Monday, December 29, 2008

Alcohol News - week 52/2008

BBC News - Young 'ignore alcohol campaigns'

Health campaigns warning of the dangers of alcohol are being ignored by many young people who see binge drinking as acceptable, researchers say. - Regular binge drinking can cause long-term brain damage – study

Just a few sessions of heavy drinking can damage someone's ability to pay attention, remember things and make good judgments, research shows.

Belfast Telegraph (Ireland) - New proposals to lower drink driving levels

Proposals to drastically reduce drivers drinking limits in Northern Ireland are to be unveiled in the near future, it was confirmed today.

Prague Daily Monitor (Czech Republic) - Nearly 3000 violate new Prague alcohol ban in six months

The Prague ban on drinking alcohol in some public areas that took effect on July 7 has been violated by nearly 3000 people on whom the police imposed fines worth some 850,000 crowns in total, Prague police spokeswoman Vilma Castova has told CTK.

AFP (France) - Sour grapes for French wine in 2008

2008 has been all sour grapes for French wine, a once proud symbol of the nation's identity now swirling in a cocktail of alcohol abuse legislation.

GulfNews (United Arab Emirates) - Records show drastic drop in alcohol-related accidents

Alcohol-related cases have come down dramatically during the holiday season this year, usually the peak season for alcohol-related accidents, the Trauma Centre said.

United Press International - Too much beer, wine linked to cancer

Downing a pint of beer or large glass of wine every day increases the risk of liver and bowel cancer, says the World Cancer Research Fund in Britain.

Kyiv Post (Ukraine) - Kyiv restricts places where alcohol, tobacco can be sold

Kyiv municipal council restricted retail sales of liquor beverages and tobacco goods in the capital's outlet chain. This decision was supported Friday by 117 city council deputies, far more than the minimum 61 votes required.

Globe and Mail (Canada) - Beneath a sobering portrait of a province's drinking habits

A new report sounds the alert about B.C.'s rising alcohol consumption, up 8 per cent since 2002. The pressing question now is - Will anyone take action?

Los Angeles Times - Living near alcohol sellers may affect youth drinking

The closer teens live to where alcohol is sold, the greater the seeming risk of binge drinking and driving under the influence.,0,5979962.story

BarKeeper (EU) - EU's tax system on beer - 'disjointed'

The EU’s ‘disjointed’ tax system on beer is fuelling smuggling and harming brewers, according to Beer Pricing in Europe - a Taxing Question, a new in-depth report from Canadean on the tax weight on beer.

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