Thursday, June 21, 2018

Alcohol News - 25/2018

ITV (Wales) - Wales passes law introducing minimum price for alcohol
The cost of cheap, strong alcohol is set to rise in Wales after the National Assembly passed a new law introducing a minimum price.
France24 (Spain) - Officials target 'alcohol tourism' in Mallorca poster drive
Local authorities on Spain's holiday Island of Mallorca have put up 20 posters warning of heavy penalties for nudity, fighting and other alcohol-fuelled misbehaviour, it was announced on Wednesday.
Popular Science - Your risk of cancer likely increases with each additional drink of alcohol
When broken down, the researchers found that that slightly lower risk of death with light drinking—which gives the graph its characteristic dip and J shape—didn’t exist when looking at cancer as a cause of death. Instead, both cancer risk (which measures newly-diagnosed cases) and cancer-related death both rose steadily with increased alcohol consumption.
The Conversation AU - Why alcohol after sport and exercise is a bad idea
Drinking alcohol after sport is a social ritual that has become ingrained in Australian culture, and it seems professional athletes are no exception, despite being paid generously to be in peak physical condition.
New York Times - It Was Supposed to Be an Unbiased Study of Drinking. They Wanted to Call It ‘Cheers.’
The director of the nation’s top health research agency pulled the plug on a study of alcohol’s health effects without hesitation on Friday, saying a Harvard scientist and some of his agency’s own staff had crossed “so many lines” in pursuit of alcohol industry funding that “people were frankly shocked.”
A single binge-drinking episode could disturb the gene that regulates sleep, scientists believe. Previous studies have suggested drinking alcohol to excess can affect a person’s sleep quality, so researchers at University of Missouri-Columbia set out to understand why.
iNews (Scotland) - People in Scotland drank an average of 10 litres of pure alcohol each last year
People across Scotland drank an average of 10.2 litres of pure alcohol each last year, according to an NHS report on drinking levels in the country. (Ireland) - Measures agreed on alcohol cancer warnings
Measures to warn drinkers about the link between cancer and alcohol on bottles have been agreed by the Oireachtas Health Committee. - Alcohol and marijuana use linked to heightened risk of condomless sex in young adults
Young persons who use alcohol and/or marijuana experience heightened likelihood of condomless sex, according to a new study published in The American Journal on Addictions. - Ryanair introduces new rules on bringing duty-free alcohol on board - what you need to know
Drinks on a plane can often be expensive and you might be tempted to buy your own to save money - but Ryanair is cracking down on passengers hoping to get boozed up in-flight. - Ryanair calls for airports to BAN morning alcohol sales and limit drinks per passenger
RYANAIR is pleading with airports to limit alcohol sales to passengers at airports following a series of drunk and disorderly incidents on board their aircraft - although they continue to sell alcohol in the cabin. - Drugs, alcohol leading to more inflight groping
Citing a significant increase in the number of reported in-flight sexual assaults on commercial airlines, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is warning travelers to watch out for inappropriate touching by seat-mates or other passengers – and if something happens, to report it. (Canada) - Government should limit alcohol content of sugary alcoholic drinks: committee
A House of Commons committee is calling on the federal government to place severe restrictions on the contents and advertising of sugary alcoholic drinks. (Spain) - Magaluf bans free alcohol in hotels in bid to end 'drunkenness tourism' epidemic
Brits planning a boozy break in Magaluf have been dealt a blow after authorities ruled free alcohol shouldn't be available in hotels.
Newshub (New Zealand) - New Zealand reaches crisis point with drinking
An alcohol expert warns New Zealand has reached 'peak booze' - and some the worst affected are older generations.
Dublin Live - Aer Lingus echo calls by Ryanair for 'zero tolerance' alcohol policy on flights
Aer Lingus has echoed calls by Ryanair for a 'zero-tolerance' policy when it comes to dealing with drunken passengers.

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