Thursday, March 31, 2022

Alcohol News - 13/2022

Massachusetts General Hospital - Large study challenges the theory that light alcohol consumption benefits heart health
Observational research has suggested that light alcohol consumption may provide heart-related health benefits, but in a large study published in JAMA Network Open, alcohol intake at all levels was linked with higher risks of cardiovascular disease.
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WebMD - Alcohol-Related Deaths: What to Know
An occasional alcoholic drink every now and then can be fine. But drinking too much can kill. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, alcohol-related deaths total around 3 million each year globally.
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News Medical - Frequency of alcohol use among drinkers increased during early months of the pandemic, study shows
A new study shows that the frequency of drinking went up among those who used alcohol, even though the overall prevalence of drinking went down.
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The Ferret (Scotland) - Mental health services failing people using alcohol and drugs
People who use drugs and alcohol are being denied proper support to deal with their mental health problems, The Ferret’s From the Margins team has found.
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Maine Public - The link between alcohol consumption and cancer, and what people can do to reduce their risk
Researchers are finding greater links between alcohol use and cancer. We'll discuss emerging evidence that alcohol is a direct cause of at least seven kinds of cancer, yet surveys show the public is not aware of the risks.
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New Zealand Doctor (New Zealand) - Healthcare professionals unite to address a 7 billion dollar problem
Alcohol-related harm costs Aotearoa more than 7 billion dollars every year and is the leading cause of preventable death in Kiwis aged 15-49. Nearly 20% of all deaths for men, and 10% of all deaths for women are attributed to alcohol use.
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The Sidney Morning Herald (Australia) - Expected beer tax cut would be ineffective and ‘gender biased’: report
A tax cut on tap beer expected in Tuesday’s federal budget faces growing criticism as a new report says the policy will do little to help the struggling hospitality sector and unfairly benefits men.
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Oar Health (USA) - Oar Health Survey Results: Americans' Relationships with Alcohol
A significant number of Americans want to drink less or quit, but are unaware of safe, effective medication that can help, according to a new survey conducted by Oar Health.
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