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Alcohol News - 24/2018

ERR News (Finland/Estonia) - Finnish health authority: Finns bringing less alcohol back from Estonia
This spring, the amount of alcohol brought into Finland by Finns visiting Estonia shrank by 23.1% on year, Finnish public broadcaster Yle said, citing Finland's National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).
STAT (USA) - Alcohol study failed to seek FDA approval, possibly violating federal rules
The controversy surrounding a study of whether moderate drinking might prevent cardiovascular disease isn’t over: If one interpretation of federal regulations is correct, the study may be in violation of Food and Drug Administration requirements meant to protect the health of research volunteers.
The world’s largest brewer, AB InBev, has pulled funding for a controversial US$100 million study, conducted by US-based National Institutes of Health (NIH), which is to examine whether there are any health benefits associated with moderate drinking.
Xinhua (Belgium) - All alcohol consumption impacts health: Belgian health council
Any consumption of alcohol, however moderate, has a negative impact on health, said the Superior Council of Health (CSS) in a research report published on Monday.
ERR News (Estonia) - Study: Alcohol consumption in Estonia remains steady in 2017
According to the results of a study of the Estonian alcohol market and consumption commissioned by the Ministry of Social Affairs and conducted by the Institute of Economic Research (EKI), Estonian residents' alcohol consumption increased 0.7% last year to 10.3 litres of absolute alcohol per adult. (Ireland) - New Italian submission raises free-trade concerns over Irish alcohol legislation
Italy has raised significant concerns about the impact of Ireland's planned alcohol legislation on free trade in a new submission made to the Irish Government in recent weeks.
NHS Choices - Not drinking alcohol linked to taking more sick leave than moderate drinking
But the results don't mean that drinking alcohol makes you healthier. One obvious explanation may be that people with some health problems avoid alcohol because it makes their condition worse, or because they're on treatments that can't be taken with alcohol.
Daily Mail (UK) - Teenage girls who are dieting are more likely to binge on alcohol and cigarettes, new study finds
Teenage girls who are dieting are far more likely to go to parties, smoke and binge-drink, scientists have claimed.
Newsroom (New Zealand) - Alcohol Act struggles under industry pressure
Alcohol industry appeals have “muted” potential benefits of legislation aimed at reducing the estimated $14.5 million a day cost of alcohol harm, a new study finds.
Alcohol Law Review (USA) - New Study Measures Effectiveness of Various State Alcohol Polices on Preventing Adult Binge Drinking
A new study has been published comparing certain state alcohol polices and ranking their effectiveness in fighting adult binge drinking.
IAS (UK) - The economic impact of changes in alcohol consumption in the UK
2018 is set to be a significant year for the UK alcohol industry as, after a prolonged legal battle, the Scottish Government has imposed a minimum unit price for alcohol of 50p per unit. Beyond Scotland, the policy has sparked debate on UK-wide policy with calls to develop a new UK alcohol strategy focused on reducing harmful consumption.
Cancer Center - Double trouble: Tobacco and alcohol combine to elevate cancer risk
For many people, smoking and drinking go together like bacon and eggs or hot dogs at a baseball game. But when it comes to cancer risk, Stephen Lynch, MD, Primary Care and Intake Physician at our Phoenix hospital, compares alcohol and tobacco to a more volatile pairing.
Cancer Council (Australia) - What a month off alcohol does to your body
A huge 80% of Aussies are alcohol drinkers and just last year, a staggering 1.9 million of us consumed more than six standard drinks per day! Participating in Dry July is the perfect opportunity to give your body a well-deserved rest.
Express (UK) - Millions suffer blackouts every week because of binge-drinking
MILLIONS of Britons endure blackouts or memory loss on a weekly basis because of binge-drinking, according to research. A survey found five per cent of the population drink so much alcohol they cannot remember where they were or how they got home.
Irish Central - Ryanair in hot water after Twitter post encourages binge drinking
Ryanair has been met with controversy following a recent Twitter post on Wednesday encouraging binge drinking that was targeted at students going on summer holidays.
NordAN (Finland/Estonia) - How to cope with cross-border alcohol trade?
Estonia is facing a similar situation where Finland has been the last 15 years when a large number of its population (but still a minority) is getting its alcohol from a neighbouring country. For Finland, the source of cheap booze has been Estonia and for Estonia, it is now Latvia.

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