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Alcohol News - 17/2022

NordAN (Denmark) - DENMARK: Strong support for raising the age limit for buying alcohol to 18
Six out of 10 Danes support the government’s proposal to raise the age limit for buying alcohol to 18. There is thus strong support for the government’s proposal and the line taken by the Danish Health Authority in its new recommendations on young people’s drinking habits.
Read more (Latvia) - Alcohol culprit for one in three injuries in Latvia: emergency service
Latvian Radio continued its ongoing exploration of Latvia's problems with alcohol consumption April 27 with a look at tragedies that could have been prevented had alcohol not been used.
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Medical News Today - Is alcohol bad for your hair?
Occasionally drinking alcohol is not bad for hair. However, regular alcohol consumption through drinking or using certain alcohol-containing hair products may have negative effects on the hair.
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Conde Nast Traveler (USA) - American Airlines’ Flight Attendants Are Asking for a Two-Drink Alcohol Limit in Economy
Air travel is booming once again, with airlines expanding their route networks and restoring in-flight perks, like three-course meals and onboard cocktails. But there's one airline that is still limiting booze for fliers in coach.
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National Law Review - The Metaverse: Alcohol Beverage Industry’s Next Marketing Frontier?
The metaverse is widely regarded as the next frontier in digital commerce, with businesses across industries spending millions of dollars buying digital real estate and investing in platforms to be market leaders.
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Monash University - Living Labs: New research findings show stigma around alcohol and other drugs harms a major barrier for patients in their care journey towards ageing well
Why does it take an individual suffering from alcohol and other drugs (AOD) harms up to 18 years to seek care? A question A/Prof Suzanne Nielsen and her Living Labs research team are looking to understand in order to help our communities connect sooner with the AOD treatment system.
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Stuff (New Zealand) - Waikato heavy drinking stats fuel argument for Hamilton to develop a Local Alcohol Policy
More than half of all Pasifika male drinkers and more than one in four Māori male drinkers in the Waikato District Health Board region say they engage in heavy episodic drinking at least weekly.
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Expats (Czech Republic) - Is giving kids non-alcoholic beer harmless? Czech experts say it's risky
In cultures where wine is the spirit of choice, tradition dictates that even the smallest members of the family take the occasional sip. The idea being that teaching children about imbibing moderate amounts early on will lead to healthy consumption later.
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The Brussels Times (Belgium) - One-third of scooter accidents linked to alcohol
As electric scooters become ubiquitous in cities and a practical alternative to public transport, accidents relating to their use are on the up. One-third of these are down to riding under the influence of alcohol.
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Fox4News (USA) - Your Healthy Family: One in 10 Americans in recovery from alcohol or drug abuse
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the number of people who are dying from addiction keeps rising. It says overdose deaths increased by nearly 29 percent in 2021. But three quarters of addicts recover.
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New York Post (USA) - NY eyes facial recognition to ‘card’ for alcohol, cigarettes, e-cigs
The New York State Senate is moving forward with proposed legislation that would allow bars and restaurants to use facial recognition or fingerprint scanners to verify someone’s age before they buy alcohol, tobacco or electronic cigarettes.
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