Thursday, February 6, 2020

Alcohol News - 5/2020 (UK) - NHS reveals record-breaking number of alcohol-related hospital admissions
The NHS has today revealed that in 2018, a staggering 1.3million people were admitted to hospital because of alcohol, a figure that represents 7.4% of all hospital admissions across the country.
The New York Times (USA) - What Does It Mean to Have a Serious Drinking Problem?
One day in the fall of 2018, I woke up feeling wrecked. The night before I’d had beers with colleagues and wound up braying loudly to one of them about something she’d confided and what I thought she should do.
INSIDER - Drinking alcohol every day can speed up brain aging by one week per session, according to a study of more than 17,000 people
Over time, drinking a little bit more alcohol than recommended could accelerate the brain's aging process, according to a new study.
Healthline - Study Finds That No Amount of Alcohol Is Safe During Pregnancy
For expectant parents, few issues have the ability to cause controversy like consuming alcohol while pregnant. While women in the United States have been warned to avoid all alcohol during pregnancy, some research has found that small amounts of alcohol during pregnancy may be safe.
Financial Times (France) - Paris puts alcohol-free drinks at the centre of cocktail week
On Friday night, 16 people lined up around a long wooden table laden with metal shakers, buckets of ice, lemon, and other ingredients, ready to listen to a bartender give a cocktail-making class.
Bloomberg (USA) - The Dry January Conversation No One Is Having
A month of sobriety can be a valuable opportunity to examine a relationship with drinking. Unfortunately, these 31 days are one of only a few times in the year when there is national attention directed at alcohol use, even as it continues to be a significant public health issue.
TVNZ (New Zealand) - Alcohol exposure in NZ supermarkets 'like advertising candy' to children, researcher says
There's room for improvement in how alcohol is sold in New Zealand's supermarkets, including potentially moving wine and beer away from busy areas, Victoria University research suggests.
Prague Morning (Czechia) - One in Seven Czech Adults is an Alcoholic, Study Says
The average Czech drinks 14.4 liters of pure alcohol a year, which is twice as much as the global average with Czech men consuming four times more alcohol than women, according to a poll conducted by leading research agency MEDIAN for the Ministry of Health.
TheMayorEU (Brussels) - No drinking of alcohol in pedestrian zones of Brussels as of today
As of today, 1st February, drinking alcohol in the public spaces belonging to the pedestrian zone of Brussels is prohibited throughout the night. In effect between midnight and 6 a.m. the ban will be enforced for six months - until the beginning of August 2020.
The Brussels Times (Belgium) - Belgium’s alcohol-free ‘Tournée Minérale’ month starts 1 February
The fourth edition of ‘Tournée Minérale’, an initiative to go the entire month of February without alcohol, will start on Saturday.
Wall Street Journal - Booze Ads on Social Media Stir Controversy
Health concerns are sparking restrictions on advertising alcohol on billboards and television, but on social media—which transcends national borders—lax age controls and the use of influencers make booze marketing hard to police.
Yahoo Finance - Alcohol advertisements might be banned from social media
Alcohol ads stir up controversy after a study shows alcohol ads are being viewed by children under the age of 21. Yahoo Finance’s On The Move panel discusses.
Thrive Global - What Happens To A Child In An Alcoholic Family?
Last week a wonderful family called me. They were worried about their little boy. Both parents were in recovery and had grown up in alcoholic families. They were concerned about their child. He was 7 and every night he awoke with terrors of days gone by. Time was when he lived with his natural father who had been active in addiction.
Basis Online - Super Bowl swigs: Applying social practice theory to alcohol consumption
Some things just go hand in hand: peanut butter and jelly, birthdays and cake, football and beer. In fact, It’s very difficult to imagine attending a Super Bowl party that has no beer. But why is that?
Global Legal Monitor - Uruguay: Law Regulating Alcohol Consumption Enacted
On January 8, 2020, Law No. 19855 regulating the consumption of alcoholic beverages was published in Uruguay’s official gazette. The new Law aims to manage the risks and prevent the harm resulting from the “problematic consumption” of alcoholic beverages. Additionally, it adopts measures to protect and ensure the rights, comprehensive well-being, and health of people in the country.
BU School of Public Health - Little Progress on Alcohol Policy Globally
A new analysis led by a School of Public Health researcher finds that few countries have adopted effective measures to reduce alcohol consumption, and that alcohol continues as the seventh leading cause of death and disability worldwide, and the leading cause for people 15­–49 years old.
IOGT-NTO (Sweden) - Alcohol, pregnancy and infant health – a shared responsibility
Of all the lifestyle choices we make in conjunction with pregnancy, none are of greater importance to the child’s future health and development than the ones we make in relation to alcohol.
Irish Cancer Society - Cancers for which alcohol is a risk factor
Alcohol is a major risk factor for certain head and neck cancers, particularly mouth cancer, throat cancer and cancer of the larynx (voicebox).
ADF - Alcohol and bowel cancer: common companions
Alcohol causes, or increases the risk of, different cancers including breast, pancreatic, throat, mouth and bowel cancer. In Australia, it is estimated that 3,208 cancer diagnoses in 2010 were attributable to alcohol.

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