Monday, May 9, 2011

Alcohol News - 19/2011

The City of Tampere (Finland) - Tampere campaigns against supplying alcohol to minors
The City of Tampere has launched a campaign to make an appeal to its inhabitants in order to end the supply of alcohol to minors. All retail shops in Tampere selling alcoholic beverages will feature posters, cards and shopping basket advertising on the topic.
Irish Independent (Ireland) - Alcohol to blame for rise in liver problems
GROWING numbers of people are developing liver disease in their 20s and 30s because of heavy boozing, according to new research.
Capital FM Kenya (Somalia) - Islamists ban tobacco, alcohol in Somalia district
Islamist rebels have banned the use of tobacco and cigarettes in a district outside the Somali capital, locals said Monday, in the first such move by the hardliners in the country.
Mmegi Online (Kenya) - Alcohol consumption desecrates funerals
Once upon a time a funeral was a sacred event and was treated with utmost respect. However, these days, things have changed. Funerals are no longer as sombre as they used to be.
Scotland Courier (Scotland) - SNP urged to seize new chance to introduce minimum alcohol pricing
A leading expert on alcohol abuse in Tayside has urged the new Scottish Government to introduce minimum pricing on drink just months after a previous attempt to do so was rejected.
TVNZ (New Zealand) - Stressed Kiwis hit the bottle, takeaways
New Zealanders are under increasing stress, drinking more alcohol, eating takeaways, getting fat and don't have time to exercise, according to a new survey.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Barmen 'untrained on alcohol danger'
THE TRIAL of two bar staff accused of the manslaughter of a British man in a Co Tipperary hotel has heard that both accused had no training on the potential dangers of fatal doses of alcohol and were told to meet the needs of hotel guests, including serving them drinks.
ABC Online (Australia) - Group formed to tackle alchohol issues
A new coalition of more than 60 health and community organisations has formed to tackle alcohol-related problems in Western Australia.
Star Global Tribune - Risk From Coronary Heart Disease Due To Alcohol Consumption Revealed
The analysis assesses the 12-month prevalence of coronary heart disease (CHD) in individuals according to their category of alcohol use.
The Republic (USA) - What's in your beer? Labels should tell you
The federal government and alcohol-industry lobbyists have been butting heads for more than a decade over what to include on beer, wine and hard-liquor labels. The latest proposal, which the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau laid out way back in 2007, is logical, fair and would be a boon to consumers.
Medical News Today (Scotland) - Alcohol: One Day, 5,500 Patients, £28 Million, Scotland
According to a survey conducted by the BMA in Scotland, on one day in April, alcohol was a factor in more than 5,500 consultations in general practice. This equates to around 1.4 million consultations per year, costing the NHS in excess of £28 million [1] and accounts for six per cent of all GP consultations.
Daily Mail (UK) - Healthier lifestyle ‘could save 20,000 from breast cancer’
Almost 20,000 breast  cancer cases could be avoided every year in  Britain if women drank less alcohol, improved their diets and exercised more, experts claim.
Daily Mail (UK) - Binge Britain 'on course' to be liver disease capital of Europe
Britain is on course to be the European capital of liver disease because of the twin effects of alcohol and obesity. Our death rate from liver conditions already exceeds that of France, Italy and Spain, and experts expect it will soon soar past Germany’s.
7thSpace Interactive - Alcohol outlets and clusters of violence
Alcohol related violence continues to be a major public health problem in the United States. In particular, there is substantial evidence of an association between alcohol outlets and assault.

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