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Alcohol News - 20/2017 - Alcohol may change personality less than we think, say researchers
In a study published in Clinical Psychological Science, people typically reported a personality change between their sober and drunken state, yet observers watching from the outside noticed less of a change, with the only exception being increased extraversion among drinkers.
National Institutes of Health (USA) - Study finds tens of millions of Americans drink alcohol at dangerously high levels
Nearly 32 million adults in the United States (13 percent of the U.S. population aged 18 and older) consumed more than twice the number of drinks considered binge drinking on at least one occasion, according to a 2013 survey that asked about past-year drinking.
Riverine Herald - Alcohol linked to cancer return
Drinking as little as little 6g of alcohol a day — less than one standard drink — may increase the risk of breast cancer returning for survivors of the disease.
Dublin Live (Ireland) - Events company apologises after furious parents lash underage party
A company specialising in promoting events for underage school children has apologised after being accused of promoting the use of alcohol and drugs on its Facebook page.
The Scotsman (Scotland) - New alcohol laws set to slash Scots underage drinking
GIVING or serving alcohol to a child or young person in a public place is now an offence in Scotland after new laws were introduced.
Medical Xpress - How harmful is alcohol for the adolescent brain?
Under 18, no alcohol. In spite of this slogan, adolescents still have access to alcohol. But how harmful is that one beer for the adolescent brain? Research, including in Leiden, may provide the answer.
HuffPost UK - Don’t Be Under Any Illusions About Mental Health And Alcohol
Although alcohol can temporarily reduce symptoms of social anxiety - which is the reason many turn to it - it is usually only a temporary fix, and can increase symptoms of anxiety, irritability, or depression just a few hours later. - Study finds link between socioeconomic status and harm from alcohol consumption
Drinking heavily is disproportionately harmful for the poorest in society, with a greater risk of dying or becoming ill due to alcohol consumption. (Ireland) - Irish consume the most alcohol in Europe, study confirms
Because people in different countries drink different types of alcohol, precisely calculating consumption can be difficult. But researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology developed a novel questionnaire to account for regional differences.
The Advertiser (Australia) - Push to ban 24-hour sale of alcohol rejected by SA Opposition
A PUSH by the State Government to force pubs and clubs to stop selling liquor for at least three hours a day will face opposition from the Liberal Party.
The Economist (Scotland) - How Scotland kicked its drink problem
ON A Monday night the Grove, a pub in Glasgow’s West End, is quiet. A small bevy of old-timers clutch pints around the bar. The barmen are surprised to hear that fewer of their countrymen are dying of drink.
Baltic Times (Baltics) - Baltic countries agree on alcohol policy cooperation
Baltic health ministries at a meeting in Vilnius on Tuesday agreed on common plans for developing alcohol, tobacco and healthy eating policies, which include exchanging information and experiences related to imposing of restrictions on the accessibility of alcohol, equalization of tobacco products and engaging in cooperation with the food industry.

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FASD News - 19/2017

WHO Bulletin - Counting the costs of drinking alcohol during pregnancy
Researchers are starting to shed light on the true extent of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. Svetlana Popova talks to Fiona Fleck.
Fairview Post - Drumming for prevention and support for FASD
NW FASD and the City of Grande Prairie Community Social Development presented a session on drumming and conversation about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) in the New to You Thrift Store basement May 3.
Canada NewsWire (Canada) - Public Health Agency of Canada investing in projects to address Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can result in a baby being born with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), which includes a range of physical, mental or behavioural difficulties that last a lifetime. No amount of alcohol is safe during pregnancy. (USA) - Results are in from study that put pregnancy tests in bars
A two year experiment that brought Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder education and pregnancy tests to bar bathrooms in Alaska stopped some women from drinking. That conclusion comes from researchers with the University of Alaska Anchorage Institute for Circumpolar Health Studies.
The Western Cape Social Development Department has launched a programme in the Hex River Valley area to target the high number of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) cases. (New Zealand) - Teenage murderer denied sentence appeal over concerns he has FASD
A teenage killer has failed to get his jail term reduced after his lawyer argued his Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder (FASD) was a mitigating factor in his sentencing.
Valley Courier - Amarah's Corner: Doctor shares effects of alcohol, opiates on babies
Does drinking alcohol during pregnancy harm a baby? Prenatal exposure to alcohol can damage the developing fetus and it is the leading preventable cause of birth defects, intellectual delays and disabilities.
Southgate News Herald - Motherhood requires sacrifice for benefit of the child; avoid alcohol, tobacco and drugs during pregnancy
Mother’s Day is a day when we can appreciate every mother figure in our lives. Being a mother is a very important responsibility and it requires sacrifice for the benefit of the child.
Advocate Daily - FASD should be considered at all stages of criminal justice system
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) is a significant issue in the criminal justice system — but instead of unnecessary blanket amendments that focus on the sentencing stage, reforms should aim for better treatment and policies throughout the legal process, Toronto criminal and civil litigator Laurelly Dale writes in The Lawyers Weekly.
VICE (Canada) - The invisible disability caught in Canada’s prison system
It’s just one of the many problems that people with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) face in the criminal justice system due to difficulties with impulse control, learning from mistakes and understanding complex instructions or abstract concepts of cause and effect.
MJA InSight - Zika prep confirms microcephaly and FASD link
A LANDMARK 25-year study into the baseline rate of microcephaly in Australia has confirmed an important link between the neurological condition and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).

Alexandra Pfleging - Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Webinar
PreventionInstitute1 - FASD: Let's move from shame to blame, to support and care
“My mom loved me.” When talking about FASD, there is often shame and blame. That does not help anyone. The best way to help moms and people living with FASD is to provide support and understanding.
Professionals without Parachutes - Supporting Individuals with FASD
A PD resource created in collaboration with Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium and Professionals without Parachutes. Video 1 of 3 explores the effects of alcohol on the developing brain.
CanFASD - Kelly Coons interview
FASD Forever's Jeff Noble interviews FASD researcher Kelly Coons at the 7th International Conference on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in Vancouver for Canada FASD Research Network.

Neurology - The role of genetics in ethanol-induced cell death in the forebrain and brainstem
Our research aim is to identify the genes responsible for the underlying molecular mechanisms mediating apoptotic cell death in the developing central nervous system following prenatal alcohol exposure in a mouse model.
The Lancet - Unreliable estimation of prevalence of fetal alcohol syndrome
We thank Katrine Strandberg-Larsen and colleagues from Denmark and Simona Pichini and colleagues from Italy for their comments on our paper. Both comments underline the immense interest in the related public health problems of alcohol use during pregnancy and fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS).
The FASEB Journal - Transcriptional & Translational Effects of Developmental Ethanol on Thyroid Function of Zebrafish
Hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid (HPT) axis is critical for fetal growth and development especially within the central nervous system. Disruption of neonatal thyroid function such as congenital hypothyroidism may lead to cognitive and physical disorders if untreated.
Acta Physiologica - Neurological and Neuropsychological Effects of Low and Moderate Prenatal Alcohol Exposure
Several explanations for the diverse results in research on Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) or Alcohol-Related Neuro-developmental Disorder (ARND) might be at hand: timing, amount and patterns of alcohol exposure, as well as complex epigenetic responses.
Psychiatry, Psychology and Law - Putting Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) on the Map in New Zealand: A Review of Health, Social, Political, Justice and Cultural Developments
The damaging effects of alcohol intake have long been recognised as an issue for New Zealand society since the introduction of alcohol by early settlers.
Alcohol - Interactions of early-life stress and prenatal alcohol exposure on executive control
There is growing consensus that moderate alcohol intake during pregnancy can lead to lasting cognitive impairments. These impairments, categorized as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) are characterized by deficits in working memory, response inhibition, and behavioral flexibility.
Neurotoxicology and Teratology - Deficits in spatial learning and memory in adult mice following acute, low or moderate levels of prenatal ethanol exposure during gastrulation or neurulation
Debate continues on the merits of strictly limiting alcohol consumption during all of pregnancy, and whether “safe” consumption levels and/or times exist.
Forensic Scholars Today - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) in Detoxification Centers: A Call on Withdrawal Management Professionals to Become FASD-Informed
This article explores the challenges associated with identifying and diagnosing fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) in detoxification centers throughout the United States.
Alcohol - Genome-wide profiling of differentially spliced mRNAs in human fetal cortical tissue exposed to alcohol
Excessive alcohol consumption results in significant changes in gene expression and isoforms due to altered mRNA splicing. As such, an intriguing possibility is that disturbances in alternative splicing are involved in key pathological pathways triggered by alcohol exposure.
Alcohol - Prenatal alcohol exposure: Fetal programming, alcohol-stress interactions, and sex differences in outcome
BMJ - Maternal alcohol disorders and school achievement: a population cohort record linkage study in Western Australia
Children of mothers with alcohol use disorders are at risk of not meeting minimum educational benchmarks in numeracy and literacy, with the risk highest among Indigenous children.
Clinical Epigenetics - Associations between maternal risk factors of adverse pregnancy and birth outcomes and the offspring epigenetic clock of gestational age at birth
A recent study has shown that it is possible to accurately estimate gestational age (GA) at birth from the DNA methylation (DNAm) of fetal umbilical cord blood/newborn blood spots.
J Dev Behav Pediatr - Comorbid Mental Disorders in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: A Systematic Review.
Increased rates of mental disorders in people with FASD are commonly reported. Mental health providers should routinely consider FASD in the diagnosis and management of mental illness and developmental disorders.

kobinet-nachrichten (Germany) - Einheitliches Verfahren bei Behindertenausweisen
"Das grundlegende Problem liegt darin, dass das Fetale Alkoholsyndrom nicht als eigene Kategorie in der Versorgungsmedizin-Verordnung aufgeführt ist. Das führt dazu, dass keine einheitliche Begutachtung stattfindet, sondern die körperlichen und geistigen Funktionsstörungen einzeln bewertet werden", so der CDU-Bundestagsabgeordnete und ehemalige Behindertenbeauftragte der Bundesregierung Hubert Hüppe.
Huis aan Huis (Netherlands) - ‘Je snapt het pas met een FASD-pas’
Mensen met het Foetaal Alcohol Syndroom (FAS) kunnen zich binnenkort identificeren als FAS-patiënt, om het dagelijkse leven zo een stuk eenvoudiger te maken. In Hardegarijp werd woensdag de eerste landelijke FASD*-pas uitgereikt door voormalig Tweede Kamerlid Lutz Jacobi.

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Alcohol News - 19/2017

Smithsonian - From Budweiser to Heineken, Alcohol Brands Are Rampant in Hollywood Films
This kind of scene is no accident, contends new research being presented Tuesday at the 2017 annual Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting. Alcohol brand placement has nearly doubled over the past two decades, the authors find, and most of that is likely paid product placement.
EURACTIV (Lithuania) - Lithuania’s new alcohol package raises eyebrows in industry
The Lithuanian government has unveiled new policy measures aimed at tackling alcohol-related harm, including increasing the legal age for buying and consuming alcoholic drinks.
The Guardian (UK) - More than a quarter of young adults in the UK do not drink alcohol – in data
Young adults in the UK are more likely to be teetotallers than their older counterparts, according to figures released this week. More than a quarter of 16- to 24-year-olds do not drink, compared with just over a fifth of the broader adult population.
The Independent (UK) - Number of Britons regularly drinking alcohol drops to 12-year low
Booze Britain has lost some of its fizz, according to new figures, which show drinking levels have fallen to their lowest in more than a decade.
VICE - Ten Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Recovering Alcoholic
Alcohol is all fun and games until it's not anymore. It's clear that heavy drinking damages your insides—and possibly some relationships and bar stools. But much more can be destroyed when people start to become dependent on alcohol—which the NHS estimates in the UK is about 9 percent of men and 4 percent of women.
The Guardian (Australia) - Five alcohol companies paid no corporate tax for two years, analysis reveals
An analysis of the 13 largest foreign and Australian-owned alcohol producers shows five paid no corporate tax in 2013-14 and 2014-15, while two paid well below the statutory rate of 30%.
Daily Mail - Drinking just HALF a bottle of wine a week may increase the risk of breast cancer recurrence in women
Drinking just half a bottle of wine a week may increase the risk of breast cancer returning for survivors of the disease, a new study has found.
New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Calls to ban alcohol sponsorship in sport
Researchers are calling for a ban of alcohol sponsorship in sport after a study found audiences were exposed to a high frequency of alcohol marketing during sport broadcasts.
Irish Times (Ireland) - More than half of suicides linked to alcohol, all-Ireland forum told
More than half of all suicides on the island of Ireland are likely to involve alcohol, a forum on alcohol, self-harm and suicide was told on Wednesday.
BBC Sport (UK) - FA 'considering' relationship with gambling and alcohol firms - Greg Clarke
The Football Association is "considering" its relationship with gambling firms and alcohol companies, says the governing body's chairman. (Canada) - Health Canada surveys drinkers in Yukon and N.W.T.
Health Canada is funding a new study that will attempt to shed light on drinking habits in the North, and what people know and believe about booze.
The Daily Vox (South Africa) - An Alcohol Advertising Ban Could Improve Public Healthcare
In the first part of this series we looked at how little legislation regulating alcohol advertising there is, and how the industry has been left to regulate itself. Muhammad Zakaria Suleman asks whether self-regulation is enough or whether alcohol advertising should be banned.
NH1 News (USA) - Report: Drug and alcohol misuse cost NH over $2.3 billion annually
The report, released Monday morning by the group New Futures, estimates that drug and alcohol misuse cost New Hampshire economy more than $2.36 billion in 2014. That’s equal to $1,780 for every person in the state, and it’s equal to 3.32% of New Hampshire’s annual gross product, according to the report. (Australia) - Northern beaches health: Data reveals we have risky drinkers and high breast cancer deaths
NEW health statistics reveal that although we are pretty healthy on the northern beaches, we drink too much and there is a worryingly high number of people dying from breast cancer.
TRBusiness (UK) - Airlines UK calls for action on big issues including alcohol
The UK industry association Airlines UK has set out several issues it wants any newly-elected UK Government to address after net month’s election, including criminalising passenger consumption of personal alcohol brought onboard as duty free or travel retail purchases.
eMaxHealth - Alcohol May Increase Risk of Skin Condition in Women
Drinking alcohol has a number of effects on the body that can impact the skin, says a board-certified dermatologist.

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Alcohol News - 18/2017

Vice (Norway) - Norway Is Ultra-Restrictive on Buying Booze, and People Like It
Where can you buy a bottle of wine in Norway on a Friday night? Trick question: You can't, because the Wine Monopoly closes at 6 pm. You can pick up a six-pack of beer at the supermarket, but only until 8. On Saturdays, the cutoff for buying booze is even earlier—3 pm—and then you're out of luck until Monday morning.
The Times (UK) - Girls and young women are most likely to go binge drinking
Young women have emerged as the group most likely to indulge in binge drinking, despite lower overall levels of alcohol consumption among the young.
Reuters - African American women not immune to alcohol-breast cancer link
Having more than one alcoholic drink a day has long been linked to increased breast cancer risk in studies involving mostly white women, but new U.S. research finds similar risk increases among black women. (Canada) - Canadians spent $22.1B on alcohol last year, StatsCan says
Canada remains a nation of beer lovers, but wine and spirits are becoming almost as popular as brew.
Radio New Zealand (New Zealand) - Wellington police and health warned by alcohol authority
Police and health officials have been told to stop challenging liquor licensing applications just because they failed to negotiate earlier closing times for Wellington's bars.
Washington Post (USA) - Montgomery County to begin carding anyone purchasing alcohol
County officials in Maryland have announced a new policy for buying alcohol. WRC-TV of Washington reports ( ) officials in the county north of the U.S. capital announced anyone purchasing alcohol will soon be carded regardless of how old they look.
Science Daily - Link between alcohol consumption, cardiac arrhythmias found in drinkers at the Munich Octoberfest
Researchers who studied beer drinkers at the Munich Octoberfest have found that the more alcohol consumed the higher was the likelihood of developing abnormal heart rhythms called cardiac arrhythmias.
vestnik kavkaza (Turkey) - Turkey’s Antalya authorities issue alcohol ban
The Antalya police department issued a ban on alcohol consumption in outdoor locations on possibilities that drinking could cause “disturbance” to the surrounding. (Australia) - Australia’s drinking culture exposed in national report
ABOUT a million Australian children are harmed as a result of their carer’s drinking, a report on the nation’s relationship with alcohol shows.
Daily Mail (UK) - Six mothers of babies with fetal alcohol syndrome reveal the agony of being branded alcoholics - while struggling to cope with their child's severe behavioral disability
When Natyra Teske was 18 years old, she found out she was eight weeks pregnant. Still in high school in Alberta, Canada, she and her boyfriend were shocked and nervous - but excited.
The Conversation UK - Football’s unholy alliance with alcohol sends a dangerous message to young people
Last year, as 24 football-mad nations across Europe cheered on their heroes, and Portugal battled their way to UEFA Euro 2016 glory, do you remember seeing any alcohol marketing pitch-side?
Winchester Herald Chronicle (USA) - Drunk driving is still the biggest killer on our roads
In response to recent reports regarding an increase in drug impaired driving, Mothers Against Drunk Driving wants to remind the public that drunk driving is still the biggest cause of traffic deaths and injuries in the nation.
TVNZ (New Zealand) - Call for ban on alcohol sponsorship of sport after young women revealed as NZ's most extreme drinkers
New research showing young women in their twenties are the most extreme group of Kiwi drinkers has sparked a call for alcohol sponsorship of sport to be banned and taxes to be slapped on all alcohol beverages.
Sunderland Echo (UK) - Cheap booze is easier than ever to get in poor areas
Cheap alcohol is easier than ever to buy despite the dramatic surge in pub closures - especially in deprived areas.
Herald Sun (Australia) - PARTY program: Real-life horror stories drum home dangers of alcohol and drug misuse
A PROGRAM to confront high school students with real-life horror stories in our hospitals is being expanded to drum home the dangers of drug and ­alcohol misuse.

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FASD News - 17/2017

Around the O - Warning labels about drinking while pregnant are working
The paper, published in the Journal of Health Economics, took a deep dive into extensive federal data to probe behavioral changes that likely resulted from point-of-sale warning signs urging women who are pregnant to avoid alcohol.
Independent (Ireland) - 'Adults with foetal alcohol syndrome fill our jails' - doctor calls for more education on drinking while pregnant
More education on the dangers of drinking while pregnant is needed a leading doctor has said, as an estimated 600 babies are born with foetal alcohol syndrome in Ireland each year.
WindSpeaker - Understanding FASD as important as preventing it, says councillor
Empathy and education are two key factors that will make a difference with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), says Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation Councillor Erwin “Dino” Letendre.
Daily Mail (UK) - 'I stopped drinking at 8 weeks pregnant': Six mothers of babies with foetal alcohol syndrome reveal the agony of being branded alcoholics - while struggling to cope with their child's severe behavioural disability
When Natyra Teske was 18 years old, she found out she was eight weeks pregnant. Still in high school in Alberta, Canada, she and her boyfriend were shocked and nervous - but excited.
Futurity: Research News - Intervention for kids with FASD helps parents most
When children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) receive a multi-component intervention, both the children and their parents see the benefits, a new pilot study suggests.
New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - High price for drinking when pregnant
Families and caregivers struggling to cope with young people affected by foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) gathered in Whangarei recently to learn more about the disorder, to share their experiences and call for help.
Read more
South China Morning Post - How binge drinking – even if you stop before you’re pregnant – can harm your baby’s life chances
Most expecting parents have heard of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), which covers a group of conditions that can occur in a person whose mother drank alcohol during pregnancy.
Times Square Chronicles - The Sad Reality of Being Pregnant and Addicted
It is a phenomenon that for many years has not received the much needed attention. Alcohol and substance abuse among pregnant mothers has now become a great spark for controversy in legal and health circles.

AlcoholFreePregnancy - Preventing Secondary Conditions in People with FASD - NOFAS Webinar
People with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) are at increased risk for developing secondary conditions, such as mental health problems, school disruption, trouble with the law, and substance use. Rates of these problems increase in adolescence and adulthood. Secondary conditions are stressful and can be devastating for people with FASD and their families. The outlook can look bleak, and yet, there is hope!
Brianna Carr - Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Y360 - I was a nobody. Skip’s Story. YWAM SF DTS.
Even though fetal alcohol syndrome predicted a life of failure, Skip overcomes his disadvantage through love and pursuing his dreams.

Disability Rights California - Representing Children with FASD: From Foster Care to Juvenile Court (June 22, USA)
Come hear from nationally recognized experts on how prenatal alcohol exposure affects individuals in the juvenile justice system.

PLOS One - Ethanol itself is a holoprosencephaly-inducing teratogen
Mechanisms of ethanol teratogenicity in specific defects are not well understood. Oxidative metabolism of ethanol by alcohol dehydrogenase or cytochrome P450 2E1 has been implicated in some of ethanol’s teratogenic effects, either via production of acetaldehyde or competitive inhibition of retinoic acid synthesis.
Midwifery - Exploration of dietary patterns and alcohol consumption in pregnant women in the UK: A mixed methods study
Those who drink low levels of alcohol during pregnancy may have better quality diets compared to women who report no alcohol consumption.
Alcoholism - Findings from the Families on Track intervention pilot trial for children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders and their families
Individuals with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) are at high risk for costly, debilitating mental health problems and secondary conditions, such as school disruption, trouble with the law, and substance use.
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) are a spectrum of anatomical, developmental and neurobehavioral impairments resulting from ethanol (ETOH) exposure during fetal development.
Journal of Social Work Practice in the Addictions - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: An Interview with Dr. Shauna Acquavita, Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati
Int J Neurol Brain Disord - Potential Contributions of the Tobacco Nicotine-Derived Nitrosamine Ketone to White Matter Molecular Pathology in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) is associated with long-term deficits in cognitive and motor functions. Previous studies linked neurodevelopmental abnormalities to increased oxidative stress and white matter hypotrophy.
Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics - Comorbid Mental Disorders in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: A Systematic Review
A systematic review of published literature to estimate prevalence of comorbid mental disorders in fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs) and compare with general population prevalence estimates.
Toxicology Letters - Ethylglucuronide in the urine as a marker of alcohol consumption during pregnancy: comparison with four alcohol screening questionnaires
Ethyl glucuronide (EtG) is an ethanol metabolite and EtG is used as a biomarker of alcohol drinking. EtG can be detected in the blood and in several biological matrices including urine, hair and nails.
Addictive Behaviors Reports - Alcohol reduction in the first trimester is unrelated to smoking, patient or pregnancy characteristics
The current investigation compares women's pre-pregnancy and first trimester alcohol consumption, examines if women with problem drinking diminish their alcohol intake during pregnancy, and determines if prenatal alcohol reduction is associated with characteristics of pregnancy, patients or smoking.
Alcoholism - Dietary Patterns and Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy: Secondary Analysis of Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children
Large general population surveys show that heavy regular and episodic alcohol consumption are associated with lower intakes of fruits and vegetables, and higher intakes of processed and fried meat.
American Journal of Preventive Medicine - Preventing Alcohol and Tobacco Exposed Pregnancies: CHOICES Plus in Primary Care
Alcohol and tobacco use are common among U.S. women, yet if used during pregnancy these substances present significant preventable risks to prenatal and perinatal health.
SPIE Proceedings - Prevention of congenital defects induced by prenatal alcohol exposure (Conference Presentation)
Over 500,000 women per year in the United States drink during pregnancy, and 1 in 5 of this population also binge drink. Up to 40% of live-born children with prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) present with congenital heart defects (CHDs) including life-threatening outflow and valvuloseptal anomalies.
Western University - Hippocampal epigenetic changes in a mouse model of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
In this thesis, mice were exposed to ethanol during the third trimester equivalent, the peak of synaptic development. Following this exposure, genome-wide epigenetic and gene expression and changes in the hippocampus were assessed in adult (70 day old) mice.

Školský servis TASR (Slovakia) - Otvorenie vzdelávacieho kurzu - Diagnostika FASD
Pedagogická fakulta Katolíckej univerzity v Ružomberku ako jediný exkluzívny školiteľ v oblasti diagnostiky fetálneho alkoholového syndrómu na Slovensku otvára v októbri 2017 vzdelávací kurz s názvom Diagnostika FASD. (Hungary) - A kortizoltermelés diurnális ritmusának szabályozási zavara prenatális alkoholexpozíciót és kora gyermekkori kedvezőtlen életeseményeket követően
A magzati alkohol spektrum zavarban (FASD, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder) szenvedő gyermekek esetében a prenatális alkoholexpozíció (PAE) egy sor későbbi hatást von maga után, például a központi idegrendszer fejlődésének károsodása folytán központi idegrendszeri zavarokat (pl. értelmi és magatartásproblémák).
Nordwest-Zeitung (Germany) - Wenn werdende Mütter trinken
Der Alkohol schädigt vor allem das zentrale Nervensystem und das Gehirn. Die Folge: Konzentrations- und Lernstörungen oder auch schwere körperliche und geistige Behinderungen.
Wśród Europejek najczęściej w ciąży piją Brytyjki, a najwięcej Włoszki. Co najmniej jedna czwarta pijących ciężarnych Polek wypija nie mniej niż jedno małe piwo w miesiącu. To groźne i dla matki, i dla dziecka! (Germany) - So schädlich ist Alkohol während der Schwangerschaft wirklich
Viele Schwangere wollen nicht auf Alkohol verzichten. Doch dieses Verhalten kann Folgen haben, die für das Kind lebenslanges Leid bedeuten können.
Psychotropes (France) - Un pédiatre nantais « découvreur » du syndrome d’alcoolisation fœtale : le Dr Paul Lemoine (1917-2006)
Paul Lemoine (1917-2006) est réputé avoir décrit en premier le syndrome d’alcoolisation fœtale dans L’Ouest médical en 1968.

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Alcohol News - 17/2017

The West Australian - Graphic WA alcohol risk ad hits hard as more choose to drink less
A graphic WA advertisement depicting alcohol spreading in the bloodstream causing cancer has been named the most powerful for making people cut back on their drinking.
WHO Europe (Italy) - Italy’s Alcohol Prevention Day putting the prevention of alcohol-related harm in focus
Since the 1990s, the Mediterranean countries have been successfully reducing alcohol consumption and related harm. This success has been particularly prominent in Italy, where total adult per capita consumption decreased from 12.4 litres in 1990 to 7.6 litres in 2014.
Russia beyond the headlines (Russia) - Do Russians really drink as much as people think they do?
In 2011, a post featuring funny facts (in Russian) about Russia written by a Canadian English teacher who was living in Moscow began to circulate on the internet. Some of these "facts" were questioned by Russians, such as the statement that they do not say "please" or "thank you," but entry number 17 was not contested by anyone: "Russians drink a lot of vodka. It's not a myth."
BreakingNews (Ireland) - 600 babies born with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome every year
Around 600 babies are born with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome in Ireland each year. The disorder can be caused by drinking during pregnancy and can lead to severe brain dysfunction and development.
Medical Xpress - More prime-time ads could kick drunken driving to the curb
Public service announcements about the dangers of drunken driving could change that – but only if more people see those ads, according to a new Cornell study.
Daily Mail (Australia) - 56 per cent of all alcohol consumed is by people drinking at RISKY levels, according to research
Whether it's a glass of wine to help you unwind at the end of the working day, or meeting for a drink (or three) with friends or colleagues at work, alcohol is a regular fixture for many people around the world.
Kellogg Insight (Russia) - How Drinking Beer Is Saving Russian Lives
The World Health Organization has found that every fifth death among Russian men is due to alcohol abuse. This can come in many forms, such as alcohol poisoning, drunk-driving accidents, or a booze-fueled homicide.
Newsweek (USA) - New York lawmakers debate allowing alcohol in movie theaters
In New York, legislators are again set to debate whether alcoholic beverages should be served in movie theaters, after previous attempts at formal legislation fell apart during state budget negotiations.
Hindustan Times - Cold weather, less sun leads to excessive drinking resulting in alcoholic cirrhosis
New European research has found that those who live in colder and less sunny parts of the world are also more likely to have alcoholic cirrhosis, a disease caused by excessive drinking which results in irreversible scarring of the liver.
Baltic Course (Estonia) - Share of alcohol bought by Estonian residents in Latvia hits 10%
Alcoholic beverages bought in Latvia now account for 10 percent of the total amount of alcohol bought by Estonian residents, up from 6 percent in August 2016, it appears from a poll taken by Kantar Emor in March writes LETA/BNS.
Cyprus Mail (Cyprus) - Draft law suggests raising age to buy alcohol
A draft law on raising the minimum age for buying alcoholic drinks from 17 to 18 years was discussed on Monday by the House interior committee after an EU report found Cyprus students ranked 3rd in Europe in alcohol consumption.
NPR - Binge Drinkers Beware: Study Finds Link Between Alcohol And Heart Arrhythmias
Researchers in Germany have found that getting drunk is associated with abnormal heart rhythms. Their study was conducted in a place teeming with potential research subjects. - White wine WARNING: Drinking the alcohol can cause THIS nasty skin condition
WHITE wine severely increases your risk of developing the nasty skin condition which causes stinging and redness on the face, rosacea.
The West Australian (Australia) - Alcohol violence at peak
Latest crime figures show the disturbing trend of the Kimberley being the most violent police district in WA per head of population is continuing. (New Zealand) - New study confirms NZ's 'ladette' problem drinkers
Alco-pop guzzling young women are the new face of New Zealand's drinking problem, a first-of-its-kind study shows.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Alcohol News - 16/2017

XinhuaNet (Russia) - Alcohol, tobacco consumption falls in 2016 in Russia
Russia recorded a decrease in alcohol and tobacco consumption in 2016, Russian newspaper Izvestiya reported on Monday.
YLE News (Finland) - Children's Helpline fields calls about parental alcohol abuse over Easter holiday
Volunteers from the MLL charity's Helpline service say many children phoned or sent messages about their parents' excessive alcohol use over the four-day Easter weekend in Finland.
Daily Mail (UK) - Would YOU buy alcohol for a pregnant woman? Watch what happens when an 'expectant mother' asks passing strangers to do her a favour by buying her booze
Our MailOnline reporter put on a fake belly to play the part of a young pregnant woman and stood outside a convenience store in London.
Pan American Health Organization (WHO) - Regulating marketing of alcohol can help reduce consumption, harm
Countries can improve public health by regulating the marketing of alcoholic beverages to reduce its consumption and related harms, and the Pan American Health Organization has developed new principles for countries to consider in developing these regulations.
Shepparton News (Australia) - Alcohol and water can be fatal combination
A new study has found alcohol may have contributed to hundreds of men drowning in the past decade. (Australia) - Growing alcohol problem affecting middle-aged women on the northern beaches
NEW figures show a higher number of peninsula women are becoming problem drinkers.
Smithsonian (Ireland) - Ireland May End Its Historic Good Friday Alcohol Ban
Over the years, the ban has inspiring many a crafty guide on scouting out a frothy pint. But fortunately for alcohol enthusiasts, Ireland’s dry Good Friday edict may soon come to an end, Susan Hogan reports for The Washington Post.
Science Daily - Think you can handle your alcohol? Study may urge some drinkers to think again
Heavy drinkers develop behavioral tolerance to alcohol over time on some fine motor tasks, but not on more complex tasks, according to a study led by a Veterans Affairs San Diego Healthcare System researcher.
Paris Post Intelligencer (USA) - Underage drinking is a danger to all
Many people do not refer to alcohol as a drug, however, it most certainly is a drug — a very addictive one. Alcohol is the most widely used substance of abuse among America’s youth. The statistics related to underage drinking are astounding.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Alcohol problems cost €1 in €10 spent on healthcare
It is notable the speed and ease with which legislation is proceeding through the Houses of the Oireachtas that will further increase the availability of alcohol.
Medical Daily - Alcoholism Treatment 2017: Alcohol-Dependent Brains Respond To Booze Differently
Modern medicine is moving toward the idea of personalized care catered to an individual's needs; new research suggests such an approach may work for alcoholism. (Ireland) - Half of the population believes drivers shouldn't be banned for having alcohol in their system
PROPOSALS TO CHANGE Ireland’s drink-driving laws have stirred much debate in Leinster House – and across the country – in recent weeks.
TheHealthSite - World Liver Day: Take good care of your liver to live healthy
According to a report released by World Health Organization (WHO) in May 2014, deaths due to liver diseases in India has reached 2.44% of total deaths.
MCXV (Scotland) - Scotland Must Do More To Turn Tide Of Alcohol Harm
A report published last Wednesday by Alcohol Focus Scotland, BMA Scotland, SHAAP and Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol & Drugs contained a comprehensive set of policies aimed at curbing Scotland’s alcohol problem and addressing the associated health inequalities.
TV NZ (New Zealand) - Alcohol ads teach kids that drinking is 'part of being a good New Zealander', researchers suggest
High rates of alcohol ads played during televised sport could lead children to believe drinking is "part of being a good New Zealander", researchers have suggested.
The College Fix (USA) - Survey finds many Spring Breakers regret having random sex, boozing it up
These are some of the responses from a Project Know survey, which recently asked 889 high school and college students who have taken a spring break trip in the past five years about their activities and regrets.
Harvard Health - Binge drinking continues to rise — particularly among women and seniors
Women usually welcome news that the gender gap in pay or leadership positions is closing. But lately we’ve been learning that women are also gaining parity in another respect: alcohol consumption.
Mail Online (UK) - Special report: Binge drinking
Binge-drinking is getting out of control in Britain. One in four adults in Britain are binge drinkers and the UK recently topped a poll as Europe's heaviest alcohol consumers.
Standard Examiner - Alcohol Awareness Month: How to help a loved one with a drinking problem
April is Alcohol Awareness Month, and the experts have one overriding piece of advice for those who have a loved one dealing with an addition: Above all else, take care of yourself.

Monday, April 17, 2017

FASD News - 15/2017 - Study compares alcohol consumption during pregnancy across European countries
A study among over 7000 women in 11 European countries shows the proportion of women in Europe who drink alcohol when they know they are pregnant is lowest in Norway and highest in the UK.
Emporia Gazette - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders discussed
April is the month of the young child, and to open activities, St. Francis Community Services hosted a workshop on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders for community members.
Newcastle Herald (Australia) - New campaign tackles Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in Hunter's multicultural communities
THE harmful effect of alcohol consumption during pregnancy is the focus of a new prevention campaign targeted at Newcastle’s multicultural communities.
Sioux Falls Argus Leader (USA) - Wanted: An end to health crises killing Native Americans
Fetal alcohol syndrome and higher infant mortality rates plague South Dakota reservations. Shannon County, located on the Pine Ridge reservation, also suffers from higher rates of sexually transmitted diseases, obesity and smoking than the rest of the state, according to county health rankings from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
Policy Options (Canada) - The invisibility of people with developmental disabilities
With the recent federal commitment to increase mental health funding across Canada, we need to turn our attention to people with developmental disabilities – individuals who are currently invisible within Canada’s mental health system. This group has some of the greatest needs for mental health services and supports, yet is rarely acknowledged or targeted in mental health efforts.
ScrollToday (UK) - Drinking during pregnancy? British women drink the most during pregnancy
According to a new survey that was conducted around 11 European countries and included 7,905 women, Britain (28.5 per cent) scored highest in alcohol consumption during pregnancy, followed by Russia (26.5 per cent) and Switzerland (20.9 per cent).
Derry Journal - Women who binge drink BEFORE becoming pregnant ‘more likely’ to have diabetic babies
Women who binge drink before they become pregnant can still harm their babies, warns new research.
US Department of Veteran Affairs (USA) - Alcohol and pregnancy: What women Veterans should know
Increasing numbers of women Veterans of childbearing age are enrolling in VA health care. Consequently, information on optimizing pregnancy outcomes is important for women Veterans, their families, and their providers.

NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY - Epigenetic Mechanisms and Treatments of Fetal Alcohol Exposure-Induced Memory Impairment and Metabolic Dysregulation
In my thesis work, I aimed to identify underlying biological mechanisms of the FAE-induced hippocampus-based cognitive deficits that would lead to identify potential treatment targets to reverse the deficits.
Proceedings of the West Virginia Academy of Science - Alterations in cell cycle progression associated with transcription factor E2F1 in FASD
Phenotypes from alcohol exposure during fetal development, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD), include facial dysmorphology, neurological underdevelopment and cognitive loss.
Proceedings of the West Virginia Academy - Effects of alcohol on Chk2 expression and cellular localization in a model of FASD and adult alcoholism
Fetal alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) are associated with reduced proliferation and loss of large numbers of neural crest stem cells. Previous studies suggest that alcohol increases oxidative stress inducing DNA damage and increasing apoptosis in a p53 independent manor.
Proceedings of the West Virginia Academy - Effects of Alcohol on CHK-1 and Phospho-CHK-1 in Neuronal Stem Cell losses in FASD
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) are associated with changes in proliferation and induced cell losses of neuronal stem cells during development. Alcohol induced oxidative stress has been noted in previous studies to cause chronic genomic instability and DNA damage.
University of British Columbia - Indigenous parents of students with special needs in education : the lived experience
Parents of students with special needs may experience stressors in association with their interaction with the education system. Meetings with multiple professionals can be intimidating, the process of assessment can be confusing, terminology used may be unfamiliar, and realizing their child is having challenges may be upsetting.
Alcoholism - Preventing Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancies: A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Self-Administered Version of Project CHOICES With College Students and Nonstudents
Alcohol-exposed pregnancies (AEPs) are a preventable cause of birth defects and developmental disabilities for which many women are at risk. The initial 5-session Project CHOICES intervention was found to prevent AEPs.
Neuroscience - Neonatal alcohol exposure reduces number of parvalbumin-positive interneurons in the medial prefrontal cortex and impairs passive avoidance acquisition in mice deficits not rescued from exercise
Developmental alcohol exposure causes a host of cognitive and neuroanatomical abnormalities, one of which is impaired executive functioning resulting from medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) damage.
Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry - Harnessing neural stem cells for treating psychiatric symptoms associated with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and epilepsy
Brain insults with progressive neurodegeneration are inherent in pathological symptoms that represent many psychiatric illnesses. Neural network disruptions characterized by impaired neurogenesis have been recognized to precede, accompany, and possibly even exacerbate the evolution and progression of symptoms of psychiatric disorders.
British Journal of Music Therapy - Music therapy intervention effects in the non declarative memory of children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome children (FAS)
This study aimed to investigate the effects of music therapy treatment applied to the non declarative memory development in the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome children (FAS).
Paediatric Respiratory Reviews - In utero alcohol effects on foetal, neonatal and childhood lung disease
Maternal alcohol use during pregnancy exposes both premature and term newborns to the toxicity of alcohol and its metabolites. Foetal alcohol exposure adversely effects the lung.

Geboorteafwijkingen door alcoholgebruik tijdens de zwangerschap zijn vermijdbaar. Dat het foetaal alcohol spectrum stoornis (FASD) desondanks voorkomt, is te wijten aan onvoldoende effectieve preventie.
Hyvä Terveys (Finland) - ”Kysyisin äidiltä, miksi hän joi”
Äidin raskaudenaikainen alkoholinkäyttö uhkaa yhä tuhansien lapsien elämää Suomessa. Mikko on yksi FASD-nuori.
Rynek Zdrowia (Poland) - Ostrów Wielkopolski: kara w zawieszeniu dla matki pijanej podczas porodu
Na karę więzienia w zawieszeniu i zakaz picia alkoholu skazał w środę (12 kwietnia) Sąd Rejonowy w Ostrowie Wielkopolskim 33-letnią mieszkankę tego miasta, która mając ponad 3 promile alkoholu urodziła dziecko. Sąd uznał, że zachowanie matki narażało zdrowie i życie noworodka.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Alcohol News - 15/2017

The Local (Italy) - Drinking between meals is on the rise in Italy
Alcohol consumption is on the rise in Italy, with a particularly sharp increase in drinking in between meal times and binge-drinkers.
The Herald (Scotland) - Drinking-cut target to tackle 'devastating' alcohol impact
SCOTS should cut the amount of alcohol they drink by at least 10 per cent over the next decade because of the “devastating impact” alcohol abuse has on public services and communities, according to campaigners. - Study compares alcohol consumption during pregnancy across European countries
A study among over 7000 women in 11 European countries shows the proportion of women in Europe who drink alcohol when they know they are pregnant is lowest in Norway and highest in the UK. (UK) - REVEALED: Boozy Brits spend THIS much on alcohol in pubs, bars and restaurants
BOOZY Brits spent a record £24 billion on drink in pubs, bars and restaurants last year, new figures revealed today.
Evening Standard (UK) - Sale of alcohol to passengers waiting for early morning flights should be banned, government officials say
Calls have been made to ban the sale of alcohol at airports to passengers on early morning flights after a spike in drunken incidents.
Namnews (UK) - UK The Leading Market In Europe For Online Alcohol Sales
Proportionally, more UK consumers are buying alcohol online than in any other market in Europe. The growth is being driven by six key factors and the opportunities for brands are set to continue, according to a new report – How alcohol brands can tap the ecommerce opportunity – from ecommerce analytics firm Profitero, in conjunction with Nielsen.
The Daily Meal (USA) - New Oregon Bill Aims to Ban Alcohol on Public Beaches
If you envisioned a summer filled with day drinking on the beaches in Oregon, you might have to change your plans.
Norway Today (Norway) - FRP wants to push through ‘beer in the park’ before summer
The Progress Party (FRP) and The Conservatives supported by The Liberals wish to amend the law and allow drinking in the park within a few months, the Christian Democrats are protesting.
Miami Herald (USA) - Alcohol abuse leads to 4,300 deaths annually among people under 21
It is common knowledge that the drinking age in the United States is 21. However, by age 13, one third of boys and about one fourth of girls have tasted alcohol. Even scarier, excessive alcohol consumption leads to more than 4,300 deaths annually among people under 21.
ABC Online (Australia) - NT Government promises alcohol policy will cut crime rates as businesses call for crackdown
Northern Territory businesses are calling for the Government to crack down on crime as a new survey has revealed theft and vandalism is costing some hundreds of thousands of dollars.
ABC Online (Australia) - Alcohol may have contributed to the drownings of 500 men over past decade, study finds
A campaign is being launched aimed at changing men's attitudes towards drinking around water, with new figures suggesting alcohol has contributed to the drownings of almost 500 Australian men over the past decade.
EU Reporter (EU) - Curious case of #alcohol labelling in the EU
European case of alcohol labelling is a good example of the results of industry lobby and effects of vested interests. An example where a logical decision is avoided and postponed without any serious explanation. It should be a wake-up call for both European Parliament and Commission to highlight alcohol policy and understand that without decisions, things are not moving along, writes Lauri Beekmann.
The Local Germany (Germany) - 75 billion smokes: report reveals which vices Germans indulge most
A new report shows that Germans are cutting back a bit on smoking traditional cigarettes, but are drinking at an "especially high" rate compared to other countries.
Morocco World News (Morocco) - Alcohol Consumption on the Rise in Morocco
Despite the heavy taxation on alcoholic beverages, consumption is still increasing by leaps and bounds in Morocco.
The Scotsman (Scotland) - Residents go online to show how alcohol impacts communities
Views on whether there are too many supermarkets in Edinburgh selling cut-price price alcohol are being gathered in an anonymous online survey aimed at showing how ordinary communities are affected by booze.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Alcohol News - 14/2017

Herald Scotland (UK) - Minimum unit pricing for alcohol should be introduced across UK if successful in Scotland
Minimum unit pricing for alcohol should be introduced across the UK if it proves a success in Scotland, a Lords committee has urged.
The Register-Guard (USA) - Lawmakers introduce bill that would ban alcohol on Oregon’s beaches
Drinking alcohol on Oregon’s public beaches would become a crime under a bill introduced Tuesday in the state Legislature.
The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Sweeping changes to alcohol tax and regulation urged on Turnbull government
Drinkers would pay far less for a bottle of vodka but much more for cask wine, while booze would be available from supermarkets and corner stores, under major reforms to alcohol regulation being urged on the federal government. (Netherlands) - Dutch pilots call for unruly passenger blacklist, better alcohol controls at Schiphol
Dutch pilots unions are calling for tighter controls on the sale of alcohol at Schiphol airport and a blacklist of passengers who misbehave, reports television programme Brandpunt on Tuesday.
Science Daily (Finland) - Risky alcohol consumption can increase at time of retirement
Every tenth employee increases their alcohol consumption to risky levels at the time of retirement from full-time employment. However, the increase seems to be temporary as risky drinking often decreases during the retirement.
WBUR - How We Doctors Are Failing Our Patients Who Drink Too Much
The middle-aged man in my exam room wasn’t an alcoholic. At least, that’s what he declared to me as I asked him questions about his drinking.
Science Daily - Alcohol abuse even before pregnancy may harm offspring
Mothers who binge drink before they become pregnant may be more likely to have children with high blood sugar and other changes in glucose function that increase their risk of developing diabetes as adults, according to a new study.
KBBI (USA) - Alcohol And Drug Abuse In Alaska Rack Up Annual Cost of Billions
The total costs from alcohol and drug abuse and dependence in Alaska are more than $3 billion per year. Those numbers are according to a new Alaska Mental Health Trust report completed by the McDowell Group.
Irish Independent (Ireland) - Irish teens 'drinking alcohol out of oranges and hairbrushes'
A universal approach is needed to tackle underage drinking as Irish teens resort to sneaking alcohol into hairbrush handles and injecting it into oranges, TD Anne Rabbitte has said.
Medscape - Message About Alcohol Use and CV Risk Should Be 'More Nuanced' Than It Now Is
Moderate intake of alcoholic drinks is associated with a lower risk of only some cardiovascular diseases, not all, compared with either abstinence or heavy drinking, suggests research conducted in the UK.
CBS News (USA) - More older women are drinking hard
More older American women than ever are drinking — and drinking hard, a new study shows.
Harmful drinking is costing the North-east’s public services more than £250 million a year, the Evening Express can reveal today.
EurekAlert (Kenya) - Curbing alcohol to fight HIV could save money in Kenya
Public health research shows that alcohol may be a factor in more than 13 percent of deaths due to infectious diseases, including HIV. Drinking undermines the fight against the virus in two main ways, researchers have found: it makes transmission through risky sex more likely and undermines health by relaxing the rigor with which infected people take virus-suppressing medicine.
Greek Reporter (Greece) - Athens University: Study Shows Greeks Drink Less Alcohol in Excess Compared to EU Average
Athens University’s Mental Health Research Institute carried out a study in June 2015 which showed that two in 10 Greeks claim to have drank alcohol excessively in a one-year period.
Herald Sun (Australia) - New domestic violence laws may ban alcohol from victims homes
WOMEN would be able to ban alcohol from their homes and boozed-up thugs who repeatedly commit domestic violence barred from licensed venues, under a plan put to the State Government. (UK) - Twenty-four hour drinking has led to a surge in violent crime in city centres, police warn
Twenty-four hour drinking has led to a surge in violent crime in towns and cities, police have said as a new report branded measures to tackle the problem a failure.
eNCA (Malawi) - Malawi urged to ban cheap super-strong liquor destroying young lives
Four years ago, Malawian teenager Anthony had ambitions to become a doctor, but in his last year at school he was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis after becoming hooked on cheap, strong liquor.
Public Health Journal - Alcohol and healthy ageing: a challenge for alcohol policy
These findings highlight processes that can result in changes in drinking habits and routines. Whilst these processes can be associated with a reduction or cessation of alcohol use as people age, they can also be associated with increased risk of harmful alcohol consumption.
Knowridge Science Report - How drinking alcohol can raise your cancer risk
Most people know that heavy alcohol drinking can cause health problems. But many people might not know that drinking alcohol can raise their cancer risk.
NorrioNews - Expert says tobacco, alcohol consumption could cause oral cancer
An Associate Professor of Community Dentistry at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Dr. Omolara Uti, on Wednesday said that tobacco use and consistent heavy consumption of alcohol could cause oral cancer.