Monday, March 29, 2010

Alcohol News - 13/2010

Medscape - Raising Alcohol Prices Curbs Drinking, Deaths, Healthcare Costs
Policies that raise the price of alcohol can reduce consumption, illness, and premature deaths in drinkers and reduce the burden on healthcare systems, according to an article published online March 24 in The Lancet.

Gov Monitor (UK) - UK Publishes ACMD Report On Youths, Drugs, Alcohol And Tobacco Abuse
An assessment of the government’s progress in addressing the hazardous use of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs by young people in the UK is being published by The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) today.

Weight Loss Surgery Channel - Obesity and Alcohol Bad for Liver
Obesity can increase damage to the liver caused by drinking alcohol, a new study shows, and in women can double the risk of liver disease.

Irish Medical News (Ireland) - IMO to call for alcohol bill
The IMO is set to consider a motion at its forthcoming AGM next month to call on the Minister for Health to publish a public health bill on alcohol as a matter of urgency.

HealthNews - Alcohol Fuels Bad Food Choices
So that glass of red wine not only adds 128 calories, but it may inadvertently add hundreds more due to poor food choices.

Herald Sun (Australia) - Ban lethal booze after 10pm, cops say
SHOTS, strong cocktails and double serves of spirits would be banned after 10pm from every venue in NSW under sweeping law changes being demanded by emergency workers.

Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Don't drink: message in a bottle for pregnant women
PREGNANT women would be warned of the dangers of drinking on every bottle of beer, wine and spirits in a plan to broaden food labelling laws. (Tanzania) - Isles Legislators Say No to Alcohol at Sports Venues
ZANZIBAR government should slap a total ban on alcohol business including drinking close to all sports venues, legislators demanded here today. (UK) - Budget 2010: Tax hike on fuel and alcohol
Duty on both fuel and alcohol are to go up, it was announced in today's budget.$1367218.htm (New Zealand) - A lower drink-drive level will make Kiwis safer on the roads
In April, the Cabinet will decide whether to lower the blood alcohol limit for driving from 0.08 (80mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood) to 0.05mg (50mg alcohol/ 100ml blood) as part of its new road safety strategy, Safer Journeys. There should be no doubt about the decision.

ABC Online (Australia) - New alcohol interlock laws passed for repeat drink-drivers
Drink-drivers will have to pay for alcohol interlocks in their cars under new rules passed by Queensland Parliament.

Irish Times (Ireland) - Is Ireland falling out of love with alcohol?
A report this week claimed that alcohol consumption in Ireland is falling fast. But while many would consider these figures good news, will the drinks industry use them to pressurise the Government into relaxing restrictions – and us into drinking more? (Poland) - Poles eastern Europe’s top beer drinkers
Poles are eastern Europe’s most thirsty beer drinkers and the consumption of alcohol in general continues to rise.

The Baltic Course (Latvia) - Alcohol to be sold in Latvia on September 1 after all
On September 1, the first day of school or Knowledge Day, the sale of alcohol will be permitted in Latvia as on any other day, in accordance with amendments to the Alcoholic Beverages Retail Law approved by the Saeima today in the final reading.

AFP (Russia) - Vodka drinking is top killer of Russians: study
Russia's heavy consumption of cheap, strong alcoholic beverages is the key factor behind the low life expectancy of its citizens, a leading Russian institute said in a study released Tuesday.

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