Monday, December 14, 2009

Alcohol News - 50/2009 - Alcohol consumption increases breast cancer recurrence
A new study states that moderate alcohol consumption can increase a woman's risk for her breast cancer to come back. (UK) - Cheap alcohol is fuelling rise in youth crime
Selling kids booze at "pocket money prices" has caused a huge rise in youth crime figures, it was claimed yesterday.

Daily Mail (UK) – Drunk men who demand sex from partner should be 'treated as rapists'
Drunken men who demand sex from their wives or girlfriends should be treated as rapists and no longer allowed to claim their judgment was blurred by alcohol, according to the head of the government's review of the rape laws.

New York Daily News - Coffee won't cure your hangover, and may lead to poor decision-making: study
Researchers have concluded that while drinking coffee after consuming alcohol may make you feel more awake, it doesn’t actually make you more sober - and that combination could lead to poor decision-making, reports

Medical News Today (UK) - British Festive Drinking Will Exceed 600 Million Units Of Alcohol
An alcohol awareness charity estimates that Britons will be consuming at least 602 million units of alcohol over the festive period in December: they say the equivalent of 265 million pints, 602 million shots of vodka or 286 million glasses of mulled wine will be drunk at work Christmas parties and on Christmas day, with nearly half of consumers predicting they will be drinking more than the recommended daily unit guidelines.

The Herald (UK) - Alcohol 'will become nation's biggest killer'
ONE of Britain's leading experts on the effects of drugs has called for drinking laws to be tightened up – and a big hike in the price of booze. (New Zealand) - Call for public drunkenness to be illegal
A police crackdown on alcohol-fuelled violence has prompted the Hospitality Association of New Zealand (HANZ) to call for public drunkenness to be illegal.

The Press Association (Scotland) - SNP in new push on alcohol pricing
The Scottish Government has launched a fresh bid to win support for a minimum price for alcohol - by pointing to looming tax rises. (EU) - EU turns to WTO over unfair RP alcohol tax
The European Union has asked the World Trade Organization to establish a panel to decide on the Philippines' excise tax regime on alcoholic drinks which it “discriminates against imports and is thereby in clear breach of international trade rules.”

Irish Times (Ireland) - Duty on alcohol, VAT reduced
Excise duty on alcohol is to be cut and the VAT rate restored to 21 per cent in an attempt to stem the flow of cross-Border shopping, Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan said yesterday.

Namibia Economist (Namibia) - Alcohol abuse leads to increased HIV infections
Excessive alcohol abuse amongst Namibians is one of the main causes fuelling the spread of HIV and AIDS, according to a 2008 report on the behavioural and contextual factors driving the epidemic in Namibia.

Science Daily - Head and Neck Cancer Survivors Who Use Alcohol and Cigarettes Have Increased Death Risk
Cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption before head and neck cancer diagnosis strongly predicts the patient's future risk of death, according to published studies.

The Age (Australia) - Roxon rejects advice on drinking age
THE Health Minister, Nicola Roxon, has rejected a call from the Prime Minister's advisory body on drugs to consider lifting the drinking age.

OECD report - Alcohol consumption among adults
The global health burden related to excessive alcohol consumption, both in terms of morbidity and mortality, is considerable in most parts of the world.

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