Monday, August 29, 2011

Alcohol News - 35/2011

YLE News (Finland/Estonia) - Alcohol tourism to Estonia set to increase
A higher “sin tax” to be levied on alcohol is expected to accelerate alcohol tourism between Finland and Estonia. The trend has been noticeable with each previous increase in alcohol taxes in Finland.
YLE News (Finland) - Study: Finns unfazed by summer binge drinking
In spite of evidence to the contrary, a new survey shows that a majority of Finns don’t believe that their relatives’ wellbeing is compromised by increased alcohol consumption during the summer.
The (Sweden) - Swedish alcohol monopoly launches 'booze camera' iPhone app
Drunken Swedes can now record their boozed-up antics with a new iPhone app launched on Monday by a subsidiary of the country's state-owned alcohol monopoly.
The (Sweden) - Obesity op hikes risk of alcohol abuse: study
People who have undergone gastric bypass operations are at greater risk of suffering from alcohol abuse, according to a new Swedish study which reveals that the effects of alcohol become stronger after the op.
The Guardian (UK) - Tough love stops binge drinking, Demos claims
Poor parenting significantly increases the likelihood that children will grow up to be binge drinkers, according to the findings of a controversial study.
HealthNews - Teen Social Networking Increases Likelihood of Alcohol and Drug Use
While many believe social networking sites and teen-based reality TV are harmless, these popular forms of entertainment may have a profound negative effect, increasing alcohol and drug use amongst teens.
TVNZ (New Zealand) - PM defends no minimum pricing on alcohol
Prime Minister John Key has defended the Government's Alcohol Reform Bill after it was slammed by anti-alcohol abuse groups. (Ireland) - Government should consider raising tax on alcohol, says report
ALCOHOL ABUSE IN Ireland has cost the State €3.7 billion up to the year 2007, according a study on the issue by the HSE.
Fairport-E.Rochester Post (USA) - Excellus report: Adult binge drinking more frequent than heavy drinking
According to a report released today by Excellus BlueCross BlueShield on alcohol consumption by adults Upstate New York, adults in the Finger Lakes region admitted to binge drinking more often than heavy drinking, as health care costs related to alcohol misuse continue to climb. 
Economic Times (India) - West Bengal government imposes higher taxes on tobacco, alcohol
While keeping other items untouched by not altering the tax rates, the West Bengal government on Monday raised the levies on alcohol and tobacco-related products.
Russia Beyond The Headlines (Russia) - Alcohol consumption in Russian cities decreasing
Russia's chief narcologist has announced that people in Russian cities consumed only 15 liters of alcohol per capita last year, compared with 18 liters the year before. WHO experts say the real number is 12 liters, but at least they agree the amount is going down.
The Connexion (France) – France unveils new austerity budget
CIGARETTE and alcohol price rises and a new tax on France's richest residents are among the measures unveiled by the goverment in an €11bn deficit reduction package.
The Age (Australia) - Alcohol services condemn fines
SPECIALIST drug and alcohol workers should be deployed with police targeting public drunks, and new fines of up to $1100 should be used to boost treatment services, the Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association says. (Ireland) - ‘Second chance’ for drunk drivers rejected by alcohol charities
NEW PROPOSALS TO reduce the penalties for drivers just over the blood alcohol limit have been criticised by alcohol charities.
Korea Times (South Korea) - Should lyrics be alcohol-free for youth?
Fresh public debates have been ignited over songs labeled by censors as “harmful to youth” due to the mention of alcohol-related phrases in the lyrics.
Trend News Agency (Uzbekistan) - Uzbekistan toughens rules of selling and using alcohol and tobacco products
The Senate of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan  (upper chamber of Uzbek Parliament) has approved at a plenary session on Friday the Law on restriction of distribution and consumption of alcohol and tobacco products.
The Independent (Spain) - In booze-soaked Spain, the party may soon be over
'Binge tourism' reaches a new low when police fire rubber bullets to restore peace. Alasdair Fotheringham reports from the Benidorm plaza dubbed 'British square'.
Medscape - Industry Influence on UN Noncommunicable Disease Summit?
The United Nations (UN) High-Level Summit on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) will convene in New York City from September 19 to 20. However, negotiations recently broke down in drafting an outcomes document that will contain commitments toward progress in 4 target NCD areas: cardiovascular disease, respiratory illnesses, cancer, and diabetes. (New Zealand) - Govt accepts 130 changes to alcohol reform bill
Alcohol sales in dairies will be banned and grocery stores forced to make their liquor sales more discrete after the Government accepted 130 changes to its controversial alcohol reform bill.

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