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Alcohol News - 18/2011

ABC Online (Australia) - Alcohol strongly linked to cancer
The Cancer Council of Australia has issued a new position statement recommending that people limit their alcohol intake to reduce their risk of developing cancer.
Fox News - Alcohol Bigger Cancer Danger Than Originally Thought, Study Says
A fresh analysis of cancer rates published in Australia on Monday suggests alcohol is to blame for many more cases than previously thought—with 5.6 percent likely to be triggered by regular drinking even at moderate levels.
BusinessWeek - You're Not Doing Your Teen Any Favors by Letting Them Drink
Young teens who are allowed to drink alcohol under adult supervision don't learn about responsible drinking and actually drink more as they get older, a new study says.
Boston Globe (USA) - MommyJuice: Pushing alcohol on stressed parents
Mommy blogs and Twitter addresses with alcohol or wine in the names are endless; there’s even a Twitter group that meets for online wine “parties,’’ where moms sit at their respective computers and drink a glass of wine in solidarity as they tweet.
3News NZ (New Zealand) - Alcohol law changes fall short – scientists
The Alcohol Reform Bill, which would affect bar hours, off-licence trading, liquor advertising and the purchase age, is being considered by a parliamentary committee. It is due to be reported back to Parliament in August.
Independent Online (South Africa) - Zero alcohol limit proposal
Drivers in South Africa could soon be banned from drinking any alcohol at all before getting behind the wheel.
Reuters - Factbox: Tobacco, alcohol, fat have huge health impact
The World Health Organisation (WHO) published a report on Wednesday on chronic, or non-communicable diseases -- which include diabetes, cancer and respiratory and heart diseases. A large percentage of NCDs could be prevented by reductions in their four main behavioral risk factors -- tobacco use, physical inactivity, alcohol and unhealthy diets, the WHO said.
Internal Medicine News Digital Network (USA) - Screening for Alcohol Use Disorders Important, Simple
When it comes to screening patients for alcohol use disorders, the small check box on the patient history form sometimes fails to tell physicians what they need to know about the patient’s alcohol use, experts said at the annual meeting of the American Society of Addiction Medicine.
TIME - Kids With ADHD May Use Drugs and Alcohol More Often
Two recent studies find that being diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in childhood may predict a child's likelihood of later dependence on nicotine, alcohol or other drugs. (Ireland) - Ireland’s biggest drinkers live in Louth and Dublin, according to survey
NEW RESEARCH BY insurer Aviva has found that Irish people drink excessively and spend almost €2,000 a year on alcohol.
ABC Local (Australia) - Calls for tough alcohol licensing laws to be made permanent in the Illawarra
The New South Wales Police Association says it wants tough licensing laws to be made permanent in the Illawarra.
Herald Scotland (Scotland) - Scratchcard warning over alcohol intake
CUSTOMERS at high-street chemists will be invited to assess how much they drink under new proposals to tackle Scotland’s alcohol problem. (Thailand) - Alcohol-ban to be imposed at Thai factories
A new ban on alcohol trade and consumption at factories during working hours will soon be imposed across Thailand to promote a healthy workforce and reduce alcohol-related problems, seen as a gift to mark the National Labour Day and the International Workers' Day, known as the May Day.
SOS Children (Russia) - Russia aims to tackle its alcohol problem
The problem of alcohol misuse is particularly acute in Russia, where the average Russian drinks more than twice the maximum amount considered healthy by the WHO. One in five men will die of alcohol-related causes in Russia and the Russian president admitted earlier this year that alcoholism in the country is a “national disaster”.
Considerations (UK) - Drunk Driving and the Culture of England
The Daily Mail reports on efforts to change British drinking habits and stop an increase in incidents like drunk dri­ving: Such scenes are not uncommon, which is why Cardiff — one of the country’s worst cities for binge drinking — has just banned boozing on the streets.
Medical News Today - Zero Tolerance Better For Kids Future Than Drinking With Them At Home
You may think that allowing your teenager to consume alcohol under your supervision at home is better for them, but a new study suggests the risk of subsequent alcohol-related problems is greater, compared to the zero tolerance approach.


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