Monday, April 20, 2009

Alcohol News - week 16/2009

The Herald (Scotland) - Drug and alcohol rehab strategies to be revamped

Ministers battling to beat Scotland's addiction to drink and drugs will unveil a radical shake-up of rehabilitation today.

EurekAlert - New study finds continued abstinence is key to increased survival from alcohol-related liver disease

However, the downside is that up a quarter of people with alcohol-related cirrhosis die before they get the chance to stop drinking. Alcohol-related cirrhosis develops silently but usually presents with an episode of internal bleeding or jaundice - which is often fatal.

BBC News (UK) - Many unaware of alcohol calories

Many people are unaware of the calorie content of alcohol, a survey shows.

The Canadian Press (Canada) - Canadians drinking more: StatsCan

Canadians drank more booze in the last fiscal year, but their tastes were getting more sophisticated.

Aktuálně.cz (Chech Republic) - Worried about the crisis? Drink more

Unemployment is rising and some economic sectors are collapsing. Many people are worried about the future and the prognosis is pessimistic.

The Press Association (UK) - Most youths 'drank before crime'

More than 80% of youngsters detained for crimes had drunk alcohol before offending, according to a report. (UK) - Drug users and alcholics should not expect the rest of us to fund their addictions

'I usually just drink cider, but I treat myself to a bottle of scotch on pay-day' said Robert as he sat in A&E. I looked up from the notes I was writing. 'What do you mean, "pay-day"' I asked 'I thought you were unemployed?'.

Irish Times (Ireland) - Adults 'powerless' on underage drinking

Most adults disapprove of underage drinking but feel there is nothing they can do to stop it, a new survey has found.

News Guardian (UK) - Alcohol purchase ban on under-21s at weekends

DRINKERS under the age of 21 may not be able to buy alcohol at weekends as part of a pilot trial to clampdown on anti-social behaviour. (UK) - Average wine drinker puts on half a stone of fat a year, says campaign group

The average wine drinker puts on half of stone of fat in a year due to the excess calories they consume, a new campaign will highlight.

The Baltic Course (Estonia) - More than 37,000 bottles found in Estonia with forged tax stemps

Of 62,644 bottles taken from different stores and the storage facilities of OÜ Baltmodum in Estonia last week for checking the authenticity of tax stamps, more than half (37,193) were found to bear forged tax stamps, writes Postimees Online/LETA.

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