Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Alcohol News - 45/2016

Flanders Today (Belgium) - Health minister rejects proposal to ban sale of alcohol in night shops
Federal health minister Maggie De Block has refused to accept a proposed ban on the sale of alcohol in service stations and night shops. Proponents of the measure argue it would make an important contribution to reducing alcohol abuse among young people.
Time - Alcohol Will Be Banned in Public Spaces During the 2022 Qatar World Cup
Qatari officials have banned alcohol in streets and other public places during the 2022 FIFA World Cup in the country’s capital, Doha, organizers said Tuesday. Officials in the Gulf state are also seeking alcohol bans in World Cup stadiums during the tournament.
Drug and Alcohol Review - How the alcohol industry relies on harmful use of alcohol and works to protect its profits
The alcohol industry have attempted to position themselves as collaborators in alcohol policy making as a way of influencing policies away from a focus on the drivers of the harmful use of alcohol (marketing, over availability and affordability).
BBC News - Pubs 'should reveal alcohol calories'
Pub and bar owners should provide warnings on the health dangers of alcohol or be denied a licence, a parliamentary committee has heard.
Science Daily - Stressed-out rats consume more alcohol, revealing related brain chemistry
Rodents that had been exposed to stress had a weakened alcohol-induced dopamine response and voluntarily drank more alcohol compared to controls, a new study has found. The blunted dopamine signaling to ethanol arose due to changes in the circuitry in the ventral tegmental area, the heart of the brain's reward system.
STV News (Scotland) - Daytime alcohol sale ban suggested to curb addiction
A Scottish health board has outlined radical proposals to ban shops from selling alcohol before 5pm.
NHS Shetland says curbing licensing hours would be a "big help" in tackling the country's drinking problem. (Canada) - Alcohol servers should be trained to spot sexual assault, Toronto councillor says
Coun. Kristyn Wong-Tam would like bar and restaurant staff to be better trained to spot and intervene in incidents of sexual harassment and violence.
The Guardian (Scotland) - Scottish ministers ban police from searching children for alcohol
Scottish ministers have banned police from stopping and searching children for alcohol without legal cause after they found little evidence to support its use.
Travelers Today - Ban On Alcoholic Drinks Before And During Flights Receives Tremendous Support
Many have supported the control of drinking alcohol before boarding an airplane. As detailed on reports by Daily Mail, bans on drinking alcohol before flights have been applied by some airlines already such as Jet2. Jet2 has banned selling alcohol on their early morning flights.
CTV News - New data reveals alcohol's cancer toll
Comparing the cancer risk of people who drink, to that of people who do not, researchers calculated that alcohol was responsible for an estimated five per cent of all new cancer cases.
The Arctic Journal (Greenland) - Greenland settlement stops alcohol sales
High rates of alcohol consumption in one far northern settlement have led the government to declare it dry.
Interfax (Ukraine) - Ukrainian government increases minimum alcohol prices
Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers has approved new increased minimum alcohol prices, in particular, the floor price of a half-liter bottle of vodka was increased from UAH 54.90 to UAH 69.78.
Total Croatia News (Croatia) - Croatia in the World's Top 5 for Alcohol Consumption
The Portal Daily Viz, with the help of data from the World Health Organization, created a map which is solely based on the data of alcohol consumption throughout the countries of world.
Irish Medical Times (Ireland) - Senators lobbied heavily on alcohol bill
Multinational corporations have been carrying out “extensive lobbying” of members of the Seanad on the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill 2015, according to Senator David Norris.
Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy - A narrative review of alcohol consumption as a risk factor for global burden of disease
Since the original Comparative Risk Assessment (CRA) for alcohol consumption as part of the Global Burden of Disease Study for 1990, there had been regular updates of CRAs for alcohol from the World Health Organization and/or the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.

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