Thursday, August 29, 2019

Alcohol News - 35/2019 (Canada) - B.C. researchers say alcohol labels should include calorie counts
A study suggests the average Canadian drinker receives more than one-tenth of their daily recommended calories from alcoholic beverages, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at the label.
The Tri-City News - Alcohol can claim up to one-quarter of daily caloric needs: UVic study
A new study released by the University of Victoria claims that daily drinkers can consume up to 25 per cent of their daily caloric needs through alcohol alone.
Dublin City University (Ireland) - initiatives to reduce alcohol-related harm among students
Dublin City University was honoured today for its efforts in reducing alcohol-related harm and promoting health and wellbeing at the inaugural REACT awards held at DCU this morning (Wed, August 28th). (Ireland) - Irish alcohol consumption 80% above global average, says Alcohol Action Ireland
Alcohol Action Ireland (AAI) is calling on the Finance Minister to maintain the current excise duties on drink in its pre-budget submission today.
Newshub (New Zealand) - Justice Minister Andrew Little warns alcohol industry a law review is on the cards
Justice Minister Andrew Little says he's concerned about the alcohol industry using its "deep pockets" to "overpower" local communities - and warns a review of the current law is on the cards.
ERR News (Finland/Estonia) - July alcohol purchases by Finns up 19 percent on year
Finns imported a total of 4.7 million liters of alcoholic beverages from Estonia last month, 1.4 million liters more than in July 2018, Finland's Yle reports.
4BC (Australia) - Alcohol a factor in a quarter of Qld road fatalities
In the early 80s Queensland was in the grip of a drink driving epidemic with alcohol found to be a factor in half of all road fatalities.
Serbina Monitor in English (Serbia) - 50% of elementary school pupils have tried alcohol, one in three is unhappy
Almost 50% of elementary school pupils have tried alcohol, and it’s no secret that high school students drink it almost regularly when they go out. European research has shown that children drink once or twice a month. (Latvia) - Petition to raise Latvian legal alcohol age to 21 supported by 10 000
10 000 Latvians have signed the proposal to increase from 18 to 21 years the age young people are allowed to buy and drink alcohol, according to the online civic initiative site
CTV News (Canada) - How Canadian universities are trying to stop students from binge-drinking
Reka Rossignol remembers feeling a mix of frustration and fear while trying to get an incoherent friend back to their dorm after a night of drinking during their first year in university.
Ahval (Turkey) - Governor in northern Turkey bans “disorderly” drinking in public areas
The governor of a northern Turkish province has banned “disturbing” drinking in public areas including in residential areas, parks and picnic areas.
Philadelphia Inquirer (USA) - Hard-drinking young adults suffer surge in deadly liver disease
A little over a year ago, Eric Dunham had the operation that saved his life: a double transplant to give him a new liver and a new kidney. Chronic, heavy drinking had destroyed his own organs.
Science Daily - Heavy drinking and HIV don't mix, study finds
A new study finds that heavy alcohol consumption (three drinks or more/day for women and four drinks or more/day for men) is linked to alterations in immune function among people with HIV.

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