conference organised in the Senate in September 2009 to which the higher head of state participated.
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EUFASD – Second European Conference on FASD
The European FASD Alliance is pleased to announce the Second European Conference on FASD – Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: clinical and biochemical diagnosis, screening and follow-up, which will take place in Barcelona, October 21 to 24, 2012.
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Alcoholism - Callosal Thickness Reductions Relate to Facial Dysmorphology in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Structural abnormalities of the corpus callosum (CC), such as reduced size and increased shape variability, have been documented in individuals with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD).
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Alcoholism - Ethanol Exposure During Pregnancy Persistently Attenuates Cranially Directed Blood Flow in the Developing Fetus: Evidence from Ultrasound Imaging in a Murine Second Trimester Equivalent Model
These data show that binge-type maternal EtOH exposure results in rapid and persistent loss of blood flow from the umbilical artery to the fetal brain, potentially compromising nutrition and the maternal/fetal endocrine environment during a critical period for neuron formation and angiogenesis in the maturing brain.
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De Stentor (Netherlands) - 'Verplicht logo alcohol en zwangerschap'
Een zwangere vrouw in silhouet met daaromheen een rode cirkel en een streep erdoor. Dat logo moet op alle alcoholhoudende dranken worden aangebracht. Dat vinden de FASstichting, de European FASD Alliance en het Nederlands Instituut voor Alcoholbeleid.
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BarniMagen (Norway) - Slik kommer gravide seg unna drikkepresset
Fest er forbundet med moro og hygge, men for gravide kan det være vanskelig. Særlig i julebordsesongen opplever de drikkepress.
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Delfi (Estonia) - Üleeuroopaline aktsioon nõuab pudelitele silte: rasedad peaksid alkoholist loobuma
Organisatsioonid enam kui 20 Euroopa riigist kutsuvad üles edastama sõnumit, et lapseootuse perioodil peaksid naised alkoholist täielikult hoiduma.
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Kehitysvammaliitto (Finland)  - Kehitysvammaliitolta lyhytelokuva Alkoholin synnyttämät
Odottavan äidin alkoholinkäyttö voi aiheuttaa syntyvälle lapselle pysyvät vauriot. Vakavasti vaurioituneet lapset päätyvät usein sijaisperheeseen asumaan.
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Kehitysvammaliitto (Finland) - Kun äiti joi raskauden aikana
Tälle sivulle tallennetaan Kehitysvammaliiton järjestämien seminaarien ja asiantuntijatapahtumien aineistoja. Aineistot julkaistaan tilaisuuden jälkeen ja ne ovat sivulla kolmen kuukauden ajan.
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