Thursday, October 29, 2020

Alcohol News - 43/2020

ERR News (Estonia) - Alcohol sales ban could be supplemented by consumption restriction
If a freshly prepared economic affairs ministry draft law were to enter into force, the government could start to restrict alcohol consumption in addition to sales, meaning bar managers would be obligated to ensure that consumption stops at an establishment from a certain point of time at night.
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Global News (Canada) - Coronavirus outbreaks at Saskatoon nightclubs force government to restrict alcohol consumption
The consumption of alcohol is being restricted at Saskatoon nightclubs after multiple coronavirus outbreaks at some locations in the city.
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Salon (USA) - Why the pandemic is inspiring many to give up alcohol
As states descended into lockdowns, closing bars and restaurants, everyday people stockpiled toilet paper, cleaning supplies—and booze.
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The Wanaka Sun (New Zealand) - Alcohol affects our emergency departments
Reports released by Southern DHB have found almost 1 in 25 patient attendances to Southern DHB Emergency Departments are alcohol-related.
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Science Daily - PTSD and alcohol abuse go hand-in-hand, but males and females exhibit symptoms differently
Through intricate experiments designed to account for sex-specific differences, scientists have zeroed-in on certain changes in the brain that may be responsible for driving alcohol abuse among people with PTSD.
Read more (Ireland) - Women advised to moderate alcohol consumption over breast cancer fears
Women have been asked to moderate how much alcohol they drink as the more consumed, the higher the risk of breast cancer.
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Psychiatry Advisor - Extreme Drinking Occurrence During Emerging Adulthood Impacts Brain Volume
A single episode of heavy drinking in emerging adulthood may be associated with immediate structural changes of the corpus callosum, according to results of a prospective study published in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research.
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The Copenhagen Post (Denmark) - Majority of Danes: Ban alcohol when the underaged and adults party together
Over the past few weeks, ex-Radikale head Morten Østergaard and former Copenhagen mayor Frank Jensen have been forced to resign from their positions due to #MeToo revelations.
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The London Economic (UK) - Campaign to end subsidised food and alcohol in Parliament reignited following free school meal snub
The campaign to end subsidised food and alcohol in Parliament has been reignited after MPs voted down a motion to see the free school meal scheme extended over the school holidays.
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NET Nebraska (USA) - Public Health Experts Urge The Governor To Roll Back Alcohol-Focused Executive Orders
A group of local public health experts and advocates are joining the American Public Health Association to urge governors to roll back alcohol-focused executive orders established during the pandemic. Governor Ricketts issued emergency measures allowing curbside pickup, delivery, drive through and drinks to go since March.
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Medical Brief - Managing older people’s perceptions of alcohol-related risk
A Newcastle University study suggests that older people may struggle to recognise risks associated with drinking, unless ill health or screening results indicate that they may be experiencing alcohol-related harm. Primary care practitioners can help, the study reports in the British Journal of General Practice.
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Frontiers for Young Minds - How Does Adolescent Alcohol Use Affect the Developing Brain?
What does it mean to have a developing brain and why do drugs, including alcohol, impact adolescents differently than adults? It is a common misconception that drugs have the same effects on everyone, however the truth is, the biological playing field is not level—we all have a different susceptibility to drug-related harm.
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Holyrood (Scotland) - On the rocks: Scotland's relationship with alcohol
We’re conditioned to believe that alcohol is pertinent to every moment. Celebrate, commiserate, congratulate. It brings us success, it brings us happiness, it brings us our partners, it brings us entertainment, fun. It is the source of all things. Removing it may as well be the end of your life.”
Read more (Lithuania) - Lithuania's conservatives pledge changes in alcohol policies but no 'revolution'
The new conservative-led government may revise some policies introduced by the current one, including on stimulus spending, but there will not be any overnight “revolutions”, according to prime minister candidate Ingrida Šimonytė.
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FoodDive - Alcohol needs to carry a cancer warning, public health groups urge government
The campaign to put a cancer label warning on alcohol is not new, but industry lobbying has prevented this repeated scientific finding from becoming a statement of caution on bottles and cans in the U.S.
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Hello Sunday Morning (Australia) - When the chemist is promoting alcohol, do we have a problem?
This week’s guest blog is from Cancer Council Western Australia, and it questions whether the existing system of regulation for alcohol advertising strikes the right balance between a company’s desire to promote its products and society’s need to protect its vulnerable members.
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Drug and Alcohol Review - Alcohol marketing and social media: A challenge for public health Control
In public health terms, alcohol is no ordinary commodity. It accounts not only for a substantial portion of the world's burden of disease but also for much social härm.
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