Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Alcohol News - week 30/2008

International Herald Tribune (UK) - Beer sales at British pubs fall to lowest level since Great Depression

The iconic British pint is fast losing ground as the national drink, with a report out Monday showing beer sales in pubs slumping to their lowest level since the Great Depression.

Malaysia Star (Malaysia) - Beer and stout industry to face tougher times

Breweries in Malaysia have cautioned that the RM4.77bil beer and stout industry faces more taxing times if excise duties are increased further.

Kamcity (Norway) - Liquor Can Now Be Bought By Credit Card

The Norwegian government has relaxed its rules on the sale of liquor, and is now allowing the use of credit cards as a payment method.

Science Daily - Deaths From Combining Rx Drugs, Street Drugs And/Or Alcohol Skyrocket By More Than 3,000 Percent

Asking patients to monitor their own medications can be fatal, as exemplified by the recent death of actor Heath Ledger. In the first large-scale study of home medication consumption, sociologists at the University of California, San Diego have found a 3,196 percent increase in fatal domestic medication errors involving alcohol and/or street drugs.

The Age (Australia) - Why would you listen to alcohol lobbyists on health issues?

THE liquor industry's reaction to the increase in the alcopop taxation has been loud, vitriolic and uncompromising. More than that, the debate on alcohol taxation has given an interesting insight into the power and influence of the liquor industry. (UK) - Police want to outlaw happy hours, as pubs rip up good behaviour code

Police chiefs have called for the ministers to bring in laws that outlaw happy hours, after pubs and clubs said that a current voluntary scheme was unworkable.,-as-pubs-rip-up-good-behaviour-code.html

Thanh Nien Daily (Vietnam) - New requirements for alcohol traders

Businesses that want to trade imported or locally-made alcohol in Vietnam must show they have a business relationship with established producers or related agencies, a new Ministry of Industry and Trade circular said.

Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Govt to unify laws on alcohol to minors

The federal government plans to unify laws across all states and territories to control the supply of alcohol to minors.

Genetic Engineering News (USA) - Survey of Hispanics and alcohol dependence

A large survey conducted by researchers at The University of Texas School of Public Health Dallas Regional Campus, which examined alcohol abuse and dependence among Hispanic male populations in the United States, will be expanded to Mexican males living along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Dallas Morning News - 'Drink' by Iain Gately: fascinating facts about the history of alcohol

It looks ... quirkier, driven more by random appetites than by rational self-interest. How else to explain the energy and ingenuity we human beings have poured into finding, distilling, mixing and quaffing a substance that makes us behave so strangely?

Times Online (UK) - Health chiefs call for ban on alcohol happy hours and extra-large glasses

Pubs and clubs will be forced to tackle Britain's so-called “booze culture” with bans on happy hours, discount drinks and extra-large glasses of wine under government plans.

Telegraph (UK) - Cheap alcohol is fuelling binge drinking, study says

The research, carried out by Sheffield University, examined the impact of cheap supermarket deals on beer, wine and spirits and identified a link with binge drinking.,-study-says.html

Washington Post - Family Meals Can Help Teen Girls Avoid Drugs, Alcohol

Eating meals together as a family can reduce a teen girl's risk of turning to alcohol or drugs, a new study suggests.

San Francisco Chronicle (USA) - State pays billions a year for alcohol problems

Alcohol problems cost California $38 billion a year in deaths, injury, health care expenditures, lost productivity in the workplace, crime, and pain and suffering, according to a summary released Wednesday of an upcoming study by an alcohol-industry watchdog group.

Medical News Today - Why The Alcopop Tax Is Working - Australian Drug Foundation

The Australian Drug Foundation (ADF) took aim at the liquor lobby for misleading the public about the Federal Government's tax increase on ready-to-drink beverages (RTDs).

Reuters UK - Internet, alcohol and sleep tied to girls' weight

Girls and young women who devote much time to the Internet, get too little sleep or regularly drink alcohol are more likely than their peers to put on excess weight, a new study suggests.

Washington Post - Alcohol Use Frequently Overlooked Before Surgery

Alcohol use disorders (AUDs) are frequently overlooked in patients undergoing surgery, say German researchers who studied 1,556 surgical patients.

Moscow News (Russia) - Mobile Users ‘Hunt’ Alcohol Vendors

Officials in southern Russia's Krasnodar region have come up with a novel way to fight underage drinking - have underage customers report alcohol vendors. A local ad is encouraging youngsters - with the help of their mobile phones - to record vendors selling alcohol to underage customers. The reward: 100 rubles.

Irish Times (Ireland) - Ahern signs order for new alcohol laws

Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern today signed the order to allow new restrictions on alcohol sales to come into force from next week.

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