Thursday, February 20, 2020

Alcohol News - 7/2020

RTL (Luxembourg) - Reactions across the board support alcohol plan's emphasis on prevention
Three weeks ago, then-Minister of Health Etienne Schneider announced a national alcohol action plan, designed to curb excessive drinking.
The Guardian (UK) - Higher alcohol taxes to fund NHS would benefit poor – study
Raising alcohol taxes does not disproportionately affect poorer households, once the effects of the potential additional funds generated to plough into the NHS are taken into account, according to a study.
BBC News (Wales) - Welsh alcohol minimum pricing awareness campaign starts
A campaign is being launched to remind shoppers and retailers of the start of minimum alcohol pricing in Wales.
Otago Daily Times (New Zealand) - Alcohol-free rugby league fields supported by council panel
A Christchurch City Council hearings panel has backed a call by Canterbury Rugby League to ban alcohol from their sidelines.
Kyiv Post (Ukraine) - Ukraine to fight counterfeit alcohol with electronic excise stamps
Ukraine’s government will battle the counterfeit alcohol market with a new technology. On May 1, the Cabinet of Ministers will roll out electronic excise stamps to push back against trade in counterfeit spirits, Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk announced late on Feb. 12.
Irish Medical Times (Ireland) - Global Alcohol Policy Conference heads to Ireland
GAPC is a network of not-for-profit organisations and public health agencies advocating evidence-based alcohol policies. (USA) - Women Are Looking To Sobriety As An Act Of Activism—And Not Everyone's Pleased
You've noticed more and more of your friends abstaining from drinks at the bar recently, yes? That's because it's becoming way more mainstream to say no to booze in a social setting. (You've heard those same friends name "self-care" as a very nebulous reason for abstaining, right?)
The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - 'Alcohol can cause lifelong harm to your baby': Regulator approves new warning label
Australian drinkers will be warned "alcohol can cause lifelong harm to your baby" under a new mandatory labelling scheme approved by the regulator, unless state and federal ministers veto the plan.
Metro - Being the child of an alcoholic means the trauma stays with you for years
Until my teenage years, my family lived a fairly ‘normal’ life. My mother and father, both in good jobs, had four children – I was the oldest. (USA) - Some people could be blocked from purchasing alcohol in Utah
Some people could be blocked from purchasing alcohol at state-run liquor stores in Utah under a bill introduced in the state legislature.
BU School of Public Health (USA) - State Alcohol Laws Focus on Drunk Driving—They Could Do Much More
US state laws to reduce impaired driving have substantially increased in number and strength over the last 20 years, but laws to reduce excessive drinking remained unchanged, according to a new School of Public Health study.
Russia Business Today (Russia) - Russians Now Drink Less, Live Longer: WHO
The life expectancy of Russian citizens has improved thanks to reducing alcohol consumption, a World Health Organization (WHO) report has indicated.
docwire - Smoking and Drinking Appear to Impact Survival for Oral Cancer
Patients with oral cancer who smoke and drank had higher all‐cause mortality and oral cancer‐specific mortality compared with patients with oral cancer who did not drink or smoke, according to a study published in Head & Neck. - Skipping alcohol is good for a heart that skips beats
Swearing off alcohol in the new year can be a way to recover from holiday indulgence. But for people who suffer from a common and risky type of heart problem, giving up booze might be a life-saving resolution.

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