Thursday, October 22, 2020

Alcohol News - 42/2020

Deutche Welle (Germany) - Alcohol-free bars get a foothold in beer-loving Germany
Many people were trending towards non-alcoholic drinks before the pandemic. But in an environment where health authorities are seeking to impose curfews and alcohol bans, "alcohol-free" is gaining popularity. And it's not just beer on the menu, with alcohol-free wine and spirits also available.
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The Sidney Morning Herald (Australia) - The 'aha' moment that made me quit booze seven years ago
My name’s Odette Barry and I haven’t had a drink in seven years. And yet, in that time, I also haven’t fallen under any of the stereotyped titles for choosing the non-drinking life, such as recovering alcoholic, cult member, pregnant, seriously ill or just straight-up antisocial.
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NBC10 Boston (USA) - Why Talking About Drug and Alcohol Addiction is Crucial During the Pandemic
Drug and alcohol-related overdoses have been on the rise since the onset of the pandemic. Addiction specialist Dr. Kevin Gilliland joins LX News to explain why talking about addiction is so important to help understand the root of the problem.
Read more (UK) - Sobriety tags launched to tackle alcohol-fuelled crime
Criminals in Wales who commit alcohol-fuelled crimes can be banned from drinking and ordered to wear a ‘sobriety tag’ by judges from today (Wednesday 21 October) and will be extended to England early next year.
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ERR News - Scientific council recommends alcohol sales ban continues
The head of the government's scientific advisory council Professor Irja Lutsar believes the nighttime alcohol sales ban should stay in place as it has been useful for controlling the spread of coronavirus.
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Science Magazine - Alcoholism disrupted my scientific career. This is how I got s├Áber
I was looking back in my diary, trying to find clues to why I was struggling with severe insomnia. I had just begun to take new antidepression medications, and something wasn’t right. I’d experienced insomnia before, and now I saw the common thread.
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The Guardians (UK) - Sale of alcohol to be banned in House of Commons
The Speaker has announced that the sale of alcohol is to be banned in all House of Commons bars and restaurants despite London’s coronavirus restrictions still allowing licensed premises to operate freely.
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Yahoo Finance (Canada) - MADD Canada Calls On Health Minister To Put Warning Labels On Alcohol Products Amidst Increase In Public Alcohol Consumption
With Canadians’ alcohol consumption increasing during the COVID-19 pandemic, MADD Canada is calling on Canada’s Health Minister, The Honourable Patty Hajdu, to require alcohol products to have warning labels.
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Yahoo Finance (USA) - Consumers Demand Alcohol Cancer Warning Labels
Alcohol Justice joined public health and consumer protection advocates from around the country today in submitting a petition to the Treasury Department's Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB).
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Irish Examiner (Ireland) - Learning Points: Teens' alcohol attitudes are deadly serious
We must stop normalising its use and come out of the shadow of propaganda we have been fed for so many years. We did it with cigarettes, we can do it with alcohol too. Our children deserve it.
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BNN News (Latvia) - Alcohol trade may be restricted and people may be obligated to wear masks at work
Failing to contain the spread of COVID-19, it may be necessary to limit alcohol trade and make it compulsory to wear masks at work, according to Healthcare Ministry’s information on planned measures to contain COVID-19 presented to the Crisis Management Council.
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The Irish Time (Ireland) - Public Health Alcohol Act – time for action
It is now two years (October 17th, 2018) since the enactment of the Public Health Alcohol Act. While some aspects of the Act have been implemented, much remains to be done.
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BBC News (Scotland) - Covid in Scotland: ScotRail 'considering' alcohol ban on trains
A blanket ban on alcohol on ScotRail services could be imposed as part of Covid safety measures. The travel operator told BBC Scotland the measure is being considered, although the firm said they were "not in a position" to confirm details.
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Science Daily - Changes in blood metabolite profile are visible years before diagnosis of alcohol-related disease
A new study has shown that the serum metabolite profile can be used to identify individuals likely at risk of developing an alcohol-related disease in the future. The finding also opens up new avenues for preventing alcohol-related adverse effects.
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New Scientist (Canada) - Minimum alcohol pricing could reduce alcohol-linked deaths in Canada
Minimum pricing for alcoholic drinks could substantially reduce hospital stays and deaths related to alcohol, a study in Canada has found.
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Newsroom (New Zealand) - A consistent and worrying mental health failure
Despite links to mental ill health and suicide, the government* has failed to progress a recommendation from its own mental health and addiction inquiry to take a stricter regulatory approach to alcohol. Experts have described the lack of action as a missed opportunity.
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Medical Xpress - Under the influence: How COVID has affected our drinking
COVID-19 has changed our alcohol purchasing and consumption patterns in individual and unexpected ways, demonstrating resilience and a focus on self-care, according to a new UNSW study.
Read more (Ireland) - Most women not aware drinking more can increase breast cancer risk
Most women are not aware that drinking more alcohol than recommended weekly guidelines can increase the risk of breast cancer.
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