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Alcohol News - 22/2019

Irish Examiner (Ireland) - Public Health chief says alcohol laws should limit licenced premises
The Director of Public Health for the south of Ireland has said future alcohol laws should look to restrict the number of new licenced premises in problem drinking areas.
Metro (UK) - Over 24,000,000 Brits ‘self-medicate with alcohol and drugs to cope with life’
Nearly half of Brits self-medicate by using drugs, alcohol and sex to cope with mental health symptoms, according to a new study.
ERR News (Estonia) - Bill lowering alcohol excise duty submitted to Riigikogu
Chairman of the Conservative People's Party of Estonia (EKRE) parliamentary group Siim Pohlak submitted a bill on behalf of the ruling three-party coalition to the Riigikogu on Monday that would lower the excise duty on strong alcohol, beer and cider in Estonia by 25 percent as of July 1.
ERR News (Latvia) - Latvia planning tit-for-tat alcohol excise cut
Following Monday's announcement that a bill to reduce excise duty on alcoholic drinks was to be put to the Riigikogu, Latvia has followed suit in announcing its own proposed excise duty cuts.
ERR News (Finland) - Finland to follow suit in responding to planned Estonian excise cuts
The Finnish Grocery Trade Association and alcohol producers said that Estonia's plan to lower the excise duties on beer, cider and spirits, ostensibly to curb cross-border trade between it and Latvia, requires an immediate response.
NordAN (Estonia/Latvia/Finland) - NordAN urge governments to cooperate on alcohol policy
The situation around cross-border trade in the Nordic and Baltic region is creating worrying developments which caused NordAN to send an open letter to the ministers and party leaders of Finland, Estonia and Latvia, as well as to the media in the region.
Occupational Health and Safety (Canada) - Health Canada Restricts Alcohol Content of Flavored Purified Beverages
Flavored purified alcoholic beverages are a new and growing class of beverages in Canada that pose an increasing public health risk, especially to younger Canadians, Health Canada reports.
The Scotsman (Scotland) - No amount of alcohol safe to consume during pregnancy, say Scots scientists
A team of researchers including experts from the University of Aberdeen, have taken a major step forward in understanding how expectant mothers’ consumption of alcohol affects foetal brain development.
FRANCE 24 (Norway) - Norwegian pension fund ditches alcohol, gambling and pornography
The largest pension fund in Norway announced Tuesday it was blacklisting companies profiting from alcohol, gambling and pornography, and said it was divesting shares in well-known companies like Carlsberg and William Hill.
Truth Daily Mirror - Intake Of Strong Alcohol Results In Regressing Brain Growth
A study was published on April 1, 2019, in the journal eNeuro which suggested that heavy intake of alcohol reduces the brain growth rate by 0.25 ml every year. In layman language, four beers per day is responsible for such impairment of brain growth.
Helsinki Times (Finland) - THL: Finland has avoided dreaded effects of new alcohol act, so far
NO MAJOR CHANGES have been observed in alcohol consumption following the adoption of a new alcohol act in Finland in April 2018.
The Shout (Australia) - Australian alcohol consumption continues downward trend
The latest findings from Roy Morgan’s Alcohol Consumption Currency Report March 2019, has shown a decline in the percentage of the Australian population aged 18 and over who consume at least one type of alcoholic drink in an average four week period.
CapeTown ETC (South Africa) - Cape considers increasing cost of alcohol to curb drinking
With one of the world’s highest alcohol consumption levels, South Africa rivals countries around the world known for their drinking. This has prompted the Western Cape Government into considering new ways to curb binge drinking, including introducing a minimum unit price (MUP).
Brno Daily (Czech) - Czech Government To Raise Taxes On Cigarettes, Hard Alcohol, and Gambling
On Monday, Czech Finance Minister Alena Schillerov√° announced on Twitter that: “The government has just approved a long-awaited Tariff package for tobacco, hard alcohol, and gambling taxation by the Ministry of Health and the National Drug Coordinator. It responds to the increase in their availability as a result of rising living standards in the Czech Republic.”
Tasmania Examiner (Australia) - Alcohol and gambling advertising a blight on sport
When it comes to hitting the nail on the head, Dr Oulmann Zerhouni could have a tidy sideline as a carpenter.
Medscape - A&E Perspective: Calling Time on Alcohol-Related Harms
Prior to the on-going concerns regarding large tax bills due to the incredibly complex arrangements around NHS pensions and tapered annual allowances, I regularly did extra shifts at a major trauma centre (MTC), to maintain my skills in the management of major trauma.
NHS England (UK) - We must ACT on drink-related harm
As part of the NHS Long Term Plan Prevention Focus Week, the Centre Director for Public Health England North East looks at the need to tackle alcohol dependency: It’s fair to say that alcohol dependency causes a great deal of ill health.
NordAN - GAPA: promoting the idea of the Framework Convention on Alcohol Control
The Global Alcohol Strategy is getting close to its end and next steps and developments are currently discussed in different settings. Global Alcohol Policy Alliance (GAPA) is right in the middle of it and we turned to √ėystein Bakke, GAPA´s Secretary to ask more about the situation and global advocacy work.

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