Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Alcohol News - 21/2019

Metro - Giving up alcohol at 24 hasn’t been a life sentence – it has set me free
From the age of 12 it stripped me of my dignity, dreams and self-respect. All it gave me was the constant inability to show up for the life I deserved, and it’s taken me over 10 years to see this. (Ireland) - One in five adults classified as a hazardous drinker – report
Ireland needs to examine and assess its deep-rooted cultural norm relating to alcohol, according to a Drinkaware survey, which shows that more than one in five adults are classified as a hazardous drinker.
The New York Times - How Much Alcohol Can You Drink Safely?
Humans have been drinking fermented concoctions since the beginning of recorded time. But despite that long relationship with alcohol, we still don’t know what exactly the molecule does to our brains to create a feeling of intoxication.
The Guardian - How cleaning helped me rebuild what alcohol had ruined
If you’ve ever done a real detox off drugs and alcohol to get clean, the whole notion of cleaning your flat as a way to some sort of psychological Nirvana seems suspect. Yet this is exactly what the new cleaning gurus, like Marie Kondo, Mrs Hinch (2.4m Instagram fans and counting) and Lynsey “Queen of Clean” Crombie, would have us believe. (New Zealand) - Alcohol is a factor in at least a third of all homicide cases
Alcohol fuelled a fight between Ngaire Tukiwaho and her partner. But her 1-month-old son was the ultimate victim. Brad Flahive examines the connection between booze and homicide for The Homicide Report.
The Drum (USA) - Alcohol advertisers warned of possible court action for flouting rules
Alcohol brands are being warned that they must be ready to face potential court action for conveying irresponsible messages to consumers through advertising, including the inadvertent targeting of underage drinkers.
Cyprus Mail (Cyprus) - Cypriot teens consume more alcohol than EU counterparts
Cyprus minors consume a lot of alcohol compared with those in other European countries, and little is done to regulate the sale of alcohol to those under the age of 18, the secondary-school parents association said on Tuesday.
The Guardian (UK) - Britons get drunk more often than 35 other nations, survey finds
Drinkers in the UK get drunk more than any other nation in the world, findings from a global survey suggest.
EURACTIV (EU) - Romania torpedoes EU deal on alcohol excise duties over moonshine
Member states clashed on the reform of alcohol excise duties during a meeting of EU financial ministers last Friday (17 May), as the Romanian Presidency of the EU tried to raise the maximum limit on home distillation, in pursuit of its own national interest.
The Bolton News (UK) - 1,000 children a year brain damaged by alcohol in the womb in Greater Manchester
A THOUSAND children are born a year with brain damage in Greater Manchester because their mums drank while expecting – now health bosses have launched a pilot to end the "hidden epidemic".
HUB (USA) - Majority of campus alcohol policies fail to receive 'most effective' rating from experts
Alcohol policy experts and researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health who evaluated common university alcohol policies found that fewer than half of the approaches for reducing problematic alcohol consumption rated as "most effective."
The BMJ - Helen Salisbury: Alcohol excess—time for new measures?
In a recent issue of The BMJ I was struck by two articles on the same theme: when industries make money from selling products that cause harm, can we expect them to contribute meaningfully to improving public health? One covered the World Health Organization’s recent instruction to its staff not to engage with the alcohol industry when developing public health policy and to warn governments against such collaboration.
MDEdge (UK) - More than 40% of U.K. physicians report binge drinking
Occupational distress among physicians is tied to increased odds of substance use, sleep disturbance, binge eating, and poor health in general, a cross-sectional study of 417 U.K. doctors shows.
Automotive News (USA) - Devote more r&d to prevent drunken driving
While many new and emerging issues grab headlines, drunken driving is still the leading cause of highway deaths.

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