Thursday, September 19, 2019

Alcohol News - 38/2019

ERR News (Estonia) - Tallinn wants tougher alcohol restrictions
Tallinn deems it necessary to lay down time of day restrictions for the sale of alcohol in entertainment establishments and boost mandatory distance between alcohol shops and child care institutions, Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart announced on Wednesday.
BBC News (Scotland) - Charity calls for alcohol minimum pricing to be extended across UK
A charity has called for Scotland's minimum unit pricing policy for alcohol (MUP) to be rolled out across the UK.
The Scotsman (Scotland) - Members of children’s parliament want alcohol to be made ‘less visible’
Members of Scotland’s Children’s Parliament have called for alcohol to be made less visible and for tougher measures to stop people drinking in public spaces.
YLE News (Finland) - Alcohol sales in Finland down this summer
Preliminary findings by market research firm Taloustutkimus revealed that alcohol sales in Finnish grocery stores fell between January and August this year. Sales in terms of litres decreased by two percent and in terms of pure alcohol by 1.8 percent. - Midwives need more support to deliver advice on alcohol consumption in pregnancy
A new study funded by the Institute of Alcohol Studies – ‘Alcohol guidelines for pregnant women: Barriers and enablers for midwives to deliver advice’ – highlights the inconsistency in official guidance that led to midwives giving different advice on alcohol consumption in pregnancy.
ABC News (Russia) - Russian priests spray holy water from plane to stop 'alcohol use' and 'fornication'
Russian Orthodox priests in the Central Russian city of Tver took to the skies in a small airplane to save citizens from "drunkenness and fornication," reported a Russian local media outlet.
Reuters (USA) - Alcohol taxes not close to covering cost of drinking harms in the U.S.
The sum total of taxes on alcohol doesn’t come close to paying the bills associated with excessive alcohol consumption in the U.S., researchers say.
TodayFM (Ireland) - New Laws Will Stop People Buying Alcohol With Loyalty Points
Shoppers will no longer be able to buy alcohol in supermarkets with their loyalty points. Health Minister Simon Harris said he has notified the European Commission of his plans to regulate promotions that "incentivise alcohol consumption."
The Local Sweden (Sweden) - Should Sweden's alcohol store Systembolaget stay open on Sundays?
Swedish conservative opposition leaders have sparked debate about the country's alcohol monopoly and tacos (bear with us) after calling for Systembolaget to be open on Sundays.
The Dallas Morning News (USA) - GAO survey: Alcohol, airline fees and long lines turn fliers into abusive customers
Airline customer-service agents say they often get verbal threats from passengers, and sometimes they turn into physical confrontations. The agents say alcohol, airline fees and long lines can anger passengers.
Korea Times (South Korea) - More women suffering from alcohol use disorder: data
More than 74,000 Koreans were treated for alcohol use disorder at rehab clinics last year, a government data showed. (Canada) - Thousands of young people hospitalized due to cannabis and other substance use, report reveals
About 65 young people in Canada per day land in hospital because of harm caused by cannabis, alcohol, opioids and other substances, according to a new report.
ITV News (Scotland) - Alcohol-related deaths ‘cut by more than 20% with minimum unit pricing’
Minimum unit pricing may have contributed to the number of alcohol-related deaths in Glasgow falling by more than a fifth, according to new research.
Alcohol Change UK (UK) - Addressing the needs of older drinkers
Address the needs of older alcohol drinkers by enforcing action against age inequalities in existing services and developing a range of specialist services to support older adults who drink.
Euractiv (EU) - Health expert: Cancer control plans must be implemented
Dr Albreht said the risk factors in the region, mainly tobacco and alcohol consumption, remain insufficiently dealt with. He said there is too much freedom of smoking as well as exposure to passive smoking for a large part of the population.
Stuff (New Zealand) - Parliament 'whisky vs gin' cancer fundraiser is 'disturbing' say health experts
A cancer fundraiser supported by the alcohol industry and hosted by an MP has been condemned by health experts.

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