Thursday, June 7, 2018

Alcohol News - 23/2018

EL PAÍS in English (Spain) - Half of Spaniards believe alcohol is “often” to blame for rape
A new survey has revealed Spaniards’ attitudes toward sexual violence against women. According to the results, half of Spanish men and 45.6% of Spanish women believe that rape “often” happens because of alcohol consumption, and that this makes the attackers less to blame. Indeed, 15% believe the victim is partly at fault for “having lost control” if she is drunk.
Medical News Today - Alcohol may prime the brain for Alzheimer's, but how?
Some studies have suggested that alcohol consumption could expose people to a heightened risk of developing Alzheimer's disease later in life. But the mechanics behind this relationship have been unclear — until now.
ERR News (Estonia) - Study: Alcohol consumption in Estonia remains steady in 2017
According to the results of a study of the Estonian alcohol market and consumption commissioned by the Ministry of Social Affairs and conducted by the Institute of Economic Research (EKI), Estonian residents' alcohol consumption increased 0.7% last year to 10.3 litres of absolute alcohol per adult.
EURACTIV (EU) - EU health chief not satisfied with industry’s alcohol labelling proposal
EU Health Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis is not pleased with the “inconsistent” proposal recently submitted by the alcohol industry on labelling and insisted that European consumers should be presented the full information of the products they purchase.
WalesOnline (Wales) - Drunk offenders will be able to go on alcohol awareness courses rather than be prosecuted
People taken into police custody after committing low-level crimes while drunk could now be offered the chance to go on an alcohol awareness course instead of being taken to court. (Nigeria) - 'Sin tax' looms on tobacco and alcohol in Nigeria as fears grow of a public health crisis
Nigeria’s government defied private-sector opposition to impose a new “sin tax” on Monday amid fears that growing tobacco and alcohol consumption could threaten a public health crisis.
Park Cities People (USA) - Children Suffer When Parents Abuse Alcohol and Drugs
We are all profoundly influenced by the people who raise us. These influences include not only the genetic information we inherit from our parents, but also learned behaviors and habits, morals, and personal values, as well as the ways we relate to others – both physically (through communication) and mentally (through empathy and understanding).
Clinical Advisor - Alcohol Consumption Inversely Linked to Nonfatal Coronary Heart Disease
Alcohol consumption is inversely linked to the risk of nonfatal coronary heart disease (CHD) but not to other cardiovascular events such as ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes, according to a study published in the BMJ.
Health24 - Study shows alcohol, tobacco cause more health harm than illegal drugs
Tobacco use and alcohol abuse kill nearly six million people a year, according to the WHO.It's smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol – and not taking illegal drugs – that pose the greatest risks to people's health, according to a new international study.
nDaily (Australia) - Health warning after cuts to SA Aboriginal drug and alcohol services
The head of South Australia’s drug and alcohol services network says federal funding cuts to some of the state’s Aboriginal-run drug and alcohol organisations will place imminent strain on the health sector.
Euro Weekly News - BOOZE CRACKDOWN: Ryanair bans duty free alcohol from cabin on Ibiza flights
RYANAIR has announced that passengers flying to tourist hotspot Ibiza this summer will be unable to bring alcohol bought in duty free shops onto the plane with them.
The Guardian (UK) - It’s not just the young who have a drink problem
I consume 100 times more alcohol than my dad did. Now I’ve learned that harmful drinking affects older people most, I feel I need to do better.
Global News (Canada) - Canadian women increasingly drinking themselves to death: report
The rate of women who died from causes linked directly to alcohol has increased by 26 per cent since 2001, compared with a roughly five per cent increase over the same period for men, according to CIHI.
CancerCenter - Double trouble: Tobacco and alcohol combine to elevate cancer risk
For many people, smoking and drinking go together like bacon and eggs or hot dogs at a baseball game. But when it comes to cancer risk, Stephen Lynch, MD, Primary Care and Intake Physician at our Phoenix hospital, compares alcohol and tobacco to a more volatile pairing.
Drink Tank - The strong link between cancer and alcohol
Around one in six deaths annually worldwide are due to cancer. As more countries adopt ‘Western’ lifestyles, by 2035 the number of new cancer cases worldwide is expected to rise to 24 million per year.
Business Insider - The World Cancer Research Fund has launched an online 5-minute test to show whether or not you're 'cancer attractive'
The World Cancer Research Fund with Arthur London and director Rankin have created a Cancer Health Check to see how "cancer attractive" you are.

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