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Alcohol News - 11/2011

Helsinki Times (Finland) - The bare truth about young Finnish women
Young women are consuming alcohol like never before, the tabloid Iltasanomat writes. “RECENT studies have shown that binge drinking particularly amongst young women has greatly increased in the last few years.
EurekAlert (Sweden) - Parents important for keeping adolescents off alcohol
Parents who are both present and engaged are the very best way of preventing teenagers from consuming large quantities of alcohol. Adolescents who smoke, stay out with their friends and have access to alcohol – from their parents, for example – when they are as young as 13 are at greater risk of becoming binge drinkers in their late teens, reveals a new thesis from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden.
TheMedGuru (Sweden) - Teenage girls outstrip boys on alcohol—study
An intriguing new study by European researchers has found that teen girls aged around 16 years are hitting the bottle more frequently than their male counterparts. (UK) - Health bodies slam "toothless" alcohol policy
Six prominent health organisations withdrew their support on Monday for a government initiative aimed at promoting responsible alcohol consumption, accusing ministers of not standing up to the drinks industry.
Reuters - Alcoholic drinks market booming in Muslim Gulf
Targeting observant Muslims with non-alcoholic drinks is also a key strategy albeit a tougher sell for companies whose names are synonymous with beer or hard liquor.
New York Times (USA) - F.T.C. to Take Another Look at Alcohol Ads
For the fourth time in 12 years, the Federal Trade Commission plans to study the effectiveness of the voluntary guidelines followed by most marketers of alcoholic beverages. The guidelines are intended primarily to reduce the exposure of advertising to those under the legal drinking age.
Times LIVE (South Africa) - State declares war on alcohol abuse
The government is waging war on the alarming increase in the abuse of alcohol and drugs, and has warned of stricter legislation - including raising the legal age for alcohol consumption from 18 to 21.
AFP (India) - 56 Indian airline pilots fail alcohol tests: govt
Fifty-six pilots working for Indian airlines have failed alcohol tests in the last two years, according to a list issued by the civil aviation ministry. (UK) - British plan food and alcohol labeling
Britons soon will be told the alcohol content of every drink and the calorie count of every meal under a sweeping health initiative.
Financial Times (Northern Ireland) - Belfast to set minimum alcohol price
Northern Ireland’s power-sharing executive aims to become the first government in Europe to introduce minimum pricing for alcohol in a bid to tackle binge drinking and anti-social behaviour and cut the region’s health bill.
Financial Times (Scotland) - SNP hopes to revive plans on alcohol abuse
Plans to set a minimum price for alcohol will be revived if the Scottish National party retains power in May’s Holyrood election. The minority SNP government’s attempt to tackle alcohol abuse by setting a minimum price was rejected by opposition parties last year.
New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Cut-price alcohol claims rejected
Foodstuffs yesterday rejected accusations it was helping drive youth drinking by selling alcohol below cost. MPs are hearing submissions on the Government's Alcohol Law Reform Bill, which has taken aim at youth drinking.
Doctors Lounge - Preoperative Alcohol Use Tied to Arthroplasty Complications
Complications following total joint arthroplasty are significantly related to alcohol misuse in the year prior to surgery, according to a study published in the Feb. 16 issue of The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery. - Alcohol abuse history influences quality of life following liver transplant
A history of alcohol abuse significantly impacts quality of life for patients after liver transplant, according to researchers at Henry Ford Hospital.
Times of India - Women like to get drunk before sex
In the survey of 3000 women aged 18-50, almost half of those quizzed said they preferred sex while under the influence of alcohol because it helped them lose their inhibitions and be more adventurous.
TheMedGuru - Gastric bypass surgery may lead to alcohol abuse—study
A new study suggests patients should limit their alcohol intake after a gastric bypass operation because it significantly affects alcohol absorption,and may lead to alcohol abuse. (Scotland) - Alcohol abuse: More than 3000 children harmed in related incidents
Thousands of children had to be treated by paramedics following alcohol-related incidents over the past two years, figures revealed.
GhanaWeb (Ghana) - Ghanaians Drink Too Much
There is too much drinking going on in our culture. Our love for this stuff is so great that we have integrated it into almost all the key activities of our lives.
Mediapost (USA) - Alcohol Advertising and Young People: What is the Right Mix?
As part of the Walt Disney Co., the well-respected ESPN sales operation is no doubt religious in adhering to accepted practices when it comes to alcohol advertising and young people. But the sports network is in business. And it always seemed a bit curious to have Diageo plugging Smirnoff on its popular "Pardon the Interruption" at 5:30 in the afternoon.

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