Thursday, November 24, 2016

Alcohol News - 47/2016 (Scotland) - Scottish Government wins European award for its work to reduce alcohol harm
The European Reducing Alcohol Harm Award was given by Eurocare, an alliance of public health organisations from 25 European countries, in recognition of a “comprehensive range” of evidence-based policies.
AAFP News (USA) - Surgeon General Issues Landmark Report on Alcohol, Drugs
One in seven people in the United States will develop a substance use disorder at some point in their lifetime -- yet only 10 percent of them will receive treatment.
ERR News (Estonia) - New Estonian government: Excise duties on beer, wine, cider to rise
The new Estonian coalition government sworn in on Wednesday is planning to raise the beer excise duty by 65 percent to 13.7 cents per percentage by volume for a liter of beer as of July 2017, and by 166 percent from the present to 22.09 cents per percentage by volume for a liter of beer by 2020.
The Southland Times (Australia) - Surprising amount of calories in alcohol revealed
The Cancer Council Victoria has released a new analysis of popular alcoholic drinks that shows some exceed 240 calories, or 1000 kilojoules each, which is a similar amount of calories in a Mars Bar or a slice of takeaway pizza.
Wall Street Journal (UK) - Report Warns of Alcohol-Related Cancer Deaths in England
England could suffer 135,000 cancer deaths caused by alcohol consumption over the next two decades should current drinking trends continue, according to a new report published Friday.
AlterNet (USA) - Sobering Stats: Alcohol Abuse in College Far More Prevalent Than Thought
According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, we should be worrying way more about drinking in college than about drug use. Alcohol is the most widely abused drug among America’s young.
Prague Daily Monitor (Czech Republic) - About 640,000 Czechs are risky alcohol drinkers
About 640,000 Czechs over 15 drink alcohol in a risky way and may be addicted to it, and another 540,000 drink in a way that harms them, being close to risk-drinking, according to a report on the use of drugs in 2015 submitted to the government yesterday.
TASS (Russia) - Watchdog says over 9,000 die from alcohol poisoning in Russia in 2016
A total of 9,300 people died from alcohol poisoning in the first three quarters of 2016, the press service of Russia’s Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing (Rospotrebnadzor) said in a statement on Thursday. (New Zealand) - Alcohol: the obnoxious villain of our hospital emergency departments
More than one in 10 patients turning up at Wellington Hospital's emergency department shows signs of hazardous drinking, new research shows. - Social media blurs lines between alcohol and sport, researchers claim
An Australian study into how alcohol companies use sport to sell their products via social media suggests that businesses go beyond simple promotion by encouraging their audiences to create and share their own booze-boosting content. - Women more susceptible to damaging effects of alcohol, says Houston Methodist expert
Drinking too much can make you feel bad the next morning, but for some women, drinking more than a moderate amount could also be very dangerous.
The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - What is the cost to our lives of self-medicating with alcohol?
Whether it's the after-work wine-down with colleagues, the sneaky G&T to help survive the homework/dinner/bath/bed frazzle, or the blissful pop of the champagne cork at that long-planned catch-up with the girls, women are increasingly getting through life with a glass in their hand.
BBC News (Scotland) - Bid to appeal against minimum alcohol pricing to Supreme Court
The Scotch Whisky Association has applied to appeal in the UK Supreme Court against minimum pricing for alcohol in Scotland. (Canada) - Ottawa updating city alcohol policy ahead of 2017 celebrations
The City of Ottawa is loosening its liquor rules to allow alcohol to be served and consumed on some streets and sidewalks in 2017, but party animals gearing up to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday shouldn't expect a lawless "Bourbon Street" bacchanal.

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