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FASD News - 21/2019

Nunatsiaq News (Canada) - We can’t determine FASD prevalence, Nunavut government says
The Government of Nunavut still can’t generate numbers on the prevalence of FASD within the territory’s population, a spokesperson for the GN’s Department of Health told Nunatsiaq News this week.
The BMJ (Scotland) - NICE plans new standard for fetal alcohol disorders
A quality standard on fetal alcohol disorders is set to be developed by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). The announcement came as a charity’s report showed that clinical commissioning groups are failing to commission services for people with neurodevelopmental disorders arising from exposure to alcohol in the womb.
The BMJ (Scotland) - NICE plans new standard for fetal alcohol disorders
Alcohol during pregnancy, the commonest cause of preventable mental impairment in Western countries, is enduringly underestimated, although not by the National Organisation for Foetal Alcohol Syndrome-UK.
Calgary Herald (Canada) - Opinion: Pushing progress for treating fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
Recently, the Calgary Herald published an important series on the realities facing individuals with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. This series, researched and written by Vanessa Hrvatin, shone a light on a developmental disability that affects over a million Canadians, and yet is often overlooked, misdiagnosed and misunderstood. (New Zealand) - Beautiful tributes at funeral of FASD sufferer who died in mental health unit
Last week, a young man living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is suspected of committing suicide at a mental health unit despite red flags being raised with staff. His foster parents are angry with the government, and are calling for change. Matthew Rosenberg reports.
The Swaddle - Kids Exposed In Utero to Alcohol Show Altered Brain Structure Years Later
A new study has found that teenagers who were exposed to alcohol while in the womb showed altered brain connections that impair their cognitive performance.
Bury Times (UK) - 1,000 children a year brain damaged by alcohol in the womb in Greater Manchester
A THOUSAND children are born a year with brain damage in Greater Manchester because their mums drank while expecting – now health bosses have launched a pilot to end the "hidden epidemic".
Rochdale Online (UK) - Campaign launched to prevent unborn children being harmed by alcohol
A new initiative is being launched in Greater Manchester to prevent children being left with life-long health problems because of the effects alcohol can have during pregnancy.

Konferencja "FASD - wiele aspektów, wielu specjalistów, wspólne cele" (September 9-10, 2019
Mamy zaszczyt zaprosić na bezpłatną ogólnopolską konferencję naukową „FASD - wiele aspektów, wielu specjalistów, wspólne cele”, która odbędzie się w Krakowie 9 i 10 września. Organizatorem jest Wojewódzki Specjalistyczny Szpital Dziecięcy im. św. Ludwika w Krakowie. Konferencja realizowana ze środków Narodowego Programu Zdrowia na lata 2016-2020.
EYPD - Understanding Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder –Strategies for Success (Sep 7, 2019 Vancouver, Canada)
This presentation contains a general overview of the cause of FASD, its primary and secondary characteristics, and possible advantages of early diagnosis and intervention.

GMHSC Partnership - Go alcohol free, no risk of FASD #DRYMESTER
More than 1,000 children are born each year in Greater Manchester with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, having been exposed to alcohol in the womb.
AlcoholFreePregnancy - NOFAS Mourns the Passing of Circle of Hope “Warrior Mom” LaShaunda Harris
NOFAS is saddened to report that the Washington state coordinator of the NOFAS Circle of Hope, LaShaunda Harris, recently passed away.
LetsTalkFASDak - FASD: This could happen to any of us
What FASDs are, who they affect, how common FASDs are in Alaska and how to prevent them.
Coast to Coast Events - Living with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Bridgeway Family Homes - FASD Treatment Homes Pt 2 November 2018
Bridgeway In-Service Training with Amanda Alton-Rawn
Addiction Centre - Pregnant Women and Alcohol
A pregnant mother’s excessive drinking can cause her child severe health problems that follow him or her into adulthood.
Manitoba FASD Coalition - Changing the Conversation: the 2019 CNFASD Partnership Symposium Final Report has arrived!
Take a look at the 2019 CNFASD Partnership Symposium Final Report HERE!

SFU - Family Navigation as a Model of Care: Moving Beyond the Barriers
This capstone explores the disability landscape in British Columbia, Canada through a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) lens mapping out why a Family Navigation model of care could facilitate access to and potential development of needed resources and services for families with children with FASD.
Journal of family nursing - “I’m Doing My Part, I Just Need Help From the Community”: Intervention Implications of Foster and Adoptive Parents’ Experiences Raising Children and Young Adults With FASD
Individuals with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) have high rates of health care service utilization. It is vital that health care professionals understand FASD and associated family experiences to strengthen their ability to respond to family needs and tailor family-focused interventions.
Current Opinion in Psychiatry - Recent advances in fetal alcohol spectrum disorder for mental health professionals
Developments in genetics, epigenetics, imaging, and interventions are relevant to the current knowledge of FASD. MHP are encouraged to recognize the importance of understanding unique considerations for this population, including forensic implications and the whole-body impacts of FASD, which could assist in reducing stigma and improving quality of care.
Archives of Disease in Childhood - G215(P) Identifying facial features associated with prenatal alcohol exposure in newborn infants using 2D and 3D imaging
To compare 2D and 3D photography using computerised analysis for earlier detection of craniofacial changes in newborn infants with and without prenatal alcohol exposure.
Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research - Global DNA Methylation and Histone Posttranslational Modifications in Human and Nonhuman Primate Brain in Association with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure
Based upon experimental animal studies, the neurodevelopmental abnormalities associated with prenatal alcohol exposure (PNAE)/fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) have been attributed, at least in part, to epigenetic modifications.
University of Brighton - Prenatal alcohol exposure, biomarkers and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) is the term used to describe neurobehavioral disorders associated with prenatal alcohol exposure ranging from the most severe Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) with facial dysmorphology, through partial Fetal alcohol syndrome (pFAS) to alcohol-related birth defects (ARBD).
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health - Community Perceptions of Alcohol Exposed Pregnancy Prevention Program for American Indian and Alaska Native Teens
A community needs assessment during a tribally-led Changing High-Risk Alcohol Use and Increasing Contraception Effectiveness Study (CHOICES) intervention highlighted the need to reduce the risk for alcohol exposed pregnancy (AEP) among American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) adolescent girls.
BMC Pediatrics - Prenatal alcohol exposure and infant gross motor development: a prospective cohort study
We found no evidence to suggest that low PAE is associated with measurable impairment in infant GM development at 12-months. Further research is needed to examine potential PAE impacts on GM development in heavier exposure groups and through the childhood years when subtle GM deficits may be more detectable.
International journal of Environmental Research and Public Health - Partnering with the Health Professions to Promote Prevention of an Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancy: Lessons Learned from an Academic–Organizational Collaborative
Evidence-based strategies exist to train healthcare professionals to ask their patients and clients about alcohol use, and are successful. Implementation of these strategies utilizing a system-level approach has not been conducted nationwide.
Alcohol - Maternal Choline Supplementation Mitigates Alcohol-Induced Fetal Cranio-Facial Abnormalities Detected Using an Ultrasonographic Examination in A Sheep Model
Early detection of prenatal alcohol exposure is critical for designing and testing effectiveness of interventional therapeutics. Choline supplementation during and after prenatal alcohol exposure has shown promising benefits in improving outcomes in rodent models and clinical studies.
Brain research - Glucocorticoid receptor expression in the stress-limbic circuitry is differentially affected by prenatal alcohol exposure and adolescent stress
The dense expression of glucocorticoid receptors (GR) within the amygdala, medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) and paraventricular nucleus of hypothalamus (PVN) mediates many aspect of emotional and stress regulation.
Archives of Disease in Childhood - G195 Novel techniques for the analysis of face-brain morphology in babies and adolescents with prenatal alcohol exposure (PNAE)
Identifying facial dymorphia, structural brain anomalies and the relations between them and cognition is important as it could ultimately help determine the extent of neuro-structural damage caused by in utero alcohol exposure, allowing identification of risk groups and improving earlier diagnosis.
Archives of Disease in Childhood - G194 Identifying the pattern and prevalence of alcohol consumption in pregnancy
Alcohol consumption in pregnancy has adverse consequences for the developing fetus, but is typically under-reported. Measuring alcohol metabolites in infant meconium has potential to identify prenatal alcohol exposure; local pilot data indicated an incidence of significant alcohol consumption in pregnancy of 15%.
University of Western Australia - Young people in detention in Western Australia: An examination of motor skills and the effect of prenatal alcohol exposure
This thesis assessed and characterised the motor performance of young people with a suspected high prevalence of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure (PAE) and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASO) residing in a Western Australian youth detention centre.

Terre Marsicane (Italy) - Alcol in gravidanza. Un fattore di rischio per lo sviluppo della FAS
Durante la gravidanza, se la gestante abusa di bevande alcoliche, nel feto può svilupparsi la malattia nota come Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, ovvero la sindrome alcolica fetale (FAS) caratterizzata da numerose anomalie fisiche, mentali e comportamentali.
Casteddu on Line (Italy) - Fetopatia alcolica, la legge rimasta lettera morta in Sardegna. Il M5s: 40mila sardi alcolisti, tante donne
In Sardegna si contano (dati Istati 2010) circa 40.000 alcolisti, di cui la metà sono donne per la maggior parte in età fertile. Sono circa 650 gli aborti da abuso alcolico non diagnosticati definiti spontanei nelle cartelle ospedaliere e 65 le fetopatie alcoliche caratterizzate da sindromi fenotipiche variabili e ritardo mentale grave. (Finland) – FASD-OIREYHTYMÄ Opas Rovaniemen neuvoloiden odottaville äideille
FASD tarkoittaa sikiöaikaisen alkoholialtistuksen oireyhtymiä. FASD sisältää neljä eri diagnoosia, joissa kaikissa on omat oireensa.

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