Thursday, November 3, 2016

Alcohol News - 44/2016

CTV News - New data reveals alcohol's cancer toll
Alcohol consumption caused more than 700,000 new cancer cases and around 366,000 cancer deaths in 2012, mainly in rich countries, according to data reported Wednesday to the World Cancer Congress in Paris.
Live Science - Why Some Pot Smokers Face a Higher Risk of Drinking Problems
People who use alcohol and marijuana together may be at greater risk for alcohol-related problems, such as drunken driving and poorer health, than those who use only alcohol, a new study finds.
NDTV - Alcohol Impact Remains Even Years After Quitting, Says Study
Young adults despite quitting drinking at an early stage might face health effects later in life, suggests a study.
Medical Daily - Long-Term Health Effects Of Alcohol: Problem Drinking In Early Adulthood Linked To Later Physical Issues, Even For Recoverers
The stain of alcohol dependence on our health is far-reaching and difficult to wipe away, suggests a new study.
Northumberland Gazette (UK) - Campaign leads to increased awareness of links between alcohol and cancer
A campaign highlighting the links between alcohol and at least seven types of cancer relaunched this week as findings show more people in the North East are now aware of the link between the two.
NDTV (India) - Government Formulating National Policy To Reduce Alcohol Dependency
The Centre is working on formulation of a national policy to address the emerging challenge of alcohol dependency in the country, especially among youth.
Medical Xpress (New Zealand) - Profiting from the harm caused by alcohol
New research from the International Alcohol Control study, coordinated by Massey University, demonstrates the extent to which the alcohol industry relies on harmful use of alcohol to make money.
ABC Online (Australia) - Alcohol-related assaults hospitalise 200 people per week in Australia, figures show
About 200 people are hospitalised in Australia every week as a result of alcohol-related assaults, new figures show.
Herald Sun - Young people who follow alcoholic brands on social media are more likely to binge drink earlier in life, study finds
This is the response from one in four young Australians, when they encounter booze brands on social media, according to new research.
The Times (UK) - Cabinet in conflict again, over alcohol
Government stability is again under threat as the Independent Alliance has heavily criticised a major bill restricting the sale and advertising of alcohol.

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