Monday, September 27, 2010

Alcohol News - 39/2010

Scotsman (Finland) - Finnish experience suggests price can have strong effect
THE Finnish experience is one which has influenced opinion- formers who have argued vociferously that the price of alcohol has a strong effect on consumption. In Finland, tax on alcohol was cut six years ago, leading to price reductions of up to a third, depending on the type of alcohol.

Estonian Public Broadcasting (Estonia) - The Vodka Diaries
Are Estonia's policymakers aware that their country has a drinking problem? When you think of a drunk, a certain image may come to mind. Maybe he has rosy cheeks, a scruffy white beard, and a mouth half full of yellow teeth. But living in Estonia, I have seen all kinds of drunks: young kids in tracksuits, old men in rags, round ladies with bad haircuts.

U.S. News & World Report (USA) - Pediatricians Want to Restrict Ads for Tobacco, Booze, Viagra
The American Academy of Pediatrics doesn't want children exposed to tobacco ads at all, and wants to limit their exposure to alcohol marketing and advertisements for erectile dysfunction drugs and other prescription medications.

Medical News Today - Frequent Family Dinners Linked To Lower Tobacco, Alcohol And Marijuana Use Among Teens
American teenagers who regularly have family dinners are much less likely to have used drugs, alcohol or marijuana compared to their peers who have family dinners infrequently, according to a new study - The Importance of Family Dinners VI - carried out by researchers from The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA), Columbia University.

Philippine Information Agency (Philippines) - Doctors group back higher 'sin' taxes for tobacco, alcohol
The Philippine Medical Association (PMA) through its President Oscar D. Tinio, M.D. expressed full support to President Benigno Aquino III's call for higher 'sin' taxes to generate additional tax revenue for the government.

Private Healthcare UK - Alcohol recovery 'impacted by stress'
High levels of a stress hormone could be having a negative impact on recovering alcoholics.

Voxy (Australia) - De-Normalisation - How To Reduce Alcohol Harm Amongst Young People
Research just published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry shows there are six things that parents can do to reduce the risk of alcohol related harm in their children. These include: - not getting intoxicated in front of them; - not supplying them with alcohol.

BusinessWeek - Booze Tax Hikes May Reduce Alcohol-Related Problems
Boosting taxes on alcohol leads to lower rates of alcohol-related disease, injury, death and crime, researchers say.

Chicago Sun-Times - A little alcohol staggers older drinkers
Older people who have had a couple of cocktails may still be under the legal blood-alcohol limit, but researchers have found some have trouble in walking tests.,CST-NWS-drink26.article

7thSpace Interactive - The association between intimate partner violence, alcohol and depression in family practice
Depressive symptoms, intimate partner violence and hazardous drinking are common among patients attending general practice. Despite the high prevalence of these three problems; the relationship between them remains relatively unexplored.

Richmond Times Dispatch (USA) - VCU report on privatization: increase taxes on alcohol
If Virginia sells its liquor monopoly, the state should take steps to discourage excessive drinking, including raising taxes on alcohol to reduce demand, according to a new report by Virginia Commonwealth University.

PR Newswire(USA) - MADD Marks 30th Anniversary With Capitol Hill Rally Unveiling Tech-Based MADD 3.0 Action Plan to Eliminate Drunk Driving
Thirty years after a grieving mother started the movement to stop drunk driving, and a decade since the successful passage of the lifesaving national .08 BAC limit, hundreds of victims and activists from across the country today rallied at the nation's Capitol to mark Mothers Against Drunk Driving's (MADD) 30th Anniversary and to unveil its MADD 3.0 Action Plan, calling on Congress to pass legislation to eliminate drunk driving in America.

BBC News (UK) - Fresh call for alcohol glass ban
Alcohol should be served far more often in plastic glasses and bottles to reduce the injury toll from violent attacks, says a researcher.

Herald Scotland (Scotland) - Police chief challenges minimum drink price opponents
The chief constable of the country’s biggest police force has issued a challenge to those who voted down minimum alcohol pricing this week to come up with an alternative.

Radio New Zealand (New Zealand) - Cabinet rejects advice on lowering alcohol limit
The Government made a mistake when it rejected hundreds of pages of official advice encouraging it to lower the adult blood alcohol level, health lobby groups say.

UK Net Guide (Scotland) - Minimum alcohol price plans defeated by MSPs
MSPs have rejected the Scottish government's proposal to introduce a minimum price for alcohol.

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