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FASD News - 13/2020

Science Daily - Alcohol consumption by fathers before conception could negatively impact child development

Trouble for alcoholic fathers, hope for alcoholic mothers. Scientists have explored the relationship between parental alcohol consumption -- before conception in the case of fathers and during pregnancy in the case of mothers -- and offspring development.
Read more - Study suggests this nutrient reduces harm in offspring of pregnant mice given alcohol
New research shows pregnant mice taking choline, an essential nutrient found in some multivitamins, shows it reduced the damage of alcohol in their offspring — and researchers are now wondering what effects it could have on humans.
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Otago Daily Times (New Zealand) - Serve the message straight
Alcohol Healthwatch will not be the only organisation frustrated by the latest delay to mandatory labelling on alcohol products about the risk of drinking when pregnant.
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Graphic Online - Sweet poison: alcohol in pregnancy
What would you think if you saw a mother giving her newborn baby a bottle of beer to drink? Would you approve of such a practice? Well, a similar thing happens when a pregnant mother drinks alcohol.
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EENet (Canada) - Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder far more common in Canada than other common birth defects
This Research Snapshot looks at the article, "Population-based prevalence of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in Canada” which was published in BMC Public Health in 2019.
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Market Watch - Understanding The Tragedy of Brain Damage at Birth
As citizens, we are accorded with rights to enable our mental and physical well-being. But there are thousands of unborn children who don't have such rights because they suffer at the hands of expectant mothers who risk their lives and well-being, by consuming alcohol and drugs through their pregnancies.
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Rivercountry News - Living With FASD: Brenna
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs) are disabilities that last a lifetime. Children with FASDs can have behavioral, intellectual and neurological problems. FASDs can occur when a developing baby is exposed to alcohol during pregnancy.
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NOFAS UK (UK) - Diary of a deaf mom and 10-year old with neurodevelopmental delay and sensory needs
Today was the third day in a row the 10-year old followed me constantly around the house. He wanted to know what I was doing even though he could see what I was doing. He wanted to know instantly if I shuffled my seating position on the sofa, where I was going.
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CanFASD (Canada) - Feature Friday: Mary Ann Bunkowsky
Mary Ann is a mother of two boys. Her oldest is 14 years old and has an FASD diagnosis. Her younger son is 11. He has been diagnosed with a number of neurodevelopmental difficulties, including Autism, but she has been unable to get an FASD diagnosis for him because they have no proof of prenatal alcohol exposure. 
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We know individuals with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder often struggle with self-regulation, which can lead to many problems throughout life, but how many of us really understand what it is?
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The Mighty - When Making 'Normal' Conversation is Hard as the Parent of a Medically Complex Child
I love my children and my husband, my family and my friends. I have a blessed life. I especially feel bad writing about this because I know it’s even harder for our son with a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) who has trouble socializing for a range of reasons. I am not complaining. I am trying to explain.
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Kathryn Ferenz - Fetal Alcohol Syndrome- Kate & EmmaRead more
American Academy of Pediatrics - FASD 1-Page Resources for Clinicians
These 1-page resources provide pediatric clinicians information on the assessment and identification of facial dysmorphia associated with FASDs and the recognition and care for neurodevelopmental and neurobehavioral effects of prenatal alcohol exposure.
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FAS-Project - Children with FASD – Kinder mit FASD
In the book Children with FASD – Kinder mit FASD, photographer Allard de Witte and journalist Joost Bos give a personal and affectionate insight into the lives of children with FASD – children harmed before they were even born.
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Sez Morse - Dr Dan Hughes - Parenting a Traumatised Child While Living through COVID 19
Dan Hughes talks to foster carers, adopters, parents under pressure and all adults around traumatised children as we navigate our way through the Corona Virus pandemic.
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CanFASD - New Video Release
We created a new video to introduce you to our organization and tell you a little bit of the work that we do.
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FASD Awareness SE #BEAWARE - Coronavirus Social Story - (a visual aid to help those with complex needs understand better)
This is a video we have created at FASD Awareness to help children and young adults with complex needs understand better the "Coronavirus Social Story". It is also a very clear way of helping the young understand through words and pictures, many of the questions around Covid19 and the Cornoavirus.
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Research in Developmental Disabilities - Sleep disturbance as a predictor of anxiety in children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and typically developing children
This study highlights associations between parent-reported sleep and anxiety in FASD. Sleep disturbances were significant predictors of anxiety in both children with FASD and in TD children.
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Rivista di Psichiatria - Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders awareness in health professionals: implications for psychiatry
In conclusion, data show that only specific and continuing updating for health care professionals about drinking habits may have impactful actions to prevent gestational alcohol intake in order to prevent the main cause of mental retardation in western countries.
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Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research - Reduced Hippocampal Volumes Partially Mediate Effects of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure on Spatial Navigation on a Virtual Water Maze Task in Children
These data confirm previous reports linking PAE to poorer spatial navigation on the VWM and are the first to provide direct evidence that volume reductions in this region partially mediate the relation of FASD diagnosis to place learning, suggesting that PAE specifically impairs the ability to encode the spatial information necessary for successful location of the hidden platform on a navigation task.
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Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research - Early ethanol exposure inhibits the differentiation of hippocampal dentate gyrus granule cells in a mouse model of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Our data indicates that ethanol exposure in mice during PD 4‐10 does not affect the generation/proliferation but inhibits the differentiation of the DGGCs on PD 35.
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Understanding the explanatory narratives that women, partners and family members provide for consuming alcohol during pregnancy is essential in interventions.
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SAGE researchmethods - Practical and Emotional Challenges of Conducting Community Research on Women, Pregnancy, Alcohol, and Health Issues: A Case Study of a Survey Among Women in Tshwane, South Africa
This case study describes the practical and emotional challenges that were faced during fieldwork operations while conducting a survey on women’s health, pregnancy experiences, and alcohol use in Tshwane, South Africa.
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The Journal of Clinical Investigation - Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder predisposes to metabolic abnormalities in adulthood
Taken together, our findings define metabolic vulnerabilities due to EAE and provide evidence that behavioral changes and primary organ dysfunction contribute to resultant metabolic abnormalities.
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Alcohol - The mouse-equivalent of the human BDNF VAL66MET polymorphism increases dorsal hippocampal volume and does not interact with developmental ethanol exposure
A relatively common polymorphism in the human brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) gene (Val66Met, which corresponds to Val68Met in mice) has been shown to modulate cognitive function and vulnerability to mental health disorders.
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Research in Developmental Disabilities - Prevalence and patterns of sensory processing behaviors in a large clinical sample of children with prenatal alcohol exposure
Results lend support for altered sensory processing as another domain of brain function affected by the teratogenic impact of PAE, guiding clinical work and research.
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Alcohol - A preliminary investigation of the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure on facial morphology in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
hese findings suggest that while early exposure to alcohol may influence the development of facial structures, it does not appear to be associated with ASD phenotypic variability.
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Brain Structure and Function - Altered brain white matter connectome in children and adolescents with prenatal alcohol exposure
This study demonstrates decreased structural white matter connectivity in children and adolescents with PAE at a whole-brain level, suggesting widespread alterations in how networks are connected with each other.
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Lega Nerd (Italy) - Alcool: meglio evitarlo se volete diventare papa
Gli scienziati dell’Università della California, Riverside, hanno esplorato la relazione tra il consumo di alcol dei genitori, prima del concepimento nel caso dei padri e durante la gravidanza nel caso delle madri, e lo sviluppo della prole.
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ИА Rsute (Russia) - Алкоголь во время беременности: какой вред можно нанести нерожденному ребенку
Алкоголь – это химическое вещество, которое попадает в кровь, когда кто-то его пьет. У беременных женщин алкоголь проходит к плоду через пуповину. Развивающиеся зародыши не способны перерабатывать или усваивать это химическое вещество, а это означает, что оно представляет собой многочисленные риски.
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Gdynia (Poland) - Telefoniczne konsultacje dla rodziców i opiekunów dzieci z FAS
Pozostawienie bez wsparcia dzieci z alkoholowym zespołem płodowym (FAS) i ich rodziców czy opiekunów może okazać się niebezpieczne, dlatego specjalistki z Gdyńskiego Centrum  Diagnozy i Terapii FASD MOPS w Gdyni rozpoczęły konsultacje telefoniczne: od poniedziałku do piątku, w godz. 8 – 15 pod nr. tel: 798 073 617.Read more

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Alcohol News - 13/2020

CNN - Booze sales are booming as people stockpile alcohol ... but it may not last
The coronavirus pandemic has forced millions of Americans to stay homeand they're drinking a lot of alcohol to pass time — for now.
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The Guardian (Greenland) - Alcohol sales banned in Greenland capital during lockdown
The sale of alcohol has been banned in the Greenland capital, Nuuk, in an attempt to reduce violence against children during the period of confinement caused by the coronavirus outbreak.
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INSIDER - WHO: Alcohol is an 'unhelpful coping strategy' for the coronavirus pandemic
Everyday routines have been uprooted by the novel coronavirus pandemic, which has also driven up levels of anxiety. And the World Health Organization knows what that means: more people will, likely, be having a few more drinks, either to substitute their social plans or to calm their nerves.
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Metro - Coronavirus World: Which countries have banned alcohol while in lockdown?
While some people opt to treat the lockdown as a chance to detox and step back from socialising, others have turned to alcohol to soothe their minds. As a result, delivery services have picked up after many supermarket alcohol aisles were stripped bare.
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EurekAlert - Health warning labels on alcohol and snacks may reduce consumption
Image-and-text health warning labels, similar to those on cigarette boxes, show potential for reducing the consumption of alcoholic drinks and energy-dense snacks, such as chocolate bars, according to a study published in the open access journal BMC Public Health.
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New York Post (USA) - Coronavirus is causing a rise in drug and alcohol relapses
As the nation gets more stringent about non-essential travel and bans on group gatherings to slow the spread of coronavirus, one expert says the pandemic may result in an unintended rise in drug and alcohol relapses among those who are in recovery.
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The Independent (UK) - Let’s try “Dry Covid” – lockdown is the time to kick our national alcohol habit for good
The government’s approach to alcohol has always been incoherent; we can buy alcohol in petrol stations, for example, but it is against the law to drink drive. Its recent designation of off-licences as essential services during the coronavirus pandemic is an extension of this confusion.
Read more (New Zealand) - Coronavirus: For the love of liquor - drinkers flout lockdown rule to buy booze in West Auckland
People living in a licensing trust area are concerned about non-residents flouting lockdown rules to purchase booze.
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The Times (UK) - Coronavirus: Bingeing Britons buy 20% more alcohol for lockdown
Britons have turned to binge-buying booze, with the rise in sales of alcohol outpacing those of groceries over the past month, sales data reveals.
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UC Riverside - Alcohol consumption by fathers before conception could negatively impact child development
Scientists at the University of California, Riverside, have explored the relationship between parental alcohol consumption — before conception in the case of fathers and during pregnancy in the case of mothers — and offspring development.
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The Irish Times - Heavy drinking linked to health problems later in life, study finds
Heavy drinking is linked to higher blood pressure, poorer liver function, increased stroke risk and larger waistlines in later life, even if you cut down before getting older, researchers have found.
Read more - Autonomous cars ‘will lead to more binge drinking,’ research shows
The increase in the number of self-driving cars will lead to more binge drinking, as people no longer have to worry about driving home from a pub or club, a study claims.
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Scotland on Sunday (Scotland) - Scottish health campaigners issue problem drinking warning
The new Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP) guidance points out that alcohol continues to be marketed in shops, in the media and on the internet and that suppliers will make home deliveries during the current crisis.
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Newsroom (New Zealand) - Restrict alcohol to help our hospitals
To prevent hospital overload from the Covid-19 crisis and beyond, alcohol sales hours should be cut and prices raised, argue Louise Delany and George Thomson of the University of Otago.
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The Lancet - Reduction in global alcohol-attributable harm unlikely after setback at WHO Executive Board
A decision emerged after many hours of informal consultation at the WHO Executive Board in February, 2020, on the next steps for global governance of harmful use of alcohol.
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Newswise - Students Who Up Their Cannabis Use Face Increased Risk of Alcohol Problems
Cannabis use can worsen some consequences of alcohol use among young adult drinkers over time, according to a new study which tracked the frequency of cannabis use and negative drinking outcomes among college students over three years.
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Cancer Council WA (Australia) - Cancer Council WA calls out alcohol industry for opportunistic marketing during COVID-19 pandemic
Cancer Council WA is calling on the alcohol industry to rein in its opportunistic marketing behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic, following a spate of concerning advertising in the press and on social media in recent days.
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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Alcohol News - 12/2020

Healthline - Resist Using Pot, Alcohol to Ease Fears During COVID-19 Outbreak
As feelings of anxiety, depression, or sheer boredom mount due to the growing pandemic of the coronavirus and COVID-19, the desire to turn to drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism could become more problematic.
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ABC Local (Australia) - Coronavirus anxiety and self-isolation leading to higher use of alcohol, cannabis, experts say
Health advocates are urging Australians cooped up indoors to maintain a daily routine and drink in moderation, after reports of people stockpiling alcohol surfaced online.
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The Local France (France) - Halt on French local authority's alcohol ban during lockdown
A French local authority has been forced into something of a U-turn just 24 hours after banning the sale of alcohol during the coronavirus lockdown.
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Business Insider South Africa (South Africa) - Sale, transport of alcohol banned. ‘For 21 days, please stay sober.’
South Africans won’t be able to buy alcohol during lockdown, including not from supermarkets.
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What's On (Dubai) - All licensed venues in Dubai to stop serving alcohol until further notice
Dubai Police has issued a directive to all Dubai hotels stating that alcohol must not be served. All venues which are licensed to serve alcohol must cease operation immediately, until further notice.
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INSIDER - What to do if you are (or know) an alcoholic in quarantine
In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, everyone is experiencing new challenges and struggles. This is equally true if you, or someone you know, is an alcoholic.
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The Japan Times (Japan) - Why are Japan’s millennials shunning alcohol?
Some time before the coronavirus outbreak put a damper on this year’s hanami (blossom viewing) parties and other social activities, the media had already noted that the decline in alcohol consumption by younger Japanese has been accelerating.
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National Institutes of Health (USA) - National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week celebrates 10 years
National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week® (NDAFW) marks its 10th anniversary March 30 through April 5, 2020, encouraging communities around the country to SHATTER THE MYTHS®about substance use and addiction.
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ERR News (Estonia/Latvia) - Estonians stop buying alcohol in Latvia after border controls reintroduced
After the reintroduction of border control, the number of Estonian customers visiting alcohol shops operating along the Latvian border has dropped dramatically. Some shops have reduced their opening hours and some have even stopped trading altogether.
Read more (New Zealand) - Domestic violence likely to increase as lock-down goes into effect
Those who work at the frontline of domestic violence are bracing for a surge in the number of people needing help as New Zealand goes into lock-down, but have to work around a cut to safe house capacity.
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The Alcohol and Drug Foundation is concerned lobbying by the alcohol industry has hindered efforts to introduce clearer pregnancy warning labels, aimed at protecting the health of unborn babies.
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ERR News (Estonia) - Government to weigh up raft of anti-drink-driving measures
The coalition cabinet is meeting Thursday do discuss drink driving counter-measures, including suspendng medical certificates for those convicted, harsher penalties, longer addiction treatment periods, a points system for offenders and the use of alcohol ignition interlock devices.
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USA News (USA) - From depression and binge drinking to big success
It is many years ago, that the unnatural was natural for the 35-year-old Nicolas Dalby. When he sits calm and relaxed and enjoys her sugar-free drinks caffe latte at Fisketorvet, there are probably not many who thinks that he lives by to beat and be beaten on by other adult men.
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FASD News - 11/2020

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News - Scorpion Venom May Serve as Novel Therapy for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Scientists led by the Children’s National Hospital faculty were able to “rescue” a preclinical model of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) in juvenile models, reversing motor skill deficits with the help of a novel drug derived from scorpion venom.
Anishinabek News (Canada) - Changing the language around FASD will help people live with their strengths and challenges
Victim. Villain. A lifelong sentence. These are words and negative perceptions that people working in the field of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) are trying to dispel from the complex conversation around the brain-based, lifelong physical disability.
The Conversation AU (Australia) - Alcohol warning labels need to inform women of the true harms of drinking during pregnancy
Federal and state ministers will meet tomorrow to decide whether to compel alcohol manufacturers to include clear labels on all alcohol products that warn against the harms of drinking while pregnant.
The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Yes, ministers, warning labels will save women and their unborn children from alcohol harm
Each week in my assessment clinic for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder I see children struggling with learning, behaviour and development, with physical disability and intellectual impairment – the result of a brain injury caused by prenatal exposure to alcohol.
CafeMom - Husband Gets Slammed Online for Refusing To Buy Wine for His Pregnant Wife
For one couple this debate isn't just a hypothetical. Taking to Reddit this week, a dad-to-be explained how he recently refused to pick up wine for his very pregnant wife, for fear it might harm their baby -- even though she felt like one little sip wouldn't do any harm.
The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Alcohol labelling: Poll shows many still in dark over risk during pregnancy
If health experts win ministerial support on Friday, all alcoholic drinks will carry red and black labels, saying "health warning" and showing a pregnant woman in silhouette lifting a wine glass to her mouth.
Wellington Faculty of Science - A disorder falling through the cracks
Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is all too common, particularly among young people who end up in the criminal justice system, so why is there so little support for people suffering from it, asks Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington's Dr Dougal Sutherland.
University of Auckland (New Zealand) - Courts no place for fetal alcohol victims
People with fetal alcohol syndrome are still being punished by the criminal justice system, despite the Teina Pora case, writes MBChB student Emma Espiner.

UW Medicine - Finding a Treatment for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
When developing fetuses are exposed to alcohol, they are at risk for a variety of irreversible birth defects, and it seems that any amount of alcohol could lead to fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).
The WHOot - How Alcohol Affects Unborn Babies
The dangers of Alcohol are becoming more pronounced by the day. Drinking has become a National sport and addiction is all too real.
Bethany Christian Services - Parenting a Child with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
NOFAS-UK - Stay-at-Home-Guide for Kids with FASD
Young people with FASD can help plan for days when they may need to be at home. This guide offers some suggestions – but it’s only a start to help get everyone thinking of some fun and calming home activities.
The FASD Success Show - Dr. Ira Chasnoff Talks FASD and The Online World
Meet Dr. Ira J. Chasnoff. In this episode, we speak with Dr. Chasnoff about his work and his book: FASD and the Online World, a hot topic for many caregivers.
The FASD Success Show - Elizabeth Anne Russell Helping Birth Moms Heal
Meet Elizabeth (Anne) Russell. She is the founder of The Russell Family Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Association. Anne is also the birth mother of two individuals with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum disorder(FASD).

Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health - A Qualitative Investigation into Barriers and Enablers for the Development of a Clinical Pathway for Individuals Living with FASD and Mental Disorder/Addictions
It is common for individuals with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) to require support for mental health and addictions but there are challenges associated with receiving appropriate care in Canada.
Alcohol - Proceedings of the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Study Group.
The 2019 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Study Group (FASDSG) meeting was entitled "Computational Approaches to Studying Behavioral Control and Individual Change."
Alcohol Clin Exp Res - Characterizing Alcohol-Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder (ARND): Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and the Spectrum of Outcomes.
ARND has been a subject of debate. This analysis suggests effects of alcohol on behavior and cognition even in the absence of the characteristic facial features and growth deficiency that can be identified.
Nature Neuroscience - Kcnn2 blockade reverses learning deficits in a mouse model of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
Pharmacologic blockade of Kcnn2 improves these learning deficits, suggesting Kcnn2 blockers as a new intervention for learning disabilities in FASD.
bioRxiv - Increased Ethanol Intake is Associated with Social Anxiety in Offspring Exposed to Ethanol on Gestational Day 12
Taken together, these data indicate that PAE differentially affects the interactions between social anxiety, ethanol intake, and drinking context in males and females. These findings extend our understanding of the complexity and persistence of PAE’s sex-dependent effects into adulthood.
International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology - Postnatal Ethanol Exposure Activates HDAC-Mediated Histone Deacetylation, Impairs Synaptic Plasticity Gene Expression and Behavior in Mice
These findings demonstrate that CB1R/HDAC-mediated epigenetic remodeling disrupts gene expression and is a critical step in FASD-associated cognitive decline but is reversed by restoration of histone acetylation in the brain.
Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders - Four-year follow-up of a randomized controlled trial of choline for neurodevelopment in fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
These data support choline as a potential neurodevelopmental intervention for FASD and highlight the need for long-term follow-up to capture treatment effects on neurodevelopmental trajectories.
Journal of Pediatric Urology - Incontinence in persons with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD): a Polish cohort
Children and adolescents with FAS, pFAS, ARND, GKA, and GKG are affected by incontinence. Highest rates were observed in pFAS and ARND. Persons with FAS were mostly affected by DUI, pFAS by NE, and ARND by FI.
NeuroToxicology - Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders model alters the functionality of glutamatergic neurotransmission in adult zebrafish
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) describe a wide range of ethanol-induced developmental disabilities, including craniofacial dysmorphology, and neurochemical and behavioral impairments.
Addiction - Alcohol use in pregnancy and its impact on the mother and child
This review discusses the history, epidemiology and clinical presentations of prenatal alcohol exposure, focusing on FASD and FAS, and the impact of evidence on future research, practice and policy directions.
Journal of law and medicine - Warning Labels about Alcohol Consumption and Pregnancy: Moving from Industry Self-regulation to Law.
Alcohol consumption during pregnancy carries known risks to the foetus in the form of foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). One of the interventions for the prevention of FASD is the application of warning labels to packaged alcoholic beverages.
Alcohol consumption in pregnant women was higher than the estimated for most Latin- American countries, and of the considered characteristics, was almost exclusively related to consumption patterns before pregnancy.
Addictive Behaviors - Changes in alcohol use and heavy episodic drinking in U.S. women of childbearing-age and peripartum between 2001-2002 and 2012-2013
Alcohol use and HED increased in last 10 years in both childbearing age and pregnant and postpartum US women. That questions the impact of implemented laws, policies and alcohol guidelines in this population within the last 10 years.
Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology - Smoke, alcohol and drug addiction and female fertility
Currently, the most consistent evidences of a detrimental effect of smoke, alcohol and addictive drugs on specific domains of the female reproductive function are provided by experimental studies in animals.
Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs - Maternal alcohol intakes before and during pregnancy: Impact on the mother and infant outcome to 18 months
Maternal alcohol consumption exceeding 50 g per session both before and during pregnancy was associated with decreasing vocal ability in the 18-month old infant.
Pediatric Research - Drinking at the end of pregnancy: why don’t we see it?
Prenatal alcohol exposure in late pregnancy is rarely studied and this makes the contribution by Umer et al. very useful.1 Their study adds to the accumulating data demonstrating that screening dried blood spots can identify biomarkers of prenatal alcohol exposure at the end of pregnancy, which may be more common than previously thought.

Rynek Zdrowia (Poland) - Badania: odkrycie leku na problemy neurorozwojowe wywołane przez FASD
Lek powstały z jadu skorpiona eliminuje opóźnienia w rozwoju motorycznym u myszy ze Spektrum Alkoholowych Uszkodzeń Płodu (FASD) - wynika z badania opublikowanego na łamach czasopisma „Nature Neuroscience”. (Austria) - Diagnose Fetales Alkoholsyndrom: „Wie ein Gewitter im Kopf“
Fetales Alkoholsyndrom. Ingrid kümmert sich um Pflegeenkel Michael, er hat FAS. Es fehlt an adäquater Betreuung
ZARLLOR (Italy) - Álcool na gravidez: o grande perigo para a gestante e o bebé
Gestantes que bebem álcool durante a gravidez colocam em risco o bebé. A criança e os pais precisam lidar com os danos tardios pelo resto das suas vidas.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Alcohol News - 11/2020

Metro - Drinking alcohol can weaken your immune system and leave you more vulnerable to viruses
Not only is using alcohol as an anxiety antidote really bad for your mental health, experts also say that too much booze can weaken your immune system. (Ireland) - Irish people drinking less alcohol, figures show
Irish people are now drinking less alcohol than in previous years, according to new provisional figures from Revenue.
The Conversation AU (Australia) - Alcohol warning labels need to inform women of the true harms of drinking during pregnancy
Federal and state ministers will meet tomorrow to decide whether to compel alcohol manufacturers to include clear labels on all alcohol products that warn against the harms of drinking while pregnant.
Deutsche Welle (Germany) - East Germans drink more alcohol, eat better
Germans in former East Germany engage in risky alcohol consumption more than their western peers do — but they also eat more nutritiously, a scientific study has found. Researchers also did a south-north comparison.
Brisbane Times (Australia) - Alcohol labelling: Poll shows many still in dark over risk during pregnancy
If health experts win ministerial support on Friday, all alcoholic drinks will carry red and black labels, saying "health warning" and showing a pregnant woman in silhouette lifting a wine glass to her mouth.
BBC News (UK) - Alcohol-related brain damage: 'I was paid in lager to babysit'
A woman who was paid in lager to babysit as a teenager went on to develop alcohol-related brain damage (ARBD) following 20 years of drinking.
Technology Networks - Why Does Alcohol Kill So Many Men in Eastern Europe?
In some former Soviet bloc countries, men often die early due to alcohol abuse. Alcoholism-related mortality varies considerably from one region to another, according to a study in the European part of Russia, Belarus, Lithuania and Poland.
Movendi - Myths and Truths About Alcohol and COVID-19
Last week at least 44 people have died in Iran due to alcohol poisoning as they believed myths about alcohol’s properties to kill the coronavirus. In an attempt to protect themselves from COVID-19, they consumed large amounts of home-made liquor.
Scottish Daily Record (Scotland) - Hundreds of children get A&E help after taking drink or drugs
Almost 200 children aged 14 and under have been treated for drug or alcohol issues at Paisley’s Royal Alexandra Hospital.
Eurekalert - Sobering new data on drinking and driving: 15% of US alcohol-related motor vehicle fatalities involve alcohol under the legal limit
Accidents involving drivers testing below legal blood alcohol concentration limits are more likely to cause harm to others than drivers with levels at or above the limit, according to a new study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.
IAS - Does the size of a wine glass affect how much we drink?
The size of wine glasses that are used in bars and restaurants varies considerably – from the modest 'Paris Goblet' holding 190ml, to glasses for red wine capable of holding half a litre, that are often favoured in restaurants.
ERR News - Government bans nighttime sales of alcohol
Alcohol will not be sold in Estonia between 10 p.m. and 10 a.m. until the end of the emergency situation after the government approved measures at an extraordinary meeting on Tuesday. The new restrictions include all food outlets and accommodation facilities.
STAP (Netherlands) - No Holland Heineken House at the Olympics in Tokyo
For the first time since 1992, there will be no Holland Heineken House at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The Dutch Olympic Committee (NOC*NSF) took this decision given the consequences of the spread of the coronavirus.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Alcohol News - 10/2020

More and more people in the Netherlands do not drink alcohol at all or at most one glass per day, thereby complying with the Health Council guideline on alcohol use. Women and older people are most likely to comply with this guideline, according to the Lifestyle Monitor by Statistics Netherlands in collaboration with public health institute RIVM and the Trimbos Institute.
ERR News (Estonia) - Economics affairs minister: Alcohol sales limits won't harm businesses
Economic affairs minister Taavi Aas (Center) says that he supports the city government's plan to restrcit alcohol sales in the capital's bars, nightclubs and other entertainment venues.
NDTV - Drinking Alcohol Will Not Protect You From Coronavirus: WHO
Coronavirus outbreak: Several myths regarding the novel coronavirus are doing the rounds. One of them is that drinking alcohol can kill the deadly virus. The World Health Organization busts this myth. Read here to know what it has to say.
ERR News (Estonia) - Study: Proportion of Estonians buying alcohol in Latvia down to 33 percent
A study by the Estonian Institute of Economic Research indicates that cross-border trade began declining immediately after cuts to the excise duty rate on alcohol were implemented in Estonia in July 2019.
Mental Daily - Excessive Alcohol Consumption Linked To Decreased Bone Formation Among HIV Patients
Excessive alcohol use could result in decreased bone formation among people suffering from HIV, a new study suggests, as published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research.
The Moscow Times (Russia) - Alcohol Deaths Plummet as ‘Warmest Winter’ Hits Russia
Experts are attributing a sharp drop in the number of deaths from alcohol poisoning in Russia to the unseasonably warm winter.
Country News (Australia) - Alcohol ‘too easy’ for minors to buy online
New research has found alcohol is too easy to buy online for under-18s and people with an alcohol dependency. (Spain) - Spain holidays: Majorca alcohol crackdown ramps up as Magaluf bars flout new ban
SPAIN holidays are hugely popular with British tourists with many flooding to the country's islands in search of sun, sea and sand. Alcohol is a big part of holidays to Majorca and Ibiza for many - but the government is now cracking down on boozing. (New Zealand) - Alcohol permanently banned at Christchurch rugby league games
Alcohol will be permanently banned from rugby league games played at Christchurch parks. Canterbury Rugby League (CRL) called for the ban after the 2018 season when 70 per cent of clubs indicated they were dealing with alcohol-related misconduct each week.
FM104 (Ireland) - Health experts call for crackdown on alcohol ads
There's a call from health professionals to deal with booze the same way we did with smoking. They believe we need to be tougher on ads about alcohol.
The Irish Times (Ireland) - Drinks industry lobbyists met Government members and officials 361 times in 2018
Drinks industry lobbyists met Government ministers, senior officials and Oireachtas members more than 350 times the year the Dáil debated legislation aimed at combating harmful alcohol consumption.
Balance North East - Alcohol industry misleading consumers about drinking guidelines
Balance is calling for mandatory health information to be included on all alcohol product labels, as a new investigation reveals that alcohol companies are still keeping consumers in the dark.
IAS (UK) - MUP – let’s not lose another decade to alcohol harm
Like a warning bell from times past, Michael Marmot’s ten-year review on widening health inequalities underlined a lost decade of health and the consequences of inaction, with our most deprived communities bearing the brunt. And at the same time, we have seen publication of some of the compelling and most shocking evidence yet to expose how cheap alcohol is widening this chasm between North and South.
PAHO - Webinar: Global Alcohol Policy Conference: what happened and what lessons can be used in the Region
The outcomes and of the Conference will be disscused on a webinar on Wednesday, 18 March, 2020, titled "Global Alcohol Policy Conference: what happened and what lessons can be used in the Region".
IEG Policy - The next DGA should advise that even light drinking can increase cancer risk, CFA says
After pushing last year for cancer warning labels on alcohol, the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) has now brought a similar request to the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC).
As a global policy conference on alcohol convenes in Dublin this Monday (9th March), the CEOs of Mental Health Ireland and Alcohol Action Ireland say that lives are being lost due to the stalling of implementation of the Public Health Alcohol Act (PHAA).

Sunday, March 8, 2020

FASD News - 9/2020

Ottawa Citizen (Canada) - Students with fetal alcohol disorder need unique, tailored supports, say parents
A Winchester couple with two adopted boys who have fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) say those with the condition require unique, carefully tailored supports in the classroom.
The Telegram (Canada) - GUEST COLUMN: Ignoring an invisible problem: FASD in Newfoundland and Labrador
In 2018, updated prevalence estimates were released based on two studies, indicating fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) impacts about four per cent of the general Canadian population. (Canada) - New approach to FASD in N.W.T. focuses on accommodation, not behaviour
A new wave of thinking on how to work with those who live with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) has arrived in the Northwest Territories. (Canada) - People living with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder share their stories
People living with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder are getting the chance to tell their stories. A conference wraps up in Sudbury Friday highlighting some of the life challenges people with FASD face.
Belfast Newsletter (Northern Ireland) - ‘Our adopted sons were brain damaged by mum’s drinking’
A music gig on March 13 at the Pavilion Bar, Belfast, featuring Brian Houston, among others, will raise funds for a support group for families affected by Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.
Germiston City News (South Africa) - Consuming alcohol is unsafe during pregnancy
There is no amount of alcohol that’s known to be safe to consume during pregnancy. If you drink during pregnancy, you place your baby at risk of foetal alcohol syndrome.

Ottawa Citizen - Students with fetal alcohol need unique tailored supports say parents
Michigan House Republicans - Rep. Whiteford - Mental Health Minute: FASD
Rep. Whiteford talks FASD in her Mental Health Minute
Calgary John Howard Society - Living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)
A client-focused story about living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and the Extended FASD Support Program offered at the Calgary John Howard Society.
CJJA - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum
Behavioral Health Committee presents information on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Calgary John Howard Society - Appreciation for Our Work from the Calgary Fetal Alcohol Network
Calgary Fetal Alcohol Network (CFAN)'s recognition of 13 years of support from the Calgary John Howard Society.

Early Human Development - Dermatoglyphic fluctuating asymmetry and total a-b ridge count as biomarkers of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome: Analysis in children adopted from Eastern Europe
Dermatoglyphic pattern and FASD are related. The validation of dermatoglyphics as an associated marker with FASD together with the currently diagnostic tools would help clinicians to an early FASD diagnosis in children.
Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research - Collaborative on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Prevalence
In 2012, a collaborative research program was initiated to assess the prevalence of the full range of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) in representative populations from four distinct regions of the United States.
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health - Understanding the Relationship between Predictors of Alcohol Consumption in Pregnancy: Towards Effective Prevention of FASD
Prenatal alcohol exposure can produce serious changes in neurodevelopment that last a lifetime, as well as a wide range of congenital abnormalities, and is the main non-hereditary, avoidable cause of intellectual disability in developed countries.
Alcohol - Prenatal alcohol exposure in the second trimester-equivalent increases the seizure susceptibility in developing rats
We have previously reported that prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) in the 2nd trimester-equivalent of gestation is associated with increased N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA)-induced generalized tonic-clonic seizures (GTCSs) prevalence in postpartum developing rats.
Journal of Public Health - Assessing the prevalence of alcohol consumption in early pregnancy using blood biomarker analysis: a consistent pattern across north-east England?
These data support our earlier work. Prevalence rates according to CDT and GGT analysis were similar in both areas, suggesting similar patterns of sustained alcohol use in pregnancy across the region.
Genetics and Genomic Medicine - 18q12.3‐q21.1 microdeletion detected in the prenatally alcohol‐exposed dizygotic twin with discordant fetal alcohol syndrome phenotype
The microdeletion emphasizes the importance of adequate chromosomal testing in examining the etiology of complex alcohol‐induced developmental disorders. Furthermore, the genotype‐specific decreased DNA methylation at the IGF2/H19 locus cannot be considered as a biological mark for PAE in adult WBCs.
Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry - Curcumin treatment attenuates alcohol-induced alterations in a mouse model of foetal alcohol spectrum disorders
Alcohol exposure during development produces physical and mental abnormalities in the foetus that result in long-term molecular adjustments in the brain, which could underlie the neurobehavioural deficits observed in individuals suffering from foetal alcohol spectrum disorders.
There rate of alcohol use and misuse among women in Nigeria and beyond is worrisome with several social and health implications. This paper which is an empirical review of literature focuses primarily on female related issues with regard to drinking.
Pediatrics - Maternal Alcohol-Use Disorder and Child Outcomes
The effects of maternal alcohol-use disorder are experienced by the majority of exposed children rather than a vulnerable subgroup of this population. - Everyday Executive Function in Children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or Autism Spectrum Disorder
As expected, participants with both FAS and ASD were rated by parents as having deficits in everyday executive function. Areas of weakness were distinct for FAS and ASD. In line with existing literature, participants with FAS had elevated scores for working memory and plan/organize; participants with ASD had elevated scores for shift (Rasmussen et al., 2007;
Rosenthal et al., 2013).
Journal of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease - Prenatal alcohol exposure and developmental programming of mental illness
This review will discuss the evidence that indicates low-dose and early prenatal alcohol exposure can increase the risk of mental illness in offspring and discuss the mechanistic pathways that may be involved.
Scientific Reports - Embryonic ethanol exposure alters expression of sox2 and other early transcripts in zebrafish, producing gastrulation defects
Ethanol exposure during prenatal development causes fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), the most frequent preventable birth defect and neurodevelopmental disability syndrome.
Chronic ingestion of alcohol in high percentages had deleterious effect on the male sex hormones, testes and epididymis which could affect fertility potential. A careful use of high concentrations of alcohol is suggested.
International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction - Likelihood of Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment Receipt among Pregnant Women in the USA
To explore predictors of mental health and substance use treatment receipt in pregnant women in the USA. Secondary analysis of data from the 2008–2014 National Survey on Drug Use and Health was conducted.
Journal of Dental Research - Prenatal Substance Use Disorders and Dental Caries in Children
Maternal substance use is associated with the future risk of dental caries hospitalization in children. Targeting substance use early in the lives of women may contribute to dental caries prevention in offspring.

Pharmazeutische Zeitung online (Germany) - 0,0 Promille in der Schwangerschaft
Alkoholkonsum während der Schwangerschaft kann das Ungeborene vielfältig und irreparabel schädigen. Fetale Alkoholspektrumstörungen (FASD) können sich als körperliche und geistige Behinderungen sowie Schäden des Zentralnervensystems (ZNS) äußern. Eine unbedenkliche Schwellendosis für den Alkoholkonsum gibt es nicht. (Poland) - Dzieci osób uzależnionych
„Pijana urodziła”. Wyszukiwarka internetowa znajduje ponad 2 mln informacji z taką frazą. Z miast, miasteczek i wsi. Wiadomo, jak bardzo pijana była matka. Wiadomo, ile promili miał noworodek. Ale jak wyglądało jego życie później? Tu jest próżnia.
Interia (Poland) - Lampka czerwonego wina w ciąży – „dla zdrowotności”? Uważaj!
Marzec 2019, Miastko na Pomorzu, pijana kobieta rodzi córkę z 1 promilem alkoholu we krwi. Sierpień 2019, Ostrów Wielkopolski, kobieta (3,5 promila alkoholu we krwi) rodzi dziecko z 1,7 promila alkoholu we krwi. Grudzień 2019, Nowy Dwór, 44-letnia pijana kobieta rodzi upojone alkoholem dziecko.
Verneri TV (Finland) - FASD - materiaalia ja tuotoksi
Tällä sivulla on Kehitysvammaliiton FASD-työssä kehitettyä materiaalia. Useita näistä materiaaleista voi tilata myös kotiin. Painettujen materiaalien tilausohjeet löydät "lisätietoja" -kohdasta.