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Alcohol News - week 5/2009

BBC News (EU) - Are Europe's teenagers drinking?

England's chief medical officer thinks childhood should be an "alcohol-free time". He is advising parents that under-15s should not drink any alcohol. But what about elsewhere? Our correspondents look at attitudes to under-age drinking across Europe.

Reuters (UK) - Parents told no alcohol for under-15s

Parents should not let their children drink any alcohol until they are 15, the government said on Thursday after a review of medical evidence.

TheMedGuru - Alcohol’s Close Association with Breast Cancer

While most women are aware that a drink can reduce their risk towards strokes, about 85 percent of them are still grossly unaware of the risks they subject themselves to by consuming as little as even half a glass of wine every day.

Wyoming Tribune (USA) - Early screening can stop drug and alcohol addiction

Early patient intervention offers help before substance use turns into substance abuse.

eTaiwan News (Taiwan) - Gov't working to reduce alcohol abuse among indigenous people

The government will continue promoting its policy to help reduce alcohol abuse among the country's aboriginal people, after initial signs of progress in this area, said officials at the Cabinet-level Council of Indigenous Peoples Sunday.

The Age (Australia) - Alcohol is not safe for under-18s: govt

New federal government guidelines warn that there's no safe alcohol consumption level for teenagers under 18 and that they should delay drinking for as long as possible.

BBC News (India) - India state in alcohol crackdown

The chief minister of the Indian state of Rajasthan has said that the previous state government was wrong to promote "a culture of liquor".

Central Chronicle (India) - Underage drinkers on rise

The drinking age in Delhi has gone down from 28 to 19 years since 1990 and in another 5-7 years this figure may come down to 15 years.

Medical News Today (UK) - UK Government Consults Health Professionals On Youth Alcohol Consumption Guidance

The government is giving key stakeholders and partners, including health professionals, the opportunity to shape guidance published this month on alcohol consumption, for parents of under 18s.

The Publican (UK) - 'Alcohol intake could be a ticking time bomb'

Assuming that you are counting your units properly, what sort of level should ring the alarm bells? If an average-sized man is drinking 35 units a week - that's half a bottle of white wine, or two to three pints of normal-strength beer a day - then he is likely to be doing harm. If he is drinking more than 50 units - the equivalent of five bottles of wine across the week - then it's not a matter of if he is going to come to harm, so much as when. - Gene Variants Increase Risk of Alcohol-Related Cancer

Polymorphisms in two enzymes involved in alcohol metabolism augment the association between alcohol consumption and risk of aerodigestive tract cancers, according to a review published in the February issue of The Lancet Oncology.

Times Online (UK) - Stop kids drinking? Adults are the problem

As a parent of two teenagers I have more than a passing interest in the latest guidance on alcohol from the Department of Health. It suggests avoiding alcoholic drinks altogether before the age of 15, and limiting them to no more than once a week in a supervised environment until the age of 17. (Canada) - Mandatory ignition interlocks for convicted drunk drivers set in motion

Anyone convicted of drinking and driving in B.C. will now have to provide a breath sample before going for a drive.

TVNZ (New Zealand) - Youth drinking policy to be considered

A youth alcohol expert says legislation is the only way to reduce the problem of teenage binge drinking.

CNN - Alcoholism: What you might not know

A recent survey of alcoholism studies in the Lancet suggests that men have more than a 20 percent lifetime risk of developing alcohol-use disorders, while women's risk is 8 to 10 percent.

The News International (Pakistan) - JUI-F set to purge tourism sector of alcohol, immoral acts

The Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F), whose lawmaker was lately put in charge of the Tourism Ministry, plans to ban official availability of liquor and what it calls ‘immoral practices’ by foreign as well as domestic tourists.

Modern Medicine (USA) - Alcohol-Use Disorders Are Common, But Treatable

About one-quarter of individuals with alcohol-use disorders will seek help for their problems, and health care providers should routinely screen for alcohol dependence or abuse, according to a seminar published online Jan. 26 in The Lancet.

Newsroom Finland (Finland) - Finnish gov't sees involuntary treatment of pregnant substance abusers

A Finnish government working group said in a report on Monday that pregnant substance abusers should face involuntary treatment periods ranging between 30 days and the duration of pregnancy.

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