Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Alcohol News - 23/2017

The Guardian (Lithuania) - Last orders for Lithuanian teenagers as government cracks down on alcohol
Opposite the Keulė Rūkė bar and BBQ joint near the main train station in Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius, a 6ft-high mural has appeared in recent weeks. It depicts three of Lithuania’s leading politicians as the Taliban, complete with suicide bombs and machine guns. Scrawled underneath the image are the words: “The party is over.”
Business Insider - Uber will try to change its 'bro culture' by cutting down on alcohol at work
Uber will now start cutting back on workplace partying in an effort to turn around its so-called "bro culture."
The Independent - Drinking any amount of alcohol during pregnancy can change the way babies' faces form, study finds
Drinking even small amounts of alcohol when pregnant could alter a baby's features, a new study has found.
The Times (Ireland) - Alcohol marketing in TV sport breaks spirit of law
Alcohol marketing appeared on screen once every other minute during broadcasts of the European Championships last summer, a new study has found. (USA) - Researchers find higher rates of alcohol misuse among women in rural Appalachian Ohio
Appalachia -- stretching from the southern tier of New York state to northern Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia -- has long experienced deep economic distress and deprivation, and the gamut of accompanying social problems.
The South African (South Africa) - Binge-drinking SA Youth are using ‘transactional sex’ to get themselves alcohol: Study
Soul City Institute and the STRIVE consortium carried out the research focused on rural and urban teenagers and their relationship with booze.
Packaging News (UK) - Health expert calls for graphic warnings on alcohol packaging
Judith Mackay, an adviser to the World Health Organisation who fought against the tobacco lobby in Asia, said a change in packaging could help “de-normalise” excessive alcohol or calorie consumption. - Concurrent use of alcohol and marijuana among drivers increases risk of fatal crashes
Use of marijuana in combination with alcohol by drivers is especially dangerous, according to a latest study conducted at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health. - Even Moderate Drinking May Harm Brain Function
Alcohol consumption, even in moderation, is linked to a greater risk of adverse brain outcomes and a more severe decline in cognition, according to a new U.K. study published in the journal The BMJ.
Deccan Chronicle - High alcohol consumption puts women at risk of diabetes
Binge drinking in teens, may raise a woman's chance of type 2 diabetes. According to a study regular high alcohol consumption from the age of 16 is associated with higher glucose concentrations in women's blood, an important risk factor for type 2 diabetes, later in life.
Science Daily - Higher alcohol consumption leads to greater loss of muscle tissue in postmenopausal women
Both aging and menopause are known to affect sarcopenia, which is a loss of muscle mass and strength, which in turn affects balance, gait, and overall ability to perform tasks of daily living. A new study is one of the first to link alcohol consumption with a higher prevalence of sarcopenia in postmenopausal women.
The Local Italy (Italy) - Turin bans late night alcohol sales after stampede that injured 1,500
Turin mayor Chiara Appendino on Thursday introduced a measure clamping down on the sale of takeaway alcoholic drinks in the evening, after a stampede in one of the city's main squares on Saturday night left over 1,500 people injured.
Healio - Less benefit from light alcohol consumption than previously thought
The apparent observed health benefits of stable moderate drinking, and the risks associated with abstention, may be overstated among middle-aged adults, according to research published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.
Focus News (Moldova) - Accent TV: In Moldova the advertising of alcoholic beverages is banned
The Government of the Republic of Moldova approved a bill, according to which a number of restrictions on advertising of alcoholic beverages would be introduced.
TASS (Russia) - Russians cut down on smoking and drinking, says health minister
The level of alcohol and tobacco consumption in Russia has sizably declined, Russian Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova told a European session on non-infectious diseases of the World Health Organization.
JOE (Ireland) - Ireland may drink less than they did in 2005, but numbers are on the rise again
Irish people are drinking a lot less than we did at the height of the Celtic Tiger years, according to a report from the World Health Organisation, but our boozing culture is in danger of taking over once again. Well, 25% less, to be precise, although Alcohol Action Ireland have warned that the trend is on the rise once again.

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