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Alcohol News - 29/2018 - Liver disease: Five early symptoms of organ damage caused by too much alcohol
LIVER disease is often caused by drinking too much alcohol. If the misuse of alcohol continues, it can lead to a condition called alcohols-related cirrhosis and serious complications can occur. - Alcohol advertising checks 'must focus more on social media'
THE rules on advertising alcohol must be tightened up because of the increase in social media, according to new research. Academics said the regulatory system for the marketing of alcohol was struggling to keep up with the pace and nature of technological change.
TTG (Spain) - Balearic Islands to explore all-inclusive alcohol restrictions
The Balearic Islands is considering stringent limits - or even an outright ban - on free, unrestricted alcohol provision on all-inclusive holidays.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Irish plan to put cancer warnings on alcohol being closely watched
It is a quirk of law that a bottle of alcohol-free beer must list its ingredients but there is no such requirement for a bottle containing actual alcohol.
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Science Daily - Potential link between alcohol and death rates
Drinking heavily results in uncontrolled iron absorption into the body, putting strain on vital organs and increasing the risk of death, according to a new study published in the journal Clinical Nutrition.
Undark Magazine - A Major Industry-Funded Alcohol Study Was Compromised. How Many Others Are Out There?
LAST YEAR, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, part of the federal National Institutes of Health, laid out plans for what is a rarity in the realm of public health: a high quality clinical trial.
Washington Times - Even one month without alcohol improves health markers, study shows
Abstaining from alcohol for just one month can improve a number of health measurements, including lowering blood pressure and decreasing factors for cancer risk and diabetes, according to a recent study by researchers in the U.K. (Ireland) - Dr Ciara Kelly: "We really need to realise that alcohol is a drug
Last weekend there were calls from gardai and emergency first responders in west Cork for parents to act more responsibly, after it was reported that multiple teenagers were highly intoxicated at an underage disco where the emergency services had to be called repeatedly. (Switzerland) - Swiss experts recommend lower alcohol intake
Men should drink no more than two glasses of alcoholic beverages a day, women no more than one to keep their health risks low, the new government guidelines have recommended.
ABC Local (Australia) - Youth in justice system need more drug, alcohol services: report
A new report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has found young people in the youth justice system are 30 times more likely than their peers to need access to alcohol and drug services.
Medical Xpress - The relationship between alcohol outlets and traffic crashes
A new study by the Prevention Research Center of the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation examines the relationship between the number and location of alcohol outlets (such as bars or liquor stores or other places where alcohol is sold) and traffic crashes.
Irish Mirror (EU/Spain) - European anti-alcohol campaigners asked to fight drunken flights to Spain from Ireland
European anti-alcohol campaigners have been asked to help fight against drunken tourism in Spain. Flights to Palma and Ibiza from Ireland and the UK have been identified as problem flights. - Study shows 'booster' emails can reduce drinking/alcohol-related problems among college students
College students entering adulthood often drink too much. Negative consequences can include missed classes, poor grades, a wide array of injuries, and even assault. Many academic institutions have addressed this problem by offering computer-delivered interventions (CDIs) for rapid and wide dissemination to students.
PerthNow (Australia) - A minimum floor price on booze would curb alcohol-related harm in WA, health experts argue
A MINIMUM floor price on alcohol would be one of the best ways to curb alcohol-related harm, according to health experts, as pressure ramps up on the State Government to introduce the measure.
EurekAlert (Australia) - Reducing Australia's cancer death rate
New research has revealed for the first time what impact cutting back on drinking and smoking as a population would have on Australia's cancer death rate.
Citizen (South Africa) - South Africans drinking themselves to death – report
The study called for effective policy measures to prevent alcohol-attributable harm ‘such as limitations of availability and affordability’.
HuffPost UK - Sexting And Not Drinking: Why Teen Pregnancy Rates Are At An All-Time Low
Teenage pregnancy rates are at an all-time low thanks to younger people spending more time on social media, drinking less alcohol and being family-orientated, according to a report by the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (bpas).
The Sideny Morning Herald - How can we prevent thousands of cancer deaths? Drink less
Thousands of cancer deaths would be prevented each year if Australians slashed their weekly alcohol intake by around five standard drinks, a major study examining almost 80 years of health records has revealed.
Nigerian Tribune (Nigeria) - 4.3% of cancers in Nigeria alcohol-induced —Study
In a new study, experts have attributed 4.3 percent of all cancer seen in Nigeria to alcohol consumption.

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FASD News - 28/2018 (Australia) - Federal government needs to take action against alcohol industry’s poor pregnancy warnings, doctors say
AUSSIE doctors have ripped into the alcohol industry’s approach to pregnancy warnings, saying poor labelling could have lifelong consequences for unborn children. (Canada) - First of its kind database aims to reveal how FASD affects Canadians
Saskatchewan, like other provinces, does not collect specific data on how many people have fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). The Canada FASD Research Network (CanFASD) is launching the first national database, and first globally, on the disorder.
Edmonton Journal (Canada) - Opinion: People must take dangers of FASD seriously
At first glance, Travis doesn’t seem like someone who was born with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). Towering well past six feet, Travis appears to be a standard young adult —charming, personable, and handsome.
The West Australian (Australia) - Perth mums endanger children by drinking alcohol while pregnant
Alcohol-damaged children are a hidden epidemic, including in Perth’s western suburbs where women “from the chardonnay set” drink while pregnant, according to an expert.
702 (South Africa) - The human face of foetal alcohol syndrome
Watch the story of the life of Jade below, who, due to circumstances, was not able to stop her alcohol and substance abuse during pregnancy.
Mackay Daily Mercury (Australia) - Baby born with FAS after mum drank eight beers a day
LINDA McFadden's second baby nearly died from foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), but that wasn't enough for her to beat a debilitating addiction.
In all of my years of writing, there is a little three-letter word in the dictionary that I have never used before. The word is “sot,” and it means, “a habitual drunkard.”
Women's Health - Apparently 35 Percent Of People Think It’s Totally Fine To Drink During Pregnancy
Listen: It's totally normal to want a glass of wine after a long day at work—yes, even (or, honestly, especially) when you're pregnant.
News24 - Protect your unborn kids from alcohol
That small bit of alcohol you drink before realising you are pregnant can have life-long harmful effects on your baby.
The New Times - Alcohol and the reproductive system
It is harmful to health and damages various body parts like the liver, heart and nervous system. Alcohol also damages sexual reproductive health. The damage caused depends on the amount and type of alcohol consumed, and also the duration.
Daily Mail (UK) - Pregnant mother who drank TWO glasses of wine in one night reveals her husband 'hit the roof' and accused her of 'risking' their unborn baby's health - so who is right?
A mother has shared her concerns after her husband slammed her for drinking alcohol during the second trimester of her pregnancy.
HeraldLIVE (South Africa) - Drinking and smoking during pregnancy more deadly than we knew – study
The danger of even low levels of drinking and smoking by a pregnant woman have been researched in an extensive new study conducted in South Africa and America.
EurekAlert - How do state policies on alcohol use affect pregnant women and infants?
It is well known that if women drink while they are pregnant, they increase the chances that children may be affected by alcohol, including a broad range of serious defects referred to as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

Le Roux Schoeman - FASD: The facts about drinking alcohol during pregnancy
American Academy of Pediatrics - Alcohol and Pregnancy: It’s Just Not Worth the Risk
There's no guarantee that a baby will be born healthy or grow up healthy. However, there is an absolute guarantee that a child will not have a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) if a mother does not drink alcohol while pregnant.
Helen Simpson - FASD Celebration of People!
The purpose of this video is to showcase the wonderful and amazing individuals in this world who have the diagnosis of FASD. This video celebrates them and everything they are capable of.
And see her new blog as well - Read here
Parenting and Child Health - Pregnancy and alcohol – risks and effects on the developing baby
If you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, no alcohol is the safest choice.
Drinking alcohol in pregnancy significantly increases the risks of a number of alcohol-related birth defects. To what extent does drinking while pregnant affect the unborn child?

Child Neuropsychol. - Factors predictive of a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder diagnosis: Parent and teacher ratings.
Diagnostic assessment in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is informed by multidisciplinary assessment incorporating objective (i.e., test measures) and subjective means, such as parent and teacher behavior ratings.
Journal of Neuroinflammation - Role of MCP-1 and CCR2 in ethanol-induced neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration in the developing brain
MCP-1/CCR2 signaling played an important role in ethanol-induced microglial activation/neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration in the developing brain. The effects may be mediated by the interaction among MCP-1/CCR2 signaling, TLR4, and GSK3β.
Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research - “But problems dwell so the urge is constant…..” Qualitative Data Analysis of the OST CHOICES Program
While understanding their milieu, our study also unraveled different struggles (such as violence, peer pressure, financial burden and depression) encountered by Native women in their daily lives.
Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice - Understanding and Supporting Adults with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder - Strategies for Health Professionals: an Opinion Piece
This editorial provides health professionals with information to understand and support adults with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Specific strategies related to initiating referrals to community services, communicating intentionally and responding positively to behavioral challenges are discussed.
Europe PMC - An evaluation of the predictive validity of the SAVRY and YLS/CMI in justice-involved youth with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.
Despite the high prevalence of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) in youth criminal justice settings, there is currently no research supporting the use of violence risk assessment tools in this population.
Alcoholism - Regional patterns of alcohol‐induced neuronal loss depend on genetics: Implications for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
Mutation of the nNOS gene substantially increases vulnerability to alcohol‐induced cell loss in a brain region where the gene is expressed (olfactory bulb), but not in a separate brain region, where the gene is not expressed (facial nucleus).
PloS one - Does prenatal alcohol exposure cause a metabolic syndrome? (Non-)evidence from a mouse model of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
Although prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) reduces offspring growth, it may increase obesity risk at adolescence. Animal models of PAE display glucose intolerance and increased adiposity, suggesting that PAE causes metabolic reprogramming.
PCOM PSYCHOLOGY DISSERTATIONS - An Analysis of Teachers’ Judgements of the Executive Capacities of Students Classified as Emotionally Disturbed/Behaviorally Disordered and a Matched, Non-Clinical Student Group
The findings of this study highlight the fact that assessment at this level could lead to better understanding of how and why EF is so broadly impacted across mental health disorders, and thus aid in improved interventions, targeted treatment, and increased positive outcomes for this population.
Philosophies and Sociologies of Bioethics - ‘Can Someone Please Decide?’ How the Media Represent the Risk of Drinking During Pregnancy
Taking the case study of a UK media controversy from 2007 to 2008 about apparently conflicting risk advice from two public health bodies about the recommended limits of alcohol during pregnancy, this chapter will examine how the prevention paradox can play out in public and explain the delicate public position public health advice can find itself.
Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy - “I think we should all be singing from the same hymn sheet” – English and Swedish midwives’ views of advising pregnant women about alcohol
Many countries have adopted abstinence guidelines for pregnant women, due to uncertainty around the risk of harm caused by small amounts of alcohol. There is a lack of research exploring frontline midwives’ attitudes towards alcohol use during pregnancy and comparisons of practices in different countries.
Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica - Evaluation of a retrospective diary for peri-conceptual and mid-pregnancy drinking in Scotland
Women reported higher consumption levels when completing the Retrospective Diary, especially regarding peri-conceptual ‘binge’ drinking. Routine clinical practice methods may not capture potentially harmful or irregular drinking patterns.
Journal of Advanced Nursing - Peri-conceptual and mid-pregnancy drinking
Significant peri-conceptual consumption levels suggest a substantial proportion of alcohol-exposed pregnancies before pregnancy recognition.
University of New Mexico - Moderate Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Impairs Performance in an Object-Place-Paired-Associate Task
Memory impairments, including spatial and object processing, are often observed in individuals with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Much attention has been directed towards the hippocampus, which displays significant alterations after moderate prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE).
Contemporary Drug Problems - Exploring Professional Accounts of the Transition Into Parenthood of Pregnant Women Who Use Substances
In this article, the aim is to analyze professional accounts of the transition of substance-using pregnant women into parenthood.
Am Acad Pediatrics - Misalignment of Coronary Microvasculature Detected in a Model of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure using Optical Coherence Tomography
Congenital coronary anomalies can result in severe consequences such as arrhythmias and sudden death. Research has been dedicated to coronary development, but gaps exist in this area of study due to a lack of tools to visualize all the vessels.
Families in Society - The Policy to Practice Gap: Factors Associated With Practitioner Knowledge of CAPTA 2010 Mandates for Identifying and Intervening in Cases of Prenatal Alcohol and Drug Exposure
This article describes results from a state-wide survey of social services professionals (n = 259) regarding knowledge of the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act Reauthorization of 2010 (CAPTA), clinically based markers of prenatal substance exposure (PSE), and appropriate child protection responses following a PSE referral.

IN OTHER LANGUAGES (Germany) - Trinken während der Schwangerschaft ist nie in Ordnung – über 400 Bedingungen Co-auftreten mit fetalen Alkohol-Spektrum-Störung
Alkoholkonsum während der Schwangerschaft ist seit langem als No-No aufgeführt. Jüngste Forschungen haben diese Vorstellung jedoch in Frage gestellt und sich gefragt, ob das Trinken von Alkohol während des ersten Trimesters wirklich so schlimm ist, wie wir denken.
Max und das Fetale Alkoholsyndrom
Das Fetale Alkoholsyndrom (FAS) ist eine Fetale Alkoholspektrumstörung (FASD), die erheblichen Einfluss auf das Leben des Betroffenen und sein Umfeld hat. Am Beispiel Max wird erklärt, welche späteren Auswirkungen Alkoholgenuss beim Ungeborenen hervorrufen können.

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Two thirds of Brits have no idea how many calories are in their tipple

10 July, 2018, LONDON – press release

Over two thirds (68%) of Brits have no idea how many calories are in the alcohol they drink, according to new research from personal finance comparison site

This includes an estimated 2.7 million Brits who think there are less than 40 calories in a pint, despite the actual figure often being more than 200. The survey found that millennials were four-times more likely to think this than baby boomers, and they also underestimated by the largest amount across all alcohol types.

In contrast, baby boomers tended to think there are more calories in alcohol than there really are. For example, their guess for the amount of calories in a shot of vodka was, on average, 112 - more than double the actual amount of 54.

Men are 20 per cent more likely to be clueless about the calories they’re drinking, even though they consume double the amount women do every week.

The average Brit takes on 94,380 calories from booze every year, or 1,815 a week, which could see them put on 27lbs (or 12.2kg) in weight over the year.

For those watching their waistlines, two surprisingly calorific drinks to avoid are sambuca, which has around 45% more calories than other common spirits, such as gin, and alcopops, which are the most calorific choice at 155 calories per unit of alcohol.

Your choice of mixer can also make a big difference. Opting for standard tonic rather than diet with your double measure of gin adds 53 calories overall and means that you’re actually taking in a similar amount of calories per unit of alcohol to beer (89 vs 85).

To see the calorie content of popular alcoholic drinks, with further surprising findings and analysis, visit:

Jon Ostler, UK CEO at, said: “Healthy living and self-awareness have become more common, so it’s surprising to see the number of people who still lack basic knowledge about alcohol. We don’t need to become a nation of calorie counters or give up drinking altogether, but it’s important to understand that certain alcoholic drinks are as fattening as fast food. The average person drinks more calories per week than you would get in three Big Macs, but they don’t necessarily realise it’’.

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Alcohol News - 28/2018

BBC News (UK) - Alcohol-related brain damage at 10-year high
The number of people admitted to hospital in Scotland with alcohol-related brain damage has reached a 10-year high.
The Sun (Spain) - Tourists heading to Ibiza and Majorca may face booze limit at BRITISH airports
THE Balearic government is going to call for a limit on alcohol consumption at airports in a bid to curb the growing problem of drunk passengers on flights. (Netherlands) - Educated Dutch among most likely in Europe to drink regularly
Well-educated Dutch and Belgian citizens are more likely than almost anyone in Europe to drink alcohol at least once a week, according to a study published on Tuesday.
9News - Teen drinkers more likely to battle alcohol abuse in adulthood
When it comes to underage drinking, how often a teenager drinks rather than how much they drink has been found to be a bigger indicator of problems later in life.
The Conversation US - Alcohol’s health benefits hard to prove, but harms are easy to document
I research alcohol use and the associations between drinking and a wide range of problems. While the rising opioid epidemic has been receiving a lot of attention in the past five years, it is important to remember that alcohol is involved in a greater number of deaths and physical and social problems.
EurekAlert - Alcohol consumption is associated with nocturnal leg cramps
New research finds that, among patients over 60 years old, there is a strong association between consumption of alcoholic beverages and nocturnal leg cramps.
The New Times - Alcohol and the reproductive system
Alcohol is one of the most common abusive substances known and used worldwide for all occasions, and for relaxation as well.
Science Daily - Study examines alcohol's effects on sexual aggression
New research examines alcohol's 'in the moment' effects on sexual aggression, or the acute effects of alcohol on men's decisions about how to respond to sexual refusals in a dating simulation.
Irish Mirror (Ireland) - Retired Irish men aged 50+ are more likely to have an alcohol problem, study finds
Men who are over 50 and retired are more likely to have a boozing problem, research has found. The study carried out by the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland suggests “older adults remain vulnerable to alcohol-related harm”.
Rugby World - LISTEN: Special podcast on Rugby World’s recent alcohol investigation
Rugby World’s own Alan Dymock hosts a special podcast for the Times’ Ruck based on our latest investigation in the current issue of the magazine – an in-depth look at some rugby players’ struggles with alcohol misuse, addiction and related mental health issues.
Independent Online (South Africa) - How alcohol kills South Africans
When alcohol kills it discriminates - it picks on the poor and sick and goes lightly on the rich.
7Q2 (South Africa) - The human face of foetal alcohol syndrome
Watch the story of the life of Jade below, who, due to circumstances, was not able to stop her alcohol and substance abuse during pregnancy.
Alcohol Concern (UK) - New report calls for overhaul of “ineffective” alcohol marketing regulation
In a new report published today (6 July 2018) a leading alcohol charity is calling on the UK Government to undertake a thorough review of how alcohol marketing is regulated.
EurekAlert - How do state policies on alcohol use affect pregnant women and infants?
It is well known that if women drink while they are pregnant, they increase the chances that children may be affected by alcohol, including a broad range of serious defects referred to as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.
MEDPage Today - Critically Ill Patients Who Abuse Alcohol at Greater Risk for ARDS
Chronic alcohol abuse is a significant, independent risk factor for the development of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) among critically ill patients, especially among those with sepsis, researchers report.

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Alcohol News - 27/2018 (Australia) - Federal government needs to take action against alcohol industry’s poor pregnancy warnings, doctors say
AUSSIE doctors have demanded the federal government take action against poor alcohol labelling that could put pregnant mothers at risk.
The Week UK (UK) - Fuel and alcohol prices tipped to rise
The Government is reportedly poised to end the eight-year freeze on fuel duty in order to boost spending on the NHS. - Liver damage: Drinking this much alcohol a day can lead to organ failure
LIVER damage, or liver disease as it’s also referred, is commonly caused by obesity, an undiagnosed hepatitis infection and alcohol misuse. Drinking too much alcohol can lead to a condition called alcohol-relate cirrhosis and serious complications can occur. But what counts as excessive drinking and what’s the recommended number of units of alcohol that should be consumed in a day?
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Researchers found even drinking in moderation can have a negative affect on how the body generates energy. The work built on a previous study by the same team at the University of Eastern Finland, which suggested drinking can reduce gray matter volume in the brains of teens, leading the team to believe the two may be associated.
The Local Sweden (Sweden) - Sweden wants to bring home alcohol delivery to the whole country
Sweden's government wants to extend the home delivery options from the state-run alcohol monopoly Systembolaget, so that everyone in the country can use the service.
ABC News (Australia) - Dry July: What you might learn from a month without booze
It's July 1, which means we're a third of the way through winter, halfway through the year and one day into Dry July.
Ahval (Turkey) - Turkey adds 15.5 percent tax to alcoholic beverages
Turkey has added an additional 15.5 percent special consumption tax to alcoholic beverages, left-wing newspaper Evrensel reported.
An inspection conducted by the Czech Trade Inspection Office at the end of the school year has found that the majority of stores violated the law by selling alcohol to minors.
2BR (UK) - "Horrifying" numbers treated for alcohol related liver disease in Blackburn
Accident and Emergencies teams at Blackburn with Darwen Clinical Commissioning Group treated 59 patients for alcohol-related liver disease last year, according to NHS figures.
IEG Policy (Poland) - Poland plans to legalise alcohol production by farmers
Poland’s Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski, has announced plans to amend the law to facilitate the production of traditional alcohols by local farmers.

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FASD News - 26/2018

AAP News - Is Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder More Common Than We Think?
Looking at the data from this superb study, the answer is yes. Not only that, we're likely missing the diagnosis in the vast majority of affected children. (Canada) - Trent Hills to promote awareness of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
The municipality has joined the Province of Ontario in declaring Sept. 9 as International Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Day or FASDay. (New Zealand) - Doctor: Booze industry needs mandatory warnings for pregnant women
New Zealand Medical Association (NZMA) chair Dr Kate Baddock is calling for mandatory labelling on alcoholic drinks packaging to warn of the dangers of drinking during pregnancy, which can lead to foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).
HeraldLIVE (South Africa) - Alcohol abuse alarm
Social Development MEC Dr Pumza Dyantyi has raised deep concern about the high incidence of foetal alcohol syndrome disorder (FASD) in farming areas stretching from Joubertina into the Langkloof.
Metro (POland) - Mum was so drunk her baby was 10 times over the drink drive limit at birth
A drunk mother gave birth to a baby that was 10 times over the alcohol limit. The new born arrived two months prematurely and was found to have severe levels of alcohol in his system.
Irish Times (Ireland) - It is not the glass of wine that really helps you unwind
Once upon a time, when people finished work, they relaxed. But they did it in a peculiar way. They had dinner, or talked, or read the newspaper, or played with the children, or went for a walk – and the peculiar part is that they did it without pouring a glass of wine.

EUFASD - European Conference on FASD 2018
The EUFASD conferences bring together academics, educators, non-governmental organisations and charities, legislators and politicians, lawyers and individuals involved in the criminal justice system, birth and adoptive families alongside individuals who themselves have FASD; shared learning will help promote the understanding of this disorder in Germany, Europe and internationally.
FASD Hub Australia - Australasian FASD 2018 Conference- November 21st-22nd 2018, Perth
We are delighted to invite you to the 2nd Australasian Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Conference (FASD2018) from November 21st – 22nd 2018.
Gain a better understanding of the needs of individuals living with FASD; Benefit from shared beliefs and priorities; Receive coaching with an FASD perspective; Expand your skills and knowledge within the family’s circle of support.

Stay Healthycommunity - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder FASD PUBLICHEALTH
What is fetal alcohol spectrum disorder : a public health perspective. How community can create a supportive environment for woman : Health promotion strategies for FASD.
FASD Network of Saskatchewan - Justice Support Services at the FASD Network
Thanks to a grant from the Law Foundation of Saskatchewan now has a support worker dedicated to providing supports and services for individuals with FASD who have involvement in the Saskatchewan justice system.
mofasorg - MOFAS Priority: Prevention Programs
With the right supports, mothers with substance use disorders can maintain sobriety and lead healthier lives with their children. MOFAS works to provide these supports through the Family-Centered Long-Term Recovery Supports grant.
Johns Hopkins Medicine - Alcohol and Pregnancy
Drinking alcohol while pregnant is a leading cause of birth defects in a fetus. Everything a mother drinks also goes to the fetus. Alcohol is broken down more slowly in the immature body of the fetus than in the body of an adult.

Queen's Graduate Theses and Dissertations - DEFICITS IN EYE MOVEMENT CONTROL IN ADULTS WITH FASD
Individuals with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) are believed to be overrepresented in the criminal justice system (CJS).
Alcoholism - Effect of choline supplementation on neurological, cognitive and behavioral outcomes in offspring arising from alcohol exposure during development: A quantitative systematic review of clinical and preclinical studies
This review suggests that choline supplementation has the potential to ameliorate specific behavioral, neurological and cognitive deficits in offspring caused by fetal alcohol exposure, at least in preclinical studies.
Addiction Research & Theory - Stakeholder perspectives on the stigma of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
Results described the stigma experienced by different stakeholders related to FASD by identifying specific candidates for stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination. These findings can be used to inform further assessment of stigma and also the development of tailored anti-stigma interventions.
Alcoholism - Combined Face‐Brain Morphology and Associated Neurocognitive Correlates In Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Combined morphology analysis of the caudate nucleus, and the corpus callosum, with the face, better identify those with FAS. Caudate nucleus asymmetry was reduced for FAS compared to controls and is strongly associated with general cognitive ability, verbal learning and recall in those with prenatal alcohol exposure.
Research on Social Work Practice - Reducing Substance-Exposed Pregnancy and HIV Among Juvenile Justice Adolescent Females
The results suggest strong acceptability and feasibility with high client satisfaction and client/therapist ratings, 91% session completion, and positive open-ended responses.
ANZJOG - The provision of alcohol and breastfeeding information by maternal health practitioners in the Australian setting
Despite the existence of a national alcohol guideline for breastfeeding women, maternal health practitioners are not incorporating this advice into their everyday practice with lactating women.
Psychoneuroendocrinology - Interactive effects of prenatal alcohol exposure and chronic stress in adulthood on anxiety-like behavior and central stress-related receptor mRNA expression: sex- and time-dependent effects
Children and adults prenatally exposed to alcohol show higher rates of mental health problems than unexposed individuals, with depression and anxiety being among the more commonly encountered disorders.

NOZ - Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung (Germany) - Fetales Alkoholsyndrom: Lingener bekamen Alkohol im Mutterleib
Lingen. Deutschlandweit werden jedes Jahr etwa 10.000 Babys mit alkoholbedingten Schädigungen geboren, weil ihre Mütter neun Monate nicht auf Alkohol verzichten konnten oder wollten. Die Lingenerin Gisela Michalowski hat drei Pflegekinder und ein Adoptivkind.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Alcohol News - 26/2018

New York Post - The unexpected consequences of binge drinking
Young adults who binge drink have heightened cardiovascular-disease risk factors, including higher blood sugar, higher total cholesterol and higher blood pressure, according to a new report in the Journal of the American Heart Association.
Skift - The Tricky Business of Selling Alcohol on Planes
Once a month, and often more, we read about U.S. airline passengers who drink too much alcohol and act out. Sometimes, they start fights, or abuse other passengers. Or they try to open an emergency exit, scaring fellow passengers.
Medical News Today - What causes alcohol addiction? Study investigates
Is a faulty signaling mechanism in the brain area that processes emotion the reason that only a minority of those who drink alcohol become addicted to it?
ESPN - UEFA lifts Champions League and Europa League alcohol ban
Fans at Champions League and Europa League matches will be able to buy alcohol next season after UEFA changed regulations banning its sale in stadiums.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Train drivers' alcohol limit four times higher than taxi and bus drivers'
Current legislation which permits train drivers and other railway workers to have four times more alcohol in their blood than other professional drivers “fell between the gaps”, an Oireachtas Committee has heard.
Traveller - Drunk passengers on planes: Ryanair calls for alcohol restrictions in airports
Following a series of incidents involving boozed-up passengers, Ryanair, one of the world's largest international carriers, has recently called for a restriction on the number of alcoholic beverages passengers are allowed to consume pre-flight. (Canada) - 'Sobering report' tracks 53,000 Manitobans' struggles with alcohol, barriers accessing help
A robust 25-year study suggests the key to helping Manitobans in the grips of alcohol disorders could be all about more timely diagnoses and removing barriers to prescriptions and treatment so those with addictions can get quicker access to care.
Wall Street Journal - Dealing With an Aging Parent’s Alcohol Problem
Yvonne Mirilovich came home from work in January 2016 and found her mother drunk while babysitting her two young daughters.
Georgia Today (Georgia) - Alcohol consumption in Georgia more like Italy than Eastern Europe
According to a report by the World Advertising Center on World Drink Trends compiled in 2005, drinking-age people are consuming alcohol in Georgia drastically less than in Poland, Estonia, Hungary, or Russia--to name a few.
The Star, Kenya (Kenya) - 4.9m Kenyans abusing alcohol and drugs, high schools a haven
Nacada has reported that 4.9 million Kenyans aged 15 – 65 years are abusing at least one drug or other substance.
The Roar (Australia) - You booze, you lose: Why the NRL must ban alcohol ads
Earlier last week, a report released by La Trobe University found that on State of Origin nights there was a 40 per cent increase in domestic assault incidents and approximately a 70 per cent rise in non-domestic assaults.
Independent Online (South Africa) - Booze adverts targeted because 'youngsters see alcohol glamorised'
The debate surrounding the banning of alcohol advertising sponsorships in sport is raging on, and advocacy group the Southern Africa Alcohol Policy Alliance (Saapa) held discussions on Wednesday to explore alternative funding options.
Great Lakes Ledger (Canada) - Alcohol and Tobacco Cost Canadians $38 Billion
A study released on 26 June shows that Canadians paid for substance use $38.4 billion in 2014. The report was done by the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction and the Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research.
WORDS YOU DON’T want to hear about a $100 million, 10-year scientific study: “significant concerns.” Also bad: “inadequately powered.”
Medical Xpress - Research finds counting your drinks reduces alcohol consumption
The most effective way for Australians to reduce their alcohol consumption is counting their drinks, new research led by Curtin University has found. (New Zealand) - Doctor: Booze industry needs mandatory warnings for pregnant women
New Zealand Medical Association (NZMA) chair Dr Kate Baddock is calling for mandatory labelling on alcoholic drinks packaging to warn of the dangers of drinking during pregnancy, which can lead to foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).
Economic Times - Substance abuse disorder directly affects kidney & brain; can further cause anxiety, paranoia, delusions
Amit’s addiction story started with his college friends telling him to try a shot of alcohol at a wedding “just one time”, followed by peer pressure to “smoke only when you are drinking”.
The Local France (France) - French risk 'preventable' cancers by smoking, drinking and eating unhealthily
The French are needlessly putting themselves at risk of developing cancer by smoking, drinking and eating unhealthily, a new study reveals.