Monday, January 19, 2009

Alcohol News - week 3/2009

MetroNews (Italy) - One for the road? No thanks, says Rome under new rules now in place

The Italian capital is limiting alcohol sales in neighbourhoods famous for their nightlife to tamp down on loud, all-night partying.

The Australian (Australia) - John Della Bosca says some alcohol advertising is hamrful to young

NSW Health Minister John Della Bosca has called for controls over alcohol advertising, saying some are harmful to young drinkers.,25197,24931627-5013871,00.html

Central Florida News 13 - UF Study: Higher Alcohol Tax Leads To Less Drinking

Researchers at the nation's leading party school said they believe they have discovered a proven method to discourage people from drinking. - Socially stable individuals delay seeking help for alcohol problems

People with a stable psychosocial life situation often delay in seeking help for their alcohol problems - even though they are serious.

Daily Telegraph (Australia) - Alcohol firms selling alcopops that technically aren't

DRUG testers in sport continually have to be vigilant due to the sophistication of the drug makers, who frequently modify the chemical make-up of their products so that they fall outside existing legal definitions.,22049,24929162-5001030,00.html

Wall Street Journal (USA) - Officials Tempted By Alcohol Taxes

Politicians in Kentucky and Arkansas in the past week announced proposals to increase taxes on alcoholic beverages, echoing similar efforts in New York and California.

DailyNewsOnline (Tanzania) - How alcohol drinking increases your chances of getting HIV/AIDS

Alcohol is a mind and mood altering substance that has an effect on your brain functioning, your body and ultimately your behaviours. Alcohol is found in beer, wine, spirits, konyagi, local brews and even in chemical cleaners like methylated spirits.

Times of India (India) - Alcoholism, drug abuse are correlated

The average alcohol consumption per person per year in India is around 2.5 litres. "And, with the rising alcohol production in the country, the number of alcoholics is also increasing annually," said Leonard Blumenthal, chairman of the Alcoholics Anonymous' (AA) general service board.

Donga A-Ilbo (South Korea) - Alcoholism Rising Amid Severe Economic Downturn

According to the National Health Insurance Corp., the number of alcoholics increased 23 percent the past two years from 147,886 in 2006 to 171,308 in 2007 and 182,000 last year.

Daily Green - Study: Alcohol Sin Taxes Work

Across the country in the last year, and particularly now that the economy's downward spiral has left states cash-strapped and desperate, governors, legislatures and mayors have proposed or implemented a slew of sin taxes: Just in New York, the city has contemplated a plastic bag tax and the state has considered a soft drink tax dubbed the "obesity tax."

TheMedGuru - Fetal alcohol exposure affects teenage drinking behavior

According to scientists, there is a link between exposure to alcohol in the womb and an attraction to its smell during teenage life.

Sunday Business Post (Ireland) - Sale of Northern alcohol targeted by chambers

People who travel to the North to buy alcohol to sell on are guilty of ‘‘tax evasion’’ and should be dealt with accordingly, said Chambers Ireland, writes Susan Mitchell.

CatererSearch (UK) - Pub closures rise to 39 a week

A record 39 pubs a week closed in the UK over the last six months of 2008, figures revealed today.

News and Observer - Sleuths target online booze

Students between 18 and 20 -- under academic and legal supervision -- will be recruited for a $400,000 study later this year to test how easy it is to order alcohol from the Web., (Hungary) - Survey finds nearly half of Hungarians abstain from drinking

A total of 44 percent of Hungarians never drink alcohol as against the European average of 30 percent, a survey on alcohol consumption carried out in 16 European countries and the U.S. by GfK market research company shows, MTI was told on Thursday.

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