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Alcohol News - 20/2011

ERR News (Estonia/Finland) - Study: Estonia Now Drinking Less Alcohol than Finland
People reined in alcohol buying during the recession along with other discretionary spending, and it can be said that the country now drinks less than neighboring Finland, according to the Institute of Economic Research. But there are some signs that the share of illegal alcohol is growing.
PRWeb (Denmark) - New Genetic Research Indicates Children with Alcoholic Parents More Likely to Need Alcoholism Treatment
A recent study from The University of Copenhagen has indicated that when parents have alcohol use disorders, their children are more likely to inherit the same issue and need alcoholism treatment at some point down the line. The study showed that this genetic relationship was isolated from other factors contributing to alcoholism, such as social status and gender. The data will be published in the July 2011 issue of Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research.
The Canberra Times (Australia) - Booze culture out of control: police
Police say their latest national blitz on drunken behaviour confirms that Australia's culture of alcohol and violence is out of control.’
Los Angeles Times - Gastric bypass weight-loss surgery increases risk of alcoholism, study says
Gastric bypass surgery for weight loss doubles the risk of developing alcoholism compared with Lap-Band surgery, Swedish researchers reported Monday.
Fox News - Internet Use Linked to Teen Drinking
Teens who drink alcohol spend more time using the computer for activities such as social networking than do those who don't drink alcohol, according to a new study.
The Age (Australia) - Police admit alcohol message not getting through
Police nabbed 170 people for alcohol-related offences across the weekend in Victoria as senior police conceded their messages weren't getting through to young adults. (Ireland) - Trial hears concerns over blood alcohol levels
A manslaughter trial in Nenagh has heard blood alcohol levels can be unreliable when it comes to post mortem examinations.
Medical News Today (Australia) - Alcohol Restrictions May Help Lower Injury Rates In Indigenous Communities
Rates of serious injury requiring aeromedical retrieval by the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) are at their lowest recorded level in four remote Queensland Indigenous communities, according to research published in the Medical Journal of Australia. These low injury rates have occurred after government restrictions on access to alcohol in these communities.
Rapid News Network - New Study Shows Alcohol Makes Women Fat
Being overweight is not always just the result 0f incorrect Nutrition and lack of exercise.  According to the results of a new EPIC study (European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition) of the German Institute of Human Nutrition, Alcohol also contributes to being overweight and partially to blame for excess pounds.
Scotsman (Scotland) - SNP: Minimum alcohol prices by next year
A NEW minimum price for alcohol is likely to become law within a year, after the SNP vowed the measure would be the key priority of its second term in office.
Timaru Herald (New Zealand) - Alcohol 'toxic tide' in Nelson
Alcohol is a "toxic tide running through the community", and parents need help to prevent their teens being swept away, says a Nelson doctor.
Voxy (New Zealand) - NZ Should Follow Scots Alcohol Pricing Lead
A minimum price for alcoholic drinks is set to become law in Scotland within a year, following the re-election of the Scottish Nationalist Party, who had vowed to make this a key priority.
Wine Spectator (Australia) - Aussie Health Group Says No to Alcohol, Even in Moderation
An Australian health organization has issued an eyebrow-raising report urging people to abstain from alcohol completely in order to reduce their risk of cancer. - School-based prevention programs can help reduce alcohol problems in young people
School prevention programs aimed at curbing alcohol misuse in children are somewhat helpful, enough so to deserve consideration for widespread use, according to a large, international systematic review.
Medill Reports: Chicago (USA) - Study: Adult-supervised drinking harms teens, saying ‘no’ better
Parents who allow their teens to drink in adult-supervised settings, hoping it will teach them responsible drinking, may be doing more harm than good, according to a study published in the May issue of the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.
The Guardian (UK) - Could an intensive, abstinence-based approach solve prisoners' drug addiction?
Keith Wallace describes his early home life as "traumatic and chaotic". His mother had a psychiatric illness and, unable to cope, her five sons were taken into care. Describing the years he spent in care as "providing some much needed stability", Wallace says it just wasn't enough to give him the start in life he needed and he began using cannabis and drinking alcohol as a teenager as "an escape".
GenevaLunch (France) - French to crack down on drunk driving, speed on roads
French road safety officials meeting in Paris 11 May agreed to a series of radical changes to crack down on speeders and drunk drivers, shortly after April figures were released that show a sharp increase in road fatalities.

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