Monday, April 5, 2010

Alcohol News - 14/2010

TopNews Singapore (Australia) - Restrictions Imposed on Junk Food and Alcohol Advertising
The health authorities called for restrictions on fast food as well as alcohol advertising in order to make the people more aware of the obesity epidemic. More than 60% of adults and 25% of children are obese in Australia, thus making it the one of the most overweight nations in the world. (India) - Alcohol industry growing amidst plenty of problems
With nothing much in the recently announced annual Budget 2010-11, the Indian alcohol industry remains slow paced with various problems. Today, the industry seeks urgent aid from the government and nodal authorities to fix up the ongoing problems.§ionid=11

EmpowHer - Psychologial Effects of Alcohol Abuse, Dependence
April is alcohol awareness month and one important issue to consider is that alcohol dependence, or alcoholism, and alcohol abuse can be linked to depression and other mental disorders. (UK) - Middle class patients warned about heavy drinking
Middle class patients who suffer drink related injuries are to be given a talking to by hospital staff on how to control their alcohol intake.

Montreal Gazette - Alcohol abuse may lead to depression: Study
Excessive alcohol drinking may increase the risk of depression, a long-term study conducted over 25 years in New Zealand has found.
Vancouver Sun (UK) - A quarter of Britons are "hazardous" drinkers
Almost a quarter of Britons are "hazardous drinkers" and hundreds of thousands more of them are being admitted to hospital for alcohol-related reasons than five years ago, according to official figures. (USA) - 'Stick 'em Up' Against Selling Alcohol to Minors
Local residents are 'stickin 'em up' against selling alcohol to minors. To kick off April as alcohol awareness month, thousands of liquor stores across the state are participating in Sticker Shock Day.

Oneindia (Australia) - Sydney pubs luring young women with cheap shot deals
Sydney bars are openly flouting liquor laws by trying to attract young women with offers of free champagne and 3-dollar shots.

BBC News (UK) - Hospitals urged to offer advice to 'alcohol injured'
Hospital staff are being urged to offer advice on reducing drinking levels to people with alcohol-related injuries when they receive follow-up treatment.

Times Online (UK) - Lifestyle diseases 'on the rise as traditional killers cancer and heart disease decline'
Lifestyle diseases are on the rise as traditional killers such as cancer and heart disease decline, an official report into the health of the nation has found.

Oneindia - Portable Alcohol Testing Kit Invented
A new gadget has been designed to measure the alcohol content in drinks. It is a brief case-sized testing kit that can measure the alcohol content.

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