Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Alcohol News - 26/2017

Independent (Ireland) - Drink driving is getting worse: alcohol factor in 38pc fatal crashes
DRINK-driving is getting worse. April this year was the worst month for drink-driving offences in five years. Alcohol is a contributory factor in 38pc of all fatal crashes. This is a real crisis. All over the country, we're asking ourselves, "How did this happen? How did this become normal?"
MinuteHack - Marketing Alcohol: From Baby Boomers To Generation Z
There was a time when each new generation of legal drinkers signalled a fresh opportunity; marketers looked at loyal older customers living longer lives, then at the new arrivals and rubbed their hands with glee.
Madhyamam (India) - Drunk drivers are like suicide bombers: Court
Drunken drivers are no less than "suicide bombers", a sessions court has said while refusing to show leniency to such a person by upholding his five-day jail term.
New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Underage teens' access to alcohol becoming 'out of control' in Dunedin
Dunedin police are investigating further allegations of sober drivers peddling alcohol to underage teens, as more parents come forward with concerns. (Canada) - Vancouver restaurants may have to list alcohol percentages on menus
The City of Vancouver wants restaurants and bars to start listing the alcohol percentages of drinks on their menus, but an industry group isn't exactly toasting the idea.
BBC News (Wales) - Minimum alcohol pricing for Wales back on table
Plans to introduce a new law setting a minimum price for alcohol in Wales could be revived by the Welsh Government.
Herald Sun (Australia) - Aussie drinking habits revealed in alcohol consumption report
BEER drinkers are most brand loyal, our taste for wine improves with age, and Baby Boomers are the biggest boozers, a report has found.
CTV News (Canada) - Report shows thousands hospitalized due to harmful consumption of alcohol
A new study shows there are more hospitalizations for alcohol consumption than for heart attacks and thousands of Canadians have been admitted for alcohol-related conditions over the last few years.
NIT - Study confirms long-term foetal alcohol effects
Children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder caused by their mothers drinking alcohol during pregnancy are more likely to fail at school, talk about killing themselves and have problems paying attention.
NDTV - Beware! Excessive Boozing May Make You Age Fast, Warn Experts
Lots have been said and researched about the harmful effects of excessive alcohol consumption by experts from across the globe. (Ireland) - 'Our children's television viewing is bombarded with the thrills and spills of alcohol'
MANY PARENTS WHO have enjoyed raising their families may well have encountered a time when their child invented an imaginary friend. This is certainly not unusual and is widely regarded as a routine part of normal childhood development.
Washington Post - Even moderate drinking causes atrophy in brain area related to memory, learning
Popular belief, backed up by various studies, holds that a moderate amount of alcohol can be good for your heart. Might it have a similar effect on your brain?
The Times (Scotland) - MacAskill calls for new steps to beat scourge of alcohol
Scots should only be allowed to buy supermarket alcohol via separate tills and fewer outlets should be permitted to sell drink in an effort to denormalise a habit causing 22 deaths a week, says a former justice minister.
The Hippocratic Post (UK) - A&E departments failing young people with alcohol problems
Nine of out of ten Accident and Emergency (A&E) departments are failing to identify young people with alcohol problems, preventing them from getting the vital help they need, according to a recent study published in the Emergency Medical Journal.
Olive Press (Spain) - Alcohol and drug checkpoints increased on Spain’s roads this weekend
SPAIN is to see an increase in alcohol and drug checkpoints on its roads this weekend. Checkpoints will be especially increased on conventional roads and roads with a high incident rate.
The Conversation AU (Australia) - Paramedics treating more young women for alcohol intoxication than men
More young people are needing emergency assistance for alcohol intoxication than in previous years, new data from Western Australia show.
Medical Xpress - Important role of GPs in reducing alcohol-related harms
Two new reports launched at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh on 22 June 2017, involving the University of Stirling, highlight the important role that GPs have in raising the issue of alcohol use in GP consultations.

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