Monday, May 23, 2011

Alcohol News - 21/2011

Helsingin Sanomat (Finland) - Hockey team's drunken antics lead to official talking-to
The Finnish Lions ice hockey team, welcomed home on Monday by 100,000 adoring fans as they brought with them Finland's second IIHF World Championship trophy, have come in for criticism in some quarters over the state of serious leglessness displayed by some players and staff on their arrival back on home soil.
YLE News (Finland) - Finns Drinking Less, But More Often
New research shows that while the trend in Finnish drinking habits is moving towards the European norm, the Finns still tend to drink more with the intent of getting intoxicated than do, for example, the French.
The (Sweden) - Alcoholism linked to family drinking: study
Having a relative with an alcohol problem increases the risk of an individual developing alcoholism, a new Swedish study published on Tuesday has shown.
Times of India - Alcohol has as many calories as pure fat
"The study conducted by UK alcohol awareness charity Drinkaware revealed that many dieters are unwittingly undoing all their good work by accompanying their meal with a favorite drink," reports  the Daily Mail.
Hindustan Times - Alcohol hinders verbal learning
For college students, binge drinking could take a heavy toll in the classroom, according to a new study. Researchers at the University of Santiago of Compostela in Spain revealed that students who drank heavily — more than five alcoholic drinks for men and four for women on one occasion — scored lower on a verbal learning test than students who didn’t binge drink.
USA Today (Spain) - Study: Binge drinking tied to memory loss in college students
A new Spanish study links binge drinking in college students to a lowered ability to remember lists of words, although the research doesn't prove alcohol is at fault and the drinkers did fine on a separate memory test.
Online Social Media - Facebook Friends Match Mentions of Alcohol
Now we want to bring you news of a rather intriguing study, which shows that the amount of Facebook friends that college guys have, appears to match the amount of references to alcohol they make on their Facebook profiles.
U.S. News & World Report - Some More Sensitive to Effects of Alcohol, Study Finds
People who are more sensitive to the rewarding effects of alcohol may be at increased risk for greater consumption of alcohol and for alcoholism, researchers report.
Ottawa Citizen (Canada) - Street alcohol program saves millions
As backward as it might sound, one of the city's most innovative programs to help street drunks is the managed-alcohol program run jointly by the Shepherds of Good Hope and Ottawa Inner City Health Inc., which takes medicine to the needy, where they need it. (Switzerland) - Tests curb underage alcohol sales
Sales of alcohol to underage drinkers are going down, but one in four underage teenagers is still able to buy alcohol at shops and restaurants.
ABC Online (Australia) - Ads aim to sweeten new alcohol laws
The Northern Territory Government says an advertising campaign is being launched this week to prepare Territorians for new alcohol laws.
BBC News (Scotland) - Scottish Borders minimum alcohol price support move
The administration of Scottish Borders Council is seeking support for moves to set a minimum unit price for alcohol.
Focus Taiwan News Channel - Researchers identify blood pressure-alcohol link in East Asian genes
Researchers from Taiwan and six other countries have identified five previously unknown genetic variants that influence blood pressure among populations of East Asian ancestry, Academia Sinica, the nation's highest research institute, said Friday.
Wall Street Journal - SABMiller Profit Boosted by Africa, Asia
SABMiller PLC, maker of Grolsch, Peroni Nastro Azzuro and Miller Lite, on Thursday said net profit rose on volume growth in emerging markets, cost-cutting and some price increases, but the global brewer cautioned that the outlook for inflation and the pace of recovery in Europe and North America is uncertain.
Press TV (Germany) - Binge drinking affect many in Germany
Germany is burdened with 1,3 million alcoholics, and one in five citizen has an alcohol problem, costing health insurance companies and the government up to 40 billion euros a year.

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