Monday, February 22, 2010

Alcohol News - 8/2010

BBC News - City areas link alcohol and violence
US scientists have shown what they say is a direct link between the number of shops selling alcohol in an area and the violence occurring there.

ABC News (USA) - Army Alcoholics: More Soldiers Hitting the Bottle
Nearly 9,200 soldiers sought treatment for alcohol abuse in 2009, a 56 percent increase since the war in Iraq started. Another 11,892 were required to undergo "alcohol education" -- a 16 to 20 hour course for soldiers who were disciplined for an alcohol-related incident, but not found to have an actual abuse problem.

Times of India - Alcohol tends to blur race recognition
People are much better at recognising faces of their own racial group than of others. But a new study says that drinking alcohol almost eliminates that recognition bias.

Cambridge Chronicle (UK) - BU study assesses exposure to alcohol advertising on MBTA
Recently, many people saw the disturbing image of a woman falling in front of an on-coming MBTA train. She was allegedly intoxicated and narrowly escaped being hit. There’s a lesser known risk but a related risk to riding the MBTA: that of the exposure to alcohol advertisements.

ABC News (USA) - Drunk Driving on the Rise Among Young Women
Increases in alcohol-related fatalities among young women drivers have outpaced the decade-long rise in such deaths among young men, researchers have found.

The Epoch Times - FAS Children: Society's Expensive Problem
Destroying yourself with alcohol is one thing. Destroying an innocent fetus by excessive use of alcohol is maternal madness. Yet every year in Canada, alcohol-riddled babies are born suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS).

Inside NoVA (USA) - House wants ignition locks for DUI offenders
Virginia's House of Representatives wants all first-time DUI offenders to have to blow into a device to start their cars. On Feb. 10, the house passed legislation that would require ignition interlocks be installed in offender's cars, forcing drivers to blow into the device to start their car.

YLE News (Finland) - Funding Squeeze Sends Finland’s Alcohol-Loving Rats to the US
Spending cuts at the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) are halving the number of alcohol researchers at the organisation. The institute is also forced to relinquish its special strain of alcohol-preferring rats, which Finnish researchers have used to study alcoholism since the 1960s.

Ynetnews (Israel) - Vodka most popular alcoholic drink in Israel
Israelis drank more alcohol in 2009 and drink vodka more than any other alcoholic beverage, according to a survey conducted by the BDI business information company.,7340,L-3852064,00.html

Adelaidenow (Australia) - Alcohol industry 'infiltrating' government bodies, policies
THE alcohol industry is infiltrating government bodies and influencing policies, a public health expert says. Public Health Association of Australia president Professor Mike Daube says the industry is as bad as "Big Tobacco" when it comes to pushing their wares.

BBC News (UK) - £1 drinks offers 'irresponsible' says Alcohol Concern
"Irresponsible" cheap drinks promotions in Welsh pubs and clubs lead to serious health problems, a charity says. (UK) - Teenagers most likely to get alcohol from parents – study
Less than a fifth of parents - 17 per cent - said they had thought about what they would do if their child drank too much, while 80 per cent said they would “deal with it when it happens”.

Brunei News, Brunei Headlines from Brunei fm (Kenya) - DESIST FROM ALCOHOL ABUSE, KENYAN PRES KIBAKI URGES THE YOUTH
President Mwai Kibaki has advised Kenyan youth to desist from abuse of alcohol which can easily result in psychological and physical damage to the body. (UK) - Labour MPs in 'champagne drinking competition'
Two Labour MPs were involved in a champagne drinking contest which got so raucous one needed medical treatment while on official business in Paris, it has emerged.

Daily Mail - Underage drinking 'is bigger problem for white middle class families'
Underage drinking is most common among white middle-class families and liberal parenting attitudes are to blame, a government report has warned.

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