Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Alcohol News - 46/2016

UPI - Drinking alcohol may increase risk for prostate cancer
Drinking may raise the risk of prostate cancer, and the more men drink the greater their risk, a new analysis of 27 studies suggests.
News Medical - Preventive interventions for adolescent alcohol and drug use may need to begin in early childhood
Research from the University at Buffalo Research Institute on Addictions suggests the approach to preventing alcohol and drug use by some adolescents should begin in early childhood. - Is YOUR eyesight failing? Drinking THIS much alcohol could cause blindness
PROLONGED and heavy drinking could have dangerous implications for eyesight an opthalmologist has warned - as it kills cells in tissue in the body.
ABC Online (Australia) - Alcohol-related crime 'costing Canberrans $12m per year' in property damage, healthcare, policing
Alcohol-related crime is costing Canberra taxpayers nearly $12 million a year, new research suggests. The Deakin University study measured a range of factors including police and court costs, healthcare bills for victims of crime, lost output and property damage.
WVLT (USA) - Surgeon General to release landmark report on alcohol, drugs and health
U.S. Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy will release a report on substance misuse and related disorders Thursday. The report, titled "Facing Addition in America: The Surgeon General's Report on Alcohol, Drugs, and Health" is the first-ever Surgeon General report of its kind.
Washington Post - Alcohol banned from stadiums, streets at 2022 World Cup in Qatar
Beer and sports may go hand-in-hand in some parts of the world, but not Qatar, where FIFA plans to stage the 2022 World Cup. Officials in the conservative Middle Eastern country announced on Tuesday it would ban the public consumption of alcohol during the tournament, including on streets, public squares and in the stadiums.
Jakarta Post (Indonesia) - Alcohol prohibition bill stalled until 2017
A controversial alcohol prohibition bill is unlikely to be finished this year since its initiator, the United Development Party (PPP), has not gone beyond gathering perspectives from Muslim clerics and other interested parties.
BBC News (Scotland) - Half of alcohol sold in Scotland 'below minimum price'
At least half of the alcohol sold in Scotland does not meet impending minimum pricing legislation, a survey suggests.
Medical News Today - Alcohol damage to fetus measured by new blood test
The effect of alcohol on the developing fetus is difficult to predict; however, earlier interventions can help minimize the damage. Researchers from America and Ukraine have joined forces to design a blood test that might help solve this problem.
Cancer Research UK - 10 things you might not know about alcohol and cancer
It’s alcohol awareness week, so we thought we’d tackle some of the most frequently asked questions about alcohol and cancer. From working out what on earth a unit of alcohol is, to clearing up some myths about popular hangover cures, here’s what you need to know about alcohol and cancer. - Adding alcohol to depression only makes matters worse
DEPRESSION and alcohol are a very bad mix. This weekend, we seem to have a lot of serious depression, a fair bit of it, made worse by the bad decision to get intoxicated.
Business Review (Romania) - Analysis. How are alcohol brands in Romania linking their products with the hottest cultural events
Local BTL strategies seem to be coloring the cultural scene, offering promotions and surprises to those attending festivals and events across Romania.
Belfast Telegraph (Northern Ireland) - Doctors appalled by abuse of alcohol call for minimum pricing
Doctors have demanded action over the "alarmingly high" level of alcohol consumption across Northern Ireland.
Parent Herald - Adult Alcohol Abuse: Negotiating Parenting For Alcoholic Addict Parents
Alcohol abuse is seen as an easy way to heal emotional imbalances that come as a result of broken marriages. However, it is a matter of concern when it comes to children's custody. The courts and law enforcing agencies say that it is crucial to convert the time child spend with his parents as productive.
Science Daily - Teenage binge drinking can affect brain function of future offspring
Repeated binge drinking during adolescence can affect brain functions in future generations, potentially putting offspring at risk for such conditions as depression, anxiety, and metabolic disorders, a study has found.
Finland Times (Finland) - Child orgs against new alcohol law
Many organisations fighting child abuse are working to stop the process of a new legislation on alcohol.

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