Thursday, January 30, 2020

Alcohol News - 4/2020

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can lead to low birth weight and poor cognitive function, according to scientists.
BBC News (Scotland) - Alcohol off-sales fall in first year of minimum pricing
The amount of alcohol sold in Scotland's shops fell during the first year of minimum pricing but sales increased south of the border.
Medical Xpress - Making cancer risks clear boosts public support for higher alcohol prices
People who learn alcohol is a carcinogen—fewer than 25 percent of Canadians who consume alcohol are aware it can cause cancer—are almost two times more likely to support policies that raise the price of beer, wine and spirits.
Nursing Times (UK) - Reversal of alcohol duty cuts ‘would fund 40,000 nurses’
A group of leading health and care organisations has written to the chancellor calling for an increase in alcohol duty to help pay for more nurses and other key services.
New research may uncover key predictors for the combination of major depressive disorder and alcohol use dependence—information that could aid in both prevention and treatment.
Irish Examiner (Ireland) - Beyond Dry January: Is it time to reassess our relationship with alcohol in the longer term?
Many of us entered 2020 promising to give up alcohol for a month and, if you’ve stuck with it, steering clear of booze for that long can feel like a huge achievement. But will you be breathing a sigh of relief and hitting the bar hard in February? Or has a month off given you a slightly different outlook? (Luxembourg) - STRATEGY TO REDUCE ALCOHOL ABUSE TARGETS YOUNGSTERS
The government’s national action plan to tackle the misuse of alcohol has been approved by the Council of State.
The Australian (Australia) - Breaking free from alcohol, our most dangerous drug
Yesterday, on Australia Day, I was sober for 50 years. Since I stopped drinking and drugging on January 26, 1970, Alcoholics Anonymous has continued to teach me that for an alcoholic one drink is too many and 100 is not enough.
CapeTalk (South Africa) - New law on 0% blood-alcohol limit for drivers to be strictly enforced, says FARR
Zero-tolerance for drunk drivers is the way to go, says the Foundation for Alcohol Related Research. The Foundation for Alcohol Related Research (FARR) says it supports the incoming law taking a zero-tolerance approach to drunk driving.
YLE News (Finland) - Can "Dry January" help quench Finland's thirst for alcohol?
Many people in Finland are wrapping up a month of abstinence from alcohol, known as “tipaton tammikuu” or Dry January in English. Annika Eloranta of the Network for Preventive Substance Abuse Work (EPT) told All Points North that Finns drink 10.4 litres of hard liquor per person each year, a number that was declining but has bubbled up slightly in recent years.
TASS (Russia) - Aeroflot to return alcoholic beverages in economy class flights
Russia's Aeroflot will return alcoholic beverages in economy class flights starting February 1, the company told TASS on Thursday.
UrduPoint (Russia) - Nearly Third Of Crimes In Russia Committed Under Alcohol Influence – Statistics
Almost one in three offenses in Russia were committed last year under the influence of spirits, official figures published Monday by the Interior Ministry showed.

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