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Alcohol News - 27/2017

MedicalXpress (Europe) - Alcohol consumption putting vast majority of Europeans at risk of digestive cancers
Citizens across the EU are consuming an average of 2 alcoholic drinks per day, placing drinkers at a 21% increased risk of developing colorectal cancer, in addition to other digestive cancers, a report finds.
United European Gastroenterology report - Read more
Hürriyet (Turkey) - Turkey adds 7.8 percent tax to alcoholic beverages, further price hikes expected
An additional 7.8 percent special consumption tax has been added for alcoholic beverages in July, automatically in line with Turkey’s producer price index in the first half of the year.
Moneyish (USA) - Americans spend $1 billion on alcohol alone on Independence Day
But for most Americans, the holiday weekend doesn’t include large inflatable slides with water features or red, white and blue outfits for every hour of the day. Still, we’re a nation that knows how to make the most out of the long weekend. (New Zealand) - Gareth Morgan's TOP wants to raise alcohol purchase age to 20
Gareth Morgan wants to raise the alcohol age to 20 and increase the price of booze. Morgan released his The Opportunities Party (TOP) policy on alcohol on Tuesday morning.
Vox (USA) - The Fourth of July is one of the deadliest days for drunk driving
As Americans toast to Independence Day this Fourth of July, there’s another side to the celebrations they may want to avoid: death.
Daily Mail - Enjoy a skinful? It could be why you get eczema: Experts say abstaining from alcohol may be the way to tackle the condition in some adults
Abstinence from alcohol may be a new way to tackle eczema in some adults, according to experts who have found that up to one in three people attending clinics for severe cases of the skin problem drink an unhealthy amount. - Age-related diseases and alcohol link - how drinking is REALLY affecting you
ALCOHOL can put people at greater risk of age-related diseases including dementia, heart disease and even diabetes, and now experts understand why.
ERR News (Estonia) - Supreme Court: Faster hike in alcohol excise duty not unconstitutional
The Supreme Court of Estonia found that the legislative body's decision to increase the excise duty on beer and cider faster than planned was not unconstitutional.
Magnoliareporter (USA) - Operation Dry Water seeks to keep alcohol and drug abuse off waterwaters
Wildlife officers throughout Arkansas and the United States are gearing up for Operation Dry Water – a weekend of increased enforcement throughout the nation to prevent instances of boating under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
the Irish News (Northern Ireland) - One in four Northern Ireland teens sold alcohol without ID checks
RETAILERS in Northern Ireland were caught selling alcohol to one in four teenage mystery shoppers last year without asking for ID.
Los Angeles Times - Alcohol, sex and consent: Add TV cameras and the 'Bachelor in Paradise' party gets complicated
Before the cameras even started rolling, Chad Johnson was drunk. Not tipsy; hammered. By the time production on “Bachelor in Paradise” kicked off at 11 a.m. in Sayulita, Mexico, the reality star had already taken seven shots of Jack Daniel’s whiskey and downed a whole bottle of wine.
Western Telegraph (Wales) - Plan to introduce a minimum price for alcohol units
THE Welsh Government plans to introduce legislation to reduce cut-price alcohol sales with the introduction of a minimum unit cost.
The Conversation AU - Doctors and nurses can’t always tell if someone’s drunk or on drugs, and misdiagnosis can be dangerous
Bob has arrived at the emergency department at 10am on a Tuesday after breaking several fingers slamming his hand in a car door. Bob is quite anxious; he speaks quickly and paces around.
ABC Online (Australia) - Communities losing ground in war against liquor giants: experts
More than three quarters of court cases where local communities are against big alcohol stores being built are being thrown out because judges do not have to consider the health impacts of planning decisions.
The Guardian (Australia) - Tackling alcohol in remote areas: communities plead for local control
Alcohol, it does have a ripple effect, it’s one person who goes out drinking but there might be 10 or 12 people living in that same house,” says Melanie Rarrtjiwuy Herdman in the north-east Arnhem Land community of Yirrkala.
The Moscow Times (Russia) - New Law Simplifying Alcohol Sales Comes Into Effect
Starting July 4, Russian retailers can now accept drivers licenses and Fan IDs, an identification document for spectators at the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup or the 2018 World Cup, from individuals who wish to purchase alcohol, the Kommersant newspaper reported.
Herald Palladium (USA) - Michigan pays a high tab for excessive drinking
Some sobering facts about alcohol consumption in Michigan: 20 percent of adults fit the definition of being excessive drinkers, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
New Zealand Herald - Campaigns like Dry July can work, but not for everyone
Dry July annual campaign to raise funds for people affected by cancer has begun and thousands have pledged to abstain for the month.
The Standard (Kenya) - Contain the rising levels of alcoholism
Authorities have not done enough to help contain the hopeless case of alcoholism in Kiambu County if results of a baseline survey on drug abuse are anything to go by. The county still has the highest levels of alcoholism in the country.

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