Thursday, September 26, 2019

Alcohol News - 39/2019

The Sidney Morning Herald - Alcohol content of kombucha, kefir could put unsuspecting drinkers over the limit
Fermented "soft" drinks such as kombucha and kefir are beloved by health-conscious Australians for their lower sugar content and professed probiotic properties, but a recent study suggests they could pose a risk to unsuspecting drinkers who think they are consuming an alcohol-free product.
The BMJ (Scotland) - Minimum unit pricing for alcohol in Scotland
As the seventh most important global risk factor for premature death and accounting for a wide range of acute and chronic morbidities, alcohol deservedly attracts the attention of public health policy makers.
ERR News (Estonia) - Tallinn mayor wants to stop alcohol being sold before 10 a.m.
Mayor of Tallinn, Mihhail Kõlvart, wants to change the law so that bars cannot sell alcohol until 10 a.m. putting them on an even footing with shops and supermarkets.
About 10 percent of Thais say they have experienced marital and family problems because of someone else’s drinking habit, according to a new study published Monday.
KUNM (New Mexico) - Alcohol Death Rate Rises In N.M.
New Mexico has had the country’s highest rate of alcohol-related deaths for more than 20 years. And last year it only got worse.
BBC News (UK) - Study assesses alcohol law's effect on homeless
Glasgow Caledonian University is to lead a study looking at the impact of alcohol minimum pricing on the homeless.
BBC News (UK) - Warning on alcohol risk at university initiations
Students starting university are being warned about the dangers of initiation events which involve drinking excessive amounts of alcohol.
The Guardian (Canada) - A sobering look at alcohol-free living in Atlantic Canada
Shalyn Ward probably doesn’t even realize she’s a part of what seems to be a growing trend by choosing to never drink alcohol.
Otago Daily Times (New Zealand) - Smashing alcohol peer pressure
''Smashed'' show actors (from left) Kieran Milton as Jack, Troy Vandergoes as Caleb, and Carrisse Utai as Charlotte yesterday seized the attention of 80 year 9 pupils at the Kavanagh College gymnasium, with a presentation aimed at giving them the skills needed to counter peer pressure to drink alcohol.
HeraldScotland (Scotland) - One in four wealthy Scots drinking too much every week
AFFLUENT Scots are far more likely than any other group to have hazardous or harmful drinking patterns, according to the latest research on the nation’s health.
Mental Floss (Germany) - German Court Rules Hangovers Are a Legitimate Illness
The Takeout reports that the case involved an unnamed company touting its powder and liquid supplements as hangover cures.
The Brussels Times (Belgium) - Flemish parties call for alcohol ban as arrests surge in Brussels pedestrian zone
Two Flemish parties on Monday called for the introduction of an alcohol ban in downtown Brussels citing crime and safety concerns in the city’s pedestrian zone.
EurekAlert - Simple lifestyle modifications key to preventing large percentage of breast cancer cases
Expert reports estimate that one in three breast cancer cases could be prevented by lifestyle modifications. Those modifications include such basics as weight management, physical activity, nutrition, and alcohol consumption, among others.

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