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Alcohol News - 25/2011

YLE News (Finland) - TS: More demand for addiction services among expectant mothers
Expectant mothers using drugs or alcohol are increasingly common in Finland. According to the Turku newspaper Turun Sanomat, hospitals are reporting a rise in the number of expectant mothers in need of specialist treatment to deal with drug or alcohol problems.
MyHealthNewsDaily (Sweden) - Sobering Study: Most Don't Know What 'Sensible Drinking' Is
A recent study from Sweden showed that between 94 and 97 percent of respondents did not know the line between sensible drinking and heavy drinking that can damage health.
Views and News from Norway (Norway) - Police: ‘No more beers on the fjord’
Norwegian police are cracking down on pleasure boat skippers who join their passengers in enjoying a beer or a glass of wine on the water. If they’re caught with blood alcohol levels above the legal limit, they’ll lose their boating license for up to two years.
The Baltic Course (Latvia) - Traffic safety campaign "Steer Sober!" launched in Latvia
Today, the Road Traffic Safety Directorate of Latvia (CSDD), in cooperation with Transport and Interior ministries and the State Police, launched a traffic safety campaign "Steer Sober!", was informed by CSDD representative Alise Kleinberga.
Los Angeles Times (USA) - Guns and alcohol: Gun owners drink more and take more risks, study says
Gun owners: Don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger. I must warn you, though, that the findings on gun ownership and risky alcohol behaviors published this week in the British Medical Journal do not paint an altogether flattering picture.
Herald Sun (Australia) - Clinic to target baby alcohol disorders
AUSTRALIA's first screening and diagnostic service for children with alcohol-related birth defects could be up and running by the end of the year.
Medical News Today - UK Mass Drinking Child Report Released; US Parents Supervising More
While friends play a critical role in peer drinking habits, family has a strong direct and indirect influence. The parent or guardian has a particularly strong influence on their child's behavior.
RedOrbit - How Alcohol Damages the Brain
Although alcohol affects many areas in the body, the brain is the primary target. Previously, not much was known about the molecular mechanisms by which alcohol alters brain activity, but now researchers have discovered interaction between alcohol and brain proteins thought to underlie alcohol actions in the brain.
Sky News (Australia) - Battle To Curb Aborigines' Drink Problem
Australia’s Prime Minister has been urged to raise the minimum price of alcohol to curb addiction among aborigines.
Vancouver Sun (Canada) - Daily drinking, cannabis use, mental distress up in Ontario: Study
People in Canada's most populous province are drinking alcohol more often and smoking dope in larger proportions — and psychological distress is more widespread there, according to the latest data from a long-running study of Ontario residents.
Belfast Telegraph (Ireland) - New drivers may face alcohol ban
Newly qualified drivers may be banned from drinking any alcohol before getting behind the wheel in Northern Ireland, the environment minister has said. - Energy drinks linked to alcohol
Researchers, in a study involving musicians in Buffalo, N.Y., found the music-makers used energy drinks with binge drinking and prescription drug misuse.
BBC News (Australia) - Call to raise alcohol prices in Australia to tackle addiction
Australia's Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has been urged to raise the minimum price of alcohol to curb addiction. Cheap alcohol is being blamed for fuelling a crime wave in the Northern Territory town of Alice Springs.
New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Tapu Misa: We need to ask right questions about alcohol
It's a good argument: If our kids are old enough at 18 to vote and be sent to fight wars for us, why shouldn't they be allowed to have a drink at the pub if they want to? (India) - Alcohol major cause of liver diseases in young adults
Bollywood actor Imran Khan may be making age an issue of discretion when it comes to drinking but according to medical experts, maximum number of liver damage cases have been found in young adults resulting from excessive liquor consumption.
Irish Health (Ireland) - 71,000 kids are carers due to alcohol
An estimated 71,000 children in Ireland are taking care of a parent or siblings as a result of parental alcohol problems, Alcohol Action Ireland (AAI) has said.
Mission Network News (Moldova) - Moldova leads globe for alcohol consumption; churches respond
In February of 2011, the World Health Organization dubbed Moldova the world's leading nation in per-person alcohol consumption.
Daily Mail (EU) - Men twice as likely as women to die before 65 because of smoking and alcohol abuse
Smoking and drinking too much means men are twice as likely as women to die before the age of 65, a European Union study has revealed. - Health data can help address alcohol-related harm in youth
Using ambulance, hospital and other routinely collected health data can provide a more comprehensive, dynamic picture of trends in alcohol use among young people, according to a new report involving CAMH collaboration.

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