Monday, March 16, 2009

Alcohol News - week 11/2009 (UK) - Gordon Brown rejects call to set minimum prices for alcohol

Gordon Brown today rejected controversial proposals from the chief medical officer to establish a minimum price for alcohol, which would double the price of many beers and spirits.

Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Alcohol ads to carry binge warning

THE Government is proposing mandatory health warnings on television alcohol ads in an attempt to swing minority parties away from blocking the alcopops tax.

Science Daily - Common Genes Tied To Alcohol, Nicotine, Cocaine Addictions

For decades, finding clues to substance addiction has been much like searching for a needle in a haystack. But researchers may finally be honing in on specific genes tied to all types of addictions - and finding that some of the same genes associated with alcohol dependence are also closely linked with addictions to nicotine, cocaine, opoids, heroin and other substances.

13WHAM-TV (USA) - New Warning for Women Drinking Alcohol

A new study says as little as one drink a day can significantly raise the risk of one type of cancer for women. (Canada) - Doctor proposes suing alcohol companies over FAS damage

A pediatrician in northern British Columbia wants liquor and beer makers to help pay for the damage caused when pregnant women drink.

BBC News (Scotland) - Alcohol price plans 'are legal'

The chief medical officer for Scotland has dismissed claims that setting a minimum alcohol price could be illegal.

Houston Chronicle (France) - France puts a cork in alcohol sales to youth

A spot of Calvados, the apple brandy, in the bottle to help baby sleep. Champagne for all at the family fete. And wine anytime, well, because we’re French. (UK) - Under-14s treated for alcohol-related mental health problems

Thousands of children are being admitted to hospital every year with mental disorders related to alcohol misuse, according to official figures.

Bangkok Post (Thailand) - Pressure grows for total alcohol sales ban

The Don't Drive Drunk Foundation has stepped up its efforts to convince the government to completely ban alcohol sales during the Songkran holiday. (Netherlands) - Alcohol lock gets cabinet approval

Ministers have approved the introduction of an alcohol lock to be fitted in the cars of convicted drunk drivers, the NRC reported at the weekend.

Glasgow Sunday Mail (Scotland) - Booze battle as drinks firms try to stop government plans

DRINKS firms are mounting a legal battle against government plans to end cheap booze.

Times of India (India) - Vigil on liquor trade tightened

The Goa government is tightening its vigil on the manufacture and trade of liquor to ensure that it is not misused by political parties to lure voters in the upcoming polls.

Xinhua (China) - Industry association: Children images not to be used in ads

Advertisements of food, medicine, medical service, alcohol and medical device should not use children images and they should not harm children's healthy growth, China's leading advertising organization appealed Saturday.

The Copenhagen Post (Denmark) - Proposal to commit pregnant alcoholics

New legislation could allow pregnant alcohol and drug abusers to be committed against their will in order to protect their unborn children.

Science Daily - Single Question Can Identify Unhealthy Alcohol Use In Patients

Researchers at Boston Medical Center (BMC) have found that a single-screening question recommended by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) accurately identifies unhealthy alcohol use in primary-care patients.

The (EU) - Europe's brewers suffer 'sharp decline' as financial crisis tightens

A Brussels conference has been told that Europe's brewing industry is suffering "sharp decline" as the global recession takes hold.

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