Monday, May 24, 2010

Alcohol News - 21/2010 (UK) - Portman concern as Tesco moves alcohol units to front of pack
The Portman Group has challenged a decision by Tesco to move information on alcohol units from the back to the front of alcohol packaging.

WalesOnline (Wales) - Leading doctor calls for action on alcohol
But although socially acceptable, alcohol can also be an addictive drug. Alcohol misuse can be harmful to the individual as well as placing a substantial burden on families and society.

DailyFinance - Alcohol Consumption Isn't Without Risk, Especially for Youth
Who here hasn't had a Margarita at a party, a beer while watching the ball game, a glass of wine with dinner? And haven't studies found moderate consumption of alcohol to be good for us?

AlterNet (USA) - How Alcohol Companies Launched a Digital Campaign Against America's Kids
According to a new study, companies like Captain Morgan and Budweiser have become extremely savvy at targeting young audiences.'s_kids

Food Consumer - Drinking alcohol boosts risk of death from cancer
A new study in the May 2010 issue of Journal of Epidemiology suggests that alcohol consumption boosts cancer mortality risk.

The Associated Press (WHO) - Nations pledge crackdown on online alcohol ads
Countries around the world are pledging to get tough with companies that market beer and liquor on social media networks such as Facebook, warning that such promotions threaten to entice a new generation into harmful drinking patterns.

Reuters (WHO) - WHO to tackle alcohol misuse, binge drinking
Health ministers agreed on Thursday to try to curb binge drinking and other growing forms of excessive alcohol use through higher taxes on alcoholic drinks and tighter marketing regulations.

Healthcare Republic (Wales) - Wales confirms plans to move ahead with minimum alcohol pricing
Wales is to go ahead with plans to introduce minimum alcohol pricing following the omission of such measures from the UK government's coalition document.

Eat Out Magazine (UK) - 60% of UK adults believe alcohol packaging should contain health warnings
Some 60% of UK adults think that alcohol packaging should contain health warnings to warn people about the detrimental effects of alcohol use, according to a new YouGov SixthSense report.

Hindustan Times (WHO) - Alcohol kills 2.5 million people worldwide: WHO
Harmful use of alcohol kills 2.5 million people annually and is the eighth leading factor for deaths globally, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said.

BusinessWeek - Alcohol Companies Use New Media to Lure Young Drinkers: Report
Alcohol companies are increasingly using the latest new media technologies -- including cell phones, social networking sites, YouTube and other features of the expanding digital universe -- to reach young drinkers, a new report contends.

Bloginity - You Booze, You Lose: Study Finds Alcohol Fuels Poor Diet
The phrase “six pack” has very different connotations, depending on who you’re speaking with. For some, the two words refer to a set of stunning abs, the kind that professional athletes and magazine models are often seen showing off.

BBC News (UK) - Coalition policy: Alcohol loss leaders ban proposed
The UK's coalition government has pledged to ban the sale of alcohol below cost price in an effort to cut binge drinking in England and Wales.

The Voice of Russia (Russia) - Russia bans drinking before driving
A draft law on imposing a complete ban on the consumption of alcohol before driving has been approved at the Lower House of the Russian parliament at the first reading.

Health Imaging & IT - Study: PET sheds light on genetic link in alcohol abuse
PET imaging of dopamine release in the brain has identified a genetic variant of dopamine responses to alcohol, a mechanism likely to modulate alcohol reward, according to a study published May 18 in Molecular Psychiatry. option=com_articles&view=portal&id=publication:10:article:22276:study-pet-sheds-light-on-genetic-link-in-alcohol-abuse&division=hiit

eMaxHealth - Heavy Alcohol Use More than Triples Pancreatic Cancer Risk for Men
Men who consume five or more drinks in one sitting may be more than tripling their chances of developing pancreatic cancer.

The Publican (WHO) - World health chiefs back minimum pricing
Health chiefs at the World Health Organisation (WHO) have called for the introduction of minimum pricing to reduce alcohol harm.

7thSpace Interactive (Estonia/Finland) - Alcohol consumption in Estonia and Finland: Finbalt survey 1994-2006
Alcohol consumption has been regarded as an important contributor to the high premature mortality rates. The objective of this paper was to provide an overview and comparison of alcohol consumption and its socio-demographic determinants among adults in Estonia and Finland.

Helsinki Times (Finland) - A long and winding road: a brief history of alcohol advertising
In 1932, following repeal of the Prohibition Act, the first piece of legislation was the Alcohol Act that did not, however, include rules on alcohol advertising.

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