Thursday, June 22, 2017

Alcohol News - 25/2017

Fortune - Liquor Makers Are Now Marketing Alcohol Brands as “Experiences”
A few years ago, alcohol-beverage giant Diageo realized it had a problem. When Fireball-loving millennials wanted to take a shot, they weren't downing the company's Captain Morgan rum. (Canada) - Alcohol responsible for more hospital admissions than heart attacks last year: report
There were more hospital admissions in Canada last year for alcohol-related conditions than for heart attacks.
BBC News (Scotland) - Alcohol-linked deaths '54% higher in Scotland'
An average of 22 people a week died from alcohol-related causes in Scotland in 2015, figures show.
EURACTIV (EU) - Alcohol makers brace for EU-wide mandatory labelling
Makers of spirits and beer are exploring self-regulatory solutions to show consumers the ingredients contained in the alcohol they drink. However, they find the Commission’s timeline “too tight” and fear mandatory rules will eventually be imposed on them.
teleSUR English (Uruguay) - Uruguay Drafts Bill to Regulate Alcohol Consumption
Uruguay's President Tabare Vazquez has announced his plans to present a “ total holistic law” to tackle the nation’s rising dependence on alcoholism.
Scientific American - Raising Alcohol Taxes Can Curtail Assaults and Suicides
The woman disappeared. She had been coming to our group therapy sessions for months, and suddenly she stopped. Other group members told me why: she had been beaten so badly by her husband that she ended up in the hospital. - Deficits in attention and executive functioning linked to frequency of alcohol, drug use
Impairments in processing and using information that help with decision-making and planning simple tasks such as grocery shopping are linked with one's frequency of alcohol or drug use according to a new study.
MuMbrella (Australia) - Alcohol brands are tactically retreating from sports sponsorship, and we should celebrate
There has been a number of interesting moves from alcohol brands in recent months which indicate the tide could be turning on alcohol's association with sports. Michael Thorn, chief executive for The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education, explores if we are witnessing a tactical retreat by an alcohol industry that sees the writing on the wall, or if this is the start of something bigger and even more significant - a quiet and complete surrender.
Lexology - The WTO’s “decision” on plain packaging for cigarettes: will alcohol be next?
Pursuant to the Tobacco Plain Packaging Act 2011 (“the Act”), tobacco companies in Australia are required by law to sell their products using a generic drab dark brown packaging that features large, aesthetically-confrontational health warnings.
YLE News - Research: Foetus absorbs mother's alcohol, nicotine intake in just two hours
Toxic substances such as nicotine and alcohol from alcoholic drinks can travel quickly through an expectant mother's placenta to her unborn baby, says a researcher from the University of Eastern Finland.
Addiction Now - How are underage drinkers influenced by alcohol ads?
Alcohol is the most used substance by adolescents in the U.S. People who are between 12 and 20 years old drink 11 percent of all alcoholic beverages consumed in the country, and a new study found that these underage drinkers are heavily influenced by marketing and advertising. (UK) - Britons cutting down on drinking as 40% say they are boozing less than a year ago
A record number of adults are consciously cutting back on their drinking, according to new figures.
Four in ten say they are consuming less alcohol now than they did a year ago, particularly young men who are shaking off their lager lout image. (Ireland) - Young people in Ireland are drinking less alcohol than their parents and this could be the reason why
Ireland is being hit by a wave of sobriety. The latest figures from the World Health Organisation show that our reputation for heavy drinking is now little more than a quaint historical stereotype.
Helsinki Times (Finland) - Ruling groups find agreement on alcohol law reform
The Finnish government will propose that the maximum alcohol content for beverages sold at grocery shops be raised to 5.5 per cent but also that the issue be designated as a matter of conscience in the first reading in the Parliament, thus allowing the members of the ruling parliamentary groups to exercise their own discretion in voting.

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