Thursday, April 7, 2022

Alcohol News - 14/2022 (Norway) - Norwegian Directorate of Health recommends that alcoholic beverages be marked with a cancer warning
The Directorate has been looking into the matter since July last year and has now delivered its letter of recommendation to the Ministry of Health and Care Services.
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NZ Herald (New Zealand) - Urgent call for Govt regulation on alcohol, cigarettes and vape products sold through delivery services
Doctors are calling for urgent Government regulation on alcohol, cigarettes and vape products sold through online delivery services like Uber Eats.
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News Medical - Gender influences how people cope with alcohol use disorder, study suggests
A qualitative study conducted by researchers at the University of São Paulo's School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities (EACH-USP) in Brazil suggests that gender influences how people suffering from alcohol use disorder cope with their condition.
Read more (UK) - Alcohol tags helping thousands of offenders stay sober
More than 97% of offenders on sobriety tags have stayed off alcohol, a year after they were introduced in England following a successful pilot in Wales.
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Best Life - Drinking Like This After 40 Could Be an Early Sign of Dementia, Study Says
Previous research has confirmed that lifelong alcohol abuse is one of the risk factors for dementia, but for those who start drinking heavily later in life, there could be a different association.
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Insider - 6 tell-tale physical traits of a heavy alcohol drinker, according to experts — from brittle hair to skin blotches
Now a clinical psychologist who works with people with addictions, Utter knows alcohol use disorder falls on a spectrum. While some people with it do look like those bar patrons, many look perfectly healthy.
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CBC (Canada) - One of Alberta's last dry communities could soon see pours of alcohol
About a half-hour's drive from Lethbridge, Alta., is the town of Raymond, a community known for the accomplishments of its high school sports teams, its religious traditions and as the home of the first stampede rodeo in the country.
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Vanguard News - More alcohol you drink, less brain you have
The more alcohol a person drinks, the less brain volume that person has according to new research. The study says alcohol consumption even at levels most would consider modest may pose risks to the brain.
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Xinhua (Mongolia) - Mongolian president issues decree on reducing alcohol misuse
Mongolian President Ukhnaa Khurelsukh on Tuesday issued a decree on reducing alcohol misuse.
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Global News (Canada) - Canadian craft alcohol producers seeking excise tax relief in new budget
Canadian craft alcohol producers are hoping excise tax changes are brewing in the federal finance minister’s office.
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Health Imaging - Even low levels of prenatal alcohol exposure affect brain development, MRI scans show
Even small amounts of prenatal alcohol exposure can cause structural brain alterations in children, a new study published in JAMA Network Open shows.
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